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Minute Faith ~ Eastern Orthodoxy

minute faith video Dec 02, 2019

The existence of Eastern Orthodoxy and the Roman Catholic Church are a result of what is known as the Great Schism of 1054 when medieval Christianity split into 2 branches. In the events leading up to the Schism, the relations between the east and western European churches were becoming more distant. The West, in this case, encompassed Western Europe and the northern and western areas of the Mediterranean, led by Rome. The East took up Asia Minor, the Middle East, and Northern Africa, lead by Constantinople.

The language was a huge part of it, over time and as civilizations advanced, most Patriarchs in Constantinople couldn’t read any Latin, and most Popes in Rome couldn’t read any greek. There was also that Michael Cerularius, the Patriarch of Constantinople and Pope St. Leo the 9th of Rome, were not friends, and both shared in writing many mean letters to each other.

On top of this, there was the Filioque debate. The Western Church believed that the Holy Spirit of the...

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Hour Faith ~ The World Religion Movie

minute faith video Dec 02, 2019

Welcome to Hour Faith, The World Religion Movie!

Although the mainstream scientific world would have us believe that people are losing their belief in God and religion is downswing, the truth is that presently, the percentage of the world’s population that is actually Atheist is actually very small, with almost half of the world’s population following either Islam or Christianity, and smaller denominations Eastern Spiritualities from there, and then indigenous faiths continuing from there.

Spiritual diversity has become of great interest to us, and for the longest time have asked the question, why do people believe what they believe… So, we set out on a research and creation quest to try and understand them, with a video series called Minute Faith. Each clip from this movie is taken from individual Minute Faith episodes, which are currently being posted regularly on the Spirit Studios Youtube channel!

The more that we research, study, and learn, and the more that...

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Minute Faith ~ Animism

minute faith Dec 02, 2019

The word Animism is derived from the Latin word Anima, meaning breath or soul. Animism itself is not a religion, but rather one of the oldest belief systems on the planet, with its origins dating as far back as the Paleolithic age. Animism pre-dates any form of organized religion and is said to describe the most common, foundational thread of indigenous people’s spirituality and supernatural perspectives in the world.

Animism is a belief that everything on the planet and even the planet itself has a spirit or soul. Everything from animals, plants, rivers, mountains, even the planet itself. Together they create a global community of living spirits, infinitely and eternally connected to a larger, universal spirit, all of which deserve respect.

To the Indigenous and tribal people of the earth, the animistic perspective is fundamental, mundane, and taken-for-granted. Most animistic indigenous people do not even have a word in their language that corresponds to...

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Minute Faith ~ Baptist Christianity

minute faith video Dec 02, 2019

Baptist Christianity is one of the largest and most diverse groups of Christians. Baptists take their name from the practice of adult baptism and unlike most Christians, who baptize infants or young children, baptists insist that individual believers freely and publicly commit themselves to their Christian faith. This is done in a ceremony of adult baptism, often known as “believers baptism” or credo-baptism.

Often these baptisms are full immersions, in which the believer is lowered completely beneath the surface of the water, emerging in the eyes of the Church as “born again” in Christ. This is both an outwardly and inwardly sign of repentance of sin and confession of faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

Baptist churches emerged in the early 17th century within various protestant denominations. While today there is still no central Baptist authority, two prominent confederations are the Baptist World Alliance and the Southern Baptist Convention.


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Minute Faith ~ Calvinism

minute faith video Dec 02, 2019

Calvinism is a large branch of Protestantism. Roughly 500 years after the great schism that divided the East and Western European Christianities, another schism took place within Roman Catholicism. The Protestant Reformation of 1517 divided the Roman Church into several new branches. The Lutheran Church began the reformation at the hand of Martin Luthor, but it was John Calvin who took the reformation to an entirely new level.

John Calvin was a French protestant thinker who developed ‘Reform’ Christianity with a radical take away from the old doctrines and formed a new church that looked nothing like the Catholic Church of his day. Today, over 75 million ‘Reformed” Christians share the principles of his theological system, called Calvinism.

At its core, Calvinism teaches the absolute sovereignty of God and the total depravity, original sin, of humanity. According to John Calvin and the supporters of his movement, humans do not have free will, simply because...

