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The Spirit Science Mystery School is Open!

Spirit Mysteries is an online, membership-only Mystery School containing hundreds of hours of courses and thousands of students across the world.

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Spirit Science began in 2011 by Jordan River as animated videos exploring "new age" subjects, first published on Newgrounds and Youtube. Since it's launch, Spirit Science gained a lot of traction across it's social media channels, amassing millions of subscribers worldwide!

Over time, Spirit Science evolved along with Jordan as he moved closer to his dreams of building an actual studio, a sacred space for individuals of like heart-and-mind to create all kinds of enlightening things together!

Here is a short video made back in 2012 showing how Spirit Science first came to be! (It's a little old, but it's still a lot of fun!)

The Spirit Science Mission

Our mission at Spirit Science is to support you in your personal and spiritual evolution by providing a safe and sacred space to explore and experience your own spiritual journey.

Team Spirit - the creators behind Spirit Science - has the intention to share and discuss spirituality in an open-hearted way, with respect for all walks of life and honoring that which is beautiful and divine within all of us.

We are so glad you are here! We love reading and responding to your comments across our website, YouTube, and other social channels. Thank you for participating in the global conversation!

Meet Team Spirit

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Jordan River
Founder, Creator, Visionary, CEO

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Jordan spent most of his teenhood learning to create animations on the internet. At the age of 19, through what Jordan credits as a form of divine providence, a spiritual awakening touched him on the brow and set him on a path that would lead to the creation of Spirit Science only 4 months later. 

The first episode aired on Newgrounds, Deviantart, and Youtube on April 11, 2011 - and since that day, life has never been the same. 

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Amy Moonsong
 Community Headmistress

Amy is an intuitive empathic tarot reader and instructor who has been studying spiritual awakening since 2010 and the esoteric arts since 2016. Amy allows her passion, creativity and understanding of ritual to infuse everything she does. She also has an unmistakable flair in how she expresses her knowledge of all things magical.

She lives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and is an avid gardener with a vivacious passion for all green growing things as well as animals. She is also a musician, songwriter, and enjoys exploring all depths of musical creativity.

Amy loves to use her heavy Taurus placements to bring a sense of sustainability into her educational practices as well as her activities within the Spirit Mysteries community.

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Jozeph LumiNox
Conduit of Flow - WebWeaver,  TechnoCarpenter, PranaMagician

Joseph enjoys being himself and inspiring others to do the same. He believes that all beings are on the “journey of a lifetime” in this world and he is happy to be of service to himself, others, and Great Spirit as we all learn of the Mysteries inside and out, Above & Beyond.

Originally from Ohio, He now enjoys growing with a Global Family Community - Within Spirit Mysteries, you may find him in the Community Discord giving Hive Fives, guiding yoga or meditation, and keeping the emails and other such things upkept ^-^

Jojo also enjoys multiple art forms and creative outlets, is ambidextrous and fluent with both hands while writing and drawing, and loves to sing and play with words. He is a licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor, foundation training instructor, and in a constant movement and meditation practice. He also has spent much of his life in the realm of body detoxification since he was born with compromises. His personal motto is: “Fluctuate & Flow, Change Shape & Grow.”

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María Ardaen
Heart Connector of Creations

María’s journey started with a quest to find the Truth within consciousness and reality. That calling led her to explore multiple belief systems, becoming more flexible and understanding of the mysteries of creation. Her scholar side studied psychology at the National University of Colombia and did a MSc in Brain and Cognitive Science at the University of Amsterdam. Her spiritual side explores lucid dreaming, meditation, yoga, breathwork, veganism, and the wide ocean of Hermeticism.

Born and raised in Colombia, she is enthusiastically learning, integrating, and teaching esoteric wisdom and symbolism from various traditions, and is interested in facilitating others on the Path Within.

Her personal motto is: Know thyself and recognize your True Divine nature.

*RE (to repeat), CON (to connect, consolidate), GNO (to know), SER (to be)*

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Garth Wolf
Rainbow Healer & Coach

Garth is a Life Coach & Medicine Man. He has dedicated his life to assisting others in experiencing their best selves & life. Trained within Peruvian traditions he offers insights & wisdom on connecting with mother earth & our higher self within. In 2011 he experienced an NDE that sent him on a path of spiritual awakenings. Which led him to Spirit Science & the study of many esoteric topics.  He practices energy work, tarot, & plant ceremonies, which aim to harmonize the mind, body, spirit.

