What You Need To Know About Quantum Jumping

articles Mar 24, 2020

You may have already heard of the idea of alternate universes. There are quantum physicists and scientists that have theorized on it. The idea is that beyond our universe, there is are infinite alternate universes. That means that there are also infinite alternate versions of you and me. Each of these versions of ourselves lives in a reality where they have different circumstances because they made different decisions from what we’ve made.

Several decades ago, Burt Goldman posited a question on whether we can find a certain way to communicate with our other selves so that we can learn from them. The idea is to be able to draw from what they have experienced and what they know so that, in turn, you can improve your own life. This is where Quantum Jumping comes in.

A Way to Define Quantum Jumping

A quantum jump or quantum leap is a process where you will envision a different state of being from what you have now. There’s a popular belief that to do this is like taking a leap of faith. But there’s a big difference between the two because having faith means you believe you already have what you desire. It’s the exact opposite of what happens in quantum jumping.

The concept of quantum jumping is more similar to that of the laws of attraction. With it, you will be attracting everything to yourself through your past experiences. Such experiences resonate vibrations of that particular reality. Therefore, quantum jumping is being able to leap into other realities so that you can shift your energy and get into your desired reality.

Steps to Quantum Jump

In the process of quantum jumping, you need to be able to visualize the feelings of the results that you desire. The power and effectiveness of your quantum jump depend on your consistency and ability to focus. It is necessary so that you can supply ample energy to be able to move into your desired state or future. 

What you have to understand is that your mind and your perception are powerful. You can create a significant degree of change from your present circumstances to your intended reality. Here are the steps on how you can perform a quantum leap:

  • When you make changes, do it as though there is guaranteed success. Don’t be afraid of making uncalculated risks.
  • When you think of your desired destination, be specific and clear. Don’t worry too much about the how’s.
  • Relax and remove all doubts from your mind as you are being guided to your quantum jump.
  • When thinking of solutions, try to find the easiest and simplest ones to implement.
  • Know and believe that the resources are already provided. Stay open to them so that you can receive them.
  • Whenever you encounter difficulties, challenge them so that they will be in your favor.
  • Be engaged when it comes to pursuing your dreams and do not simply wait passively.

Creating a Quantum Leap

As you understand this concept more and more, you’ll be learning about the various types of quantum jumps. Soon enough, you’ll begin to notice that even your everyday experiences are quantum jumps. 

When you experience a quantum jump, it’s as though you’re walking in two different worlds. 

These worlds are alike, but they are not exactly the same as the world that you’re living in. You get to experience a particular situation where there are some unexpected shifts.

A deja vu is one type of quantum jump. It’s when you feel that what’s happening now already happened before. It feels really familiar to you. When you experience this feeling, it means that you’ve leaped into a different reality. That’s why the person or the situation is familiar to you.

Deja vu is from the French words that mean “already seen.” When deja vu happens, it stimulates a memory of something that you’ve already seen or experienced. Such familiar feelings are derived from certain vibrations that are existing inside you. These vibrations are activated whenever you cross particular timelines.

How to Shift Your Reality

Your reality and world can be changed through your feelings, words, and thoughts. There are times when you will be able to get clues when this is happening and when it’s working. However, most of the time, you don’t really pay much attention to them. Here are some of the steps on how you can shift your reality so as to experience a quantum jump.

Awareness: Pay close attention to your surroundings and observe what you attract. If you focus more on a particular thing, then you can increase the chances of them becoming a reality. You have to understand that you can create and manifest them.

Gratitude: When you’re grateful for what you already have, then that can increase the chances of you receiving what you desire. Gratitude brings about the energy that you can use to quantum jump into a better reality.

Be positive: Observe what you say to yourself as well as to others. What words are you using? Are they more positive, or are they negative? Your words carry energy. That’s why you should ensure that you add more positive energy to your quantum jump—only talk of things that you want to become a reality.

Accelerating Your Quantum Leap

  • Perform quantum meditation: Relax and be at peace. Your mind should be in a state of detachment. It creates a blank canvas where you can begin your quantum jump. Apart from quantum meditation, you can achieve this state of mind through lucid dreaming. There’s no particular time measurement on how long or how brief you should do this.
  • Visualize the outcome that you desire: Many athletes are said to perform better if they can visualize their success. To do this, you can begin by acting out the behavior according to what your dream reality is. You’ll experience a new shift in your life.
  • Take action: It’s not enough to desire and to visualize. You also have to act on these thoughts and manifestations. Keep a positive mind. Be fearless and be open to love as you move forward towards your dreams.

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