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Minute Faith ~ Cao Dai

minute faith video Dec 02, 2019

Based on Love, the effort of Cao Dai is to unite all of humanity through a common vision of the Supreme Being. Whatever our minor differences may be, its aim is to promote peace and understanding throughout the world.

Cao Dai does not seek to create a gray world, where all religions are exactly the same, but only to create a more tolerant world. A world where all can see each other as sisters and brothers from a common divine source reaching out to a common divine destiny realizing peace within and without.

Cao Dai was established in southern Vietnam in 1926. It teaches that the religious founders and other great figures of the past represent two earlier eras of divine communication with the world. Today we are living within the 3rd Era. In this, the Third Era of Salvation, world religions are united in the worship of the Supreme Being, and there is communication with the spirit world once again.

The awareness of the Third Era was revealed to a Vietnamese civil servant, when he was...

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Minute Faith ~ Coptic Christianity

minute faith video Dec 02, 2019

The word Copt is an English word taken from the Arabic word Gypt, which literally means Egyptian. However, in contemporary usage, Coptic refers to Egyptian Christians. Today, Copts form almost 13 to 15% of Egypt’s population. Even though they are not ethnically distinct from other Egyptians, they are fully integrated into the body of the Modern Egyptian Nation.

In 451 CE, Anatolius, the Patriarch of Constantinople, convened the council of Chalcedon in an attempt to settle the theological controversy about the nature of Jesus Christ.

The council affirmed that Jesus was “fully human and fully divine”, two natures united in one person. Not all agreed, with the “oriental orthodox” bishops believing instead that Jesus is of one nature; one nature consisting of humanity and divinity. The difference may seem slight, but it was enough to trigger the first major schism within Christianity. The result was the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, the largest...

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Minute Faith ~ Dreamtime

minute faith video Dec 02, 2019

The Aboriginal Dreamtime faith is native to the Aborigines of Australia and is about the continual formation of all life – together with rules for living – out of preexisting chaos of fertile potential. At the heart of this belief system, is the responsibility in the community.

The Dreamtime is a potent mix of the creation myth and ancestral lore, which dates back thousands of years in Australia. To them, the Dreamtime is the foundation of Law and Lore for the living – It shapes how things are and how things should be. Dreamtime is also a fundamental aspect of Creation. Before creation, there was a dark, infinite, featureless space. Within it exists all potential realities.

In this lore, it was believed that from the swirling in that infinite space, elements would erupt with energy and create physical creation. Specifically, aspects of the earth, creating hills, valleys, rivers, and springs, even bringing forth sunlight. The elements from which the physical...

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Minute Faith ~ Falun Gong

minute faith video Dec 02, 2019

Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, translates to Dharma Wheel Practice. It is based on the teachings of Li Hongzhi, a former musician who is regarded by followers as a master of qigong.

Qigong is a form of Chinese meditation and exercise used for healing and for increasing human potential, centered around Truthfulness, Tolerance, and Compassion.

In this faith, it is believed that certain exercises will transform the body and reveal a person’s place in the universe, and is a fundamental tool for liberation and awakening. Li draws on popular Buddhism and Taoism, and he relates health to karma, in which actions in one’s past lives affect one’s current life.

In Falun Gong, karma is seen as a black substance inside the body, which, through suffering or practice alongside the moral living, can be made white. Followers are encouraged to read Li’s writings, get rid of their personal attachments, and follow the exercises that he prescribes. Practitioners then may...

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Minute Faith ~ Gnosticism

minute faith video Dec 02, 2019

Gnosticism encompasses a wide variety of different religious beliefs and systems. Before Catholicism was decreed the state religion of Rome by Constantine in the 4th century AD, the empire was very diverse in its spirituality. They worshiped many gods, including Greek and Roman deities.

Many of which were based upon philosophical concepts like love, virtue, justice, wisdom, and time, and celestial bodies such as the planets, constellations, and even the spirit of planet earth herself. During this time, early forms of Christianity were developing, and between the beginning of the AD calendar cycle and for about 300 years, there were 2 predominant Christianities that were known. One was a sort of Literalist Christianity, rigidly authoritarian, which would eventually become the basis for the Roman Catholic Church… The other was known as Gnostic.

Between 312 AD and 325 AD, the Roman Emperor Constantine the 1st converted to Catholic Christianity. This began the process of rigidly...

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