Currently living in Utah, he finds joy in his dogs, camping, hiking, and most outdoor activities. He is passionate about learning & growing, and has a deep appreciation & love for all life forms. He enjoys being Head Luminary & connecting with the members of Spirit Mysteries. You can find him frequently around Discord & community events.

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Ariel Carpenter
Wizard of Storytelling

Ariel is a full-time freelance illustrator who has been heavily immersed in the world of art since she was a little girl. She has been with the Spirit Science team for awhile now and is extremely honored to be apart of a team that has so much knowledge and creativity to share with the collective. Helping her fellow humans become more aware, open-minded, and evolve is a service she has always wanted to offer- and Spirit Science gives her the platform to serve this role.

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Chris Leon
The Wanderer

Chris is an old soul, often found exploring the abandoned halls of a Gothic castle in England or excavating a tomb in some Middle Eastern desert.  Acting as our lead writer and researcher, he's a quiet and reserved soul. Chris is endeavoring to find a way to incorporate aspects of spirituality and the occult into modern science.  After graduating university in London with a degree in Archaeology, Chris is looking into how cultures deal with and express elements of their spirituality, while also working to help and teach others to express theirs. You can follow Chris on Instagram.

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Zach Bouker
Production Magician

Zach Is a film-maker out of Jacksonville Florida, as student to the industry, he holds a strong relationship to The MCU and especially LucasFilms Star Wars movies. 

He recently unlocked his own Hidden Spirituality, unearthed during the post production of Spirit Science.

His originality and quirky sense of humor along with his magic tricks make him the perfect fit for production management magician!

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Nikola Weryk
Mover of Realities

Nikola is a dreamer who came to this Earth to inspire. Observation, establishing harmony, and spreading love, are her most important tasks. Art is not a choice, but the essence of communication for Nikola. She is still eagerly and happily learning her way through work, with a knowing that this learning is a continual, life-long process of transformation. Even though she loves to immerse herself in meditation and good food, she also finds happiness in quirky ways, like picking locks and walking on the roofs. All in all, She is grateful for all the endeavors on her path and has been a great energetic addition to the artistic team of Spirit Science.

Meet the Luminaries

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Adam Melville

Adam Melville is a confident Spirit Mysteries Luminary. In addition to being community support, he is also a Patch Tarot reader which is very fun and insightful for him. While he’s not helping out the growth of the community, he uses that time to create music under the name “Irate Specialist”, as well as work on entrepreneurial endeavors. His goal as an artist is to uplift those who have felt lost or not confident in life. He’s been in doubt and darkness, and is still working to dispel false beliefs. He hopes to one day be an inspiration to others on this path of self-knowledge and growth and leave a legacy of positively impacting the world and the music industry. He hopes to help you find answers to all your questions so that you may study with ease and grace. 

Ready to Learn together! Cya Inside the Mystery School.

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Harriet Dale

Harriet is an empath who felt the calling to light and to work with the land and commune with the bounty of nature to support her ambition to become a natural healer, around 2016 and has not looked back since. As years have passed, Harriet has emersed herself into the mystic side of life through self-exploration, self-healing, and self-directed learnings. With a thirst for knowledge and desire to be of service to humanity, she joined Spirit Mysteries in 2020 and it became a further catalyst for growth in her life. She first signed up as a student, then became a Patch Tarot reader, and now is one of our Luminaries.

Harriet currently lives in Surrey, Greater London. Originally from the Celtic lands of North Wales, and holds a powerful energetic connection to these lands. She enjoys being a bridge for the corporate and spiritual world, advocating for awareness of mental health and the integration of a new world vision.
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Petronela Nita

Always curious and eager to know more about the mysteries of life, Petronela has been on a journey of exploration, not only of the outside world, but also of the inner world. After living in 4 different countries, learning different languages and observing how language and culture influence behavior and attitudes, she got back to her Transylvanian roots and has started a beautiful journey into the world of spirituality, diving into Qabalah, Tarot and astrology. Her usual routine includes journaling, yoga and meditation, a routine that has radically changed her life and that brings her joy and a dose of self-love on a daily basis.

Spirit Mysteries is Live!

We just launched a brand new social platform for spiritual evolution! Watch this video, and come see what it's all about!

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