What Will Happen To Your Body If You Drink Milk Tea Everyday

Drinking tea is a highly regarded tradition in many customs and cultures. Even the thought of drinking tea brings to mind images of quintessential teacups with floral designs, a small tea kettle, and a cute little stove, and maybe a classic novel in one hand. 

But modern times have made tea drinking even more popular. Various milk tea flavors are now available in the market, each one trying to create a distinct experience in the mouth. Now, there is more than one way to experience tea drinking with a little bit of twist. 

What's In A Cup Of Tea?

Nutrition can be a very tricky subject to look into. It seems everyone is looking for the next best superfood to include in their diet. Their health goals range from those who want healthier skin to those who want to lose weight. 

One of the most popular drinks today is the traditional tea. People have learned to consume tea as opposed to coffee because it is believed to have numerous benefits for the human body. When consumed in regulated quantities, tea can bring about positive effects on the body.

What does tea contain? A cup of tea used to be a bag of dried herbs dipped in hot water. It is best drunk with a bit of lemon on the side for that soft sour kick in the mouth. 

But the milk tea that the younger generation seems to love is just the same and is best served cold. It comes with milk tea health benefits that go beyond the happiness that comes in every cup. 

Every cup of tea is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents parts of the body from getting inflamed causing unwanted infections.

In addition, it also comes with elements that help a person relax and other blood purifying agents. There is no doubt that drinking tea on a regular basis can be healthy for the body. Every cup of tea is filled with nutrients that the body needs to help regulate its functions.

What Happens When You Drink Too Much Milk Tea?

While milk tea health benefits overflow, it also comes with its own set of disadvantages. When you consume too much of it at a time, the effects on the body can be hazardous. 

And because each delicious cup of milk tea is composed of milk and sugar, you can only expect it to come with unwanted side effects of milk tea you never thought possible.

How can milk tea be harmful to your health? Here are some of the many reasons why you should regulate your consumption.

Difficulty sleeping

Much like coffee, milk tea whose base is made from brewed black tea leaves is very rich in caffeine. Consumption of it seems to give you the energy boost that you need, but when you have too much at a time, the overload of caffeine could be detrimental to your health. 

When you consume milk tea in the afternoon or towards night time, it can cause you to have difficulty sleeping. When you drink it regularly at those times, it could lead to the development of sleeping disorders like insomnia.

While drinking milk tea in small quantities over a period of time may be enjoyable, having more than two cups a day could be bad for your health. And since milk tea contains milk and sugar, overconsumption of both could lead to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. 

Feelings of anxiety

While there are tea variants that come with natural relaxants like chamomile and lavender, not everyone knows, but one of the side effects of regularly drinking milk tea is anxiety. 

The reason for this is pretty simple: tea activates the brain cells that calm you down, so when you push too much of it into your body, it can create an imbalance in brain chemicals that lead to feelings of anxiety

It may be easy to dismiss anxiety as feelings of discomfort, but it is more than just that. It plays with your thoughts, associating everything with something bad. When left untreated, it could develop feelings of negativity, making it difficult for you to function like you're supposed to properly. 

Skin problems

One of the most visible effects of drinking too much milk tea is the breakouts that you experience, especially on your face. The presence of pimples or worse an acne attack could manifest. 

When taken in small quantities, tea can help detoxify the body. However, excess intake of tea could create extreme heat in the body, causing an imbalance in the body's chemicals. As a result, you can suffer from an outbreak of pimples. 

The neck, chest, and face areas are the most commonly affected areas of an outbreak. If you want to keep your skin clear and free from blemishes, make sure to keep yourself from overdrinking milk tea. 

Check out this guide to learn more about what acne is.


Apart from caffeine, every cup of tea comes with a chemical called theophylline. While caffeine is known to help the body's excretory system and improve its inner flow, the latter is known to help detoxify the body. It helps calm the mind and improve blood flow in the muscles. 

However, when you consume too much, theophylline can lead to extreme constipation. It can cause dryness in the body, dehydrating you. 

Why Should You Stop Drinking Milk Tea?

There is no reason why you should stop drinking milk tea altogether. To enjoy its many benefits, make sure to regulate your intake of it. Drinking a cup a day may seem like a reasonable amount, but it is not. 

Like coffee drinking, intake of milk tea should be regulated as its side effects could be very bad for your body. When you drink it every day, you should do so in controlled amounts. 

However, if you can keep yourself from drinking too much or too often, you should. After all, any drink that does not come clear as water could somehow be bad for your body. 

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