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Introduction to 
Spirit Science

Are you new to Spirit Science?  Let's start at the beginning...

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Hi! My name is Noah and I really wanted to take a few minutes to express to you how much your group has made an impact on my life and what all you’ve done for me. This will be a little lengthy, just a fair warning.
I first found your YouTube channel around 6 years ago as a freshman in high school from the Video about Human History and it blew me away! I tried to show my family but they disregarded very quickly and I never looked again.
Fast forward to 2019, I ended up having the worst year of my life. I didn’t know where I was going in the world, what my purpose was, my girlfriend of 4 years left me, family members were fading, and money was very painful while trying to go to college. About 4 months ago, my friend came to me with a bizarre claim that he saw a “lizard person”, which lead to conspiracies and very quickly back to your YouTube channel..... where I was beyond excited to find 8 years worth of videos!!!! So we got to work!
You opened my eyes again and introduced me into what the world and universe really is. I have now managed to start a beautiful crystal collection, eating very clean and mostly vegan when I can while mixing in a nice assortment of colors for chakra balance. I’ve been spending any free hours of my day in alone meditation. I want to explain to you what all I have discovered but would take way too much time.
But I went from being lost in life, crying every day for no reason, dreading life itself and everyone it it to understanding what my mind can really do and who I really am. I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my 20 years of existence and I keep proving to myself every day that this is all real because I’m experiencing it!! It all becomes as clear as the sky being blue to me. Spirit science showed me this again and changed me life. You took me out of severe depression and showed me what it’s like to let love, light and happiness rule through my world again and how to make it even stronger.
Thank you guys for all the hard work you have put into everything you’ve done. I know you’re changing lives because you changed mine. I’ve never taken the time to write a letter to a group or company before so please know how much you folks really mean to me. This is a family to me now. I look so forward to every post you ever make! Thank you again, and may love and light forever shine through your beautiful souls over there at Spirit Science 
- Noah I. -


 Hi Beloved! I came across your page or rather your page came across me a few years back after I started up with my own dmt chronicles. I really appreciate everything that goes into these videos. The animation, the thorough much patience and love goes into your work and you can feel that. I love you, I love whoever is reading this!! I feel so blessed to have the conscious awareness that I have! It's helping me to help heal others heal themselves. I am a tarot reader and spiritual advisor and it's only going up from here! Thank you for also being a catalyst for many movements in my existence. β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

- Iman The Sacred Empath -

To the Awesome Spirit Science Team, I just wanted to thank you so much for creating these videos! They have helped bridge the gap between my rational, scientific brain and my spiritual heart 🀯🌈❀. I feel like everything makes so much more sense now ~ you’ve connected all the pieces I have collected throughout my spiritual journey and helped to create a beautiful mosaic of consciousness, enlightenment, unity and universal potential 🌏🌠. I have never felt so inspired or enlightened. What’s more, my brother and I deeply resonated as Indigo Children and were able to see our childhood and the course of our lives from an entirely different perspective. And we are half-siblings that grew up half-way across the world from each other and have formed a beautiful friendship in recent years. We even share yin and yang tattoos! So thank you for helping to connect the dots in a format that speaks to visual, scientific and spiritual beings such as myself, and helping to make the world a better place πŸŒβ€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸŒŸ

- Sophia L. -

Jordan! πŸ–πŸ˜ You have done such a great job with spirit science! The light that has been manifested from it I feel is a beacon of hope, and inspiration for many. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘The work you, patchman, and I'm sure many others collaborated on is truly a masterpiece! May peace, love, and understanding guide you through all your travels! πŸ’™

- Jeff P. -

I found this video really really helpful for me…Spirit Science 18 ~ The Four Elements. I’ve been watching all your videos and try to understand the meaning. I want to find really me and for that I’m following you guys…So thank you for making such beautiful and helpful videos.

- Aditya -

I loved your video Jordan!! It’s so amazing what you’ve created to enable this family to come together. Personally, it’s been a truly significant experience already. I’m always so excited to watch / listen / learn each new gem that I find on this platform…. It genuinely feels like being at Hogwarts, X-men Academy, and Final Fantasy all wrapped up in a massive sparkly gift, so thank you for making school so much fun. Can’t wait to see you all in the playground. And your plan of a live reading session of the Emerald Tablets is an incredible idea!! Awe-inspiring in fact. I would LOVE to be a part of that. Blessings to you lovely Jordan, and to my gorgeous Spirit Family, have a beautiful day and Namaste, Sash.

- Sasha W. - 

Good Day! Thank you for the work you are doing. I am grateful that you have this available and I share a lot of this. 

- Karen H. -

Thank you so much for all that you do, My awakening started it with your videos two years ago and I’m so thankful for all that I learned from you. Btw I love doing tarot card reading with Patch.

 - Payam D. -

Thank you, Jordan, for everything you are. You and your videos legitimately saved my life. 


- Renee H. -

I watched (both) of your new videos and I'm soooo happy you're coming out on video from behind patch..seems like perfect timing since the world in more in the midst of transforming shifting since 2011!! Your spirit science videos back then were so incredibly comforting to me because i thought i was so different believing and knowing the things that i knew that no one else seemed to acknowledge! I'm incredibly grateful for you Jordan and i'm so inspired by your beautiful continuous I am and have been on a similar path

- Kristina M. -

Thanks again Jordan. Also special thanks to patch man and all y'all do together. You may not know it but you helped me in a very... like really dark time in my life. There aren't words to describe it. Honestly I think trying to describe it would do it an injustice. Lol Thanks again man. You're an inspiration and have inspired me to inspire others to learn more about this multidimensional journey. Ugh... almost wish I did have the words. Just thanks man. You've done a lot.

 - Beau S. -

Hello Spirit Science and Spirit Science Community,

I am excited for this and all information provided and I am looking forward to watching them all. I am at a point in my life where the more Positive and Enriching Information/Tutorials/Guidance I can get, I gladly receive. Thank you again. I have enjoyed your past videos and am soooo looking forward to this path provided.

 - Natalie L. -

Needed this today. Thank you for always being a source of love and light in my life. Spirit Science changed my life when I found it years ago. This work you do is so impactful. I’m so grateful for you and your teamπŸ’œ

- Tori M. -

Thank you so much for all that you do, My awakening started it with your videos two years ago and I’m so thankful for all that I learned from you. Btw I love doing tarot card reading with Patch.

 - Payam D. -

Jordan, you have no idea how much these awesome creations of yours mean to me! I love them and share them with everyone. They saved my life! I’d love to hear they story behind the creation of Spirit Science. What made you do this!? You are an inspiration and I just adore you!

Thank you so much for this beautiful gift to humanity. I’d love to get involved in any way I could. This is source energy to me. Everything I have ever felt or believed to be true you confirm and validate in an entertaining, elegant, and simple way. Never stop! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Jordan Pearce!

- James B. -

Hi! I just ate your videos right up & am re-watching them now – thank u so much for this incredible content! I’ve searched for help tying everything together in an even bigger picture than I can explain – bc of your videos I’m getting that bigger picture & can now let myself delve even deeper into each rabbit hole that opens up – thank you!!

- Tracy -

I just want to say a heart-filled thank you for doing what you guys for what you do here and this video. I came across Qabala a few years ago but I was on my own. So very little made sense. It was given to me by an old man who died and so I feel connected to it. Anyway. This information and the links to kabbalah revealed really shined a light. I’m forever in your debt. Thanks again!!!

- Raja -

Thank you so much for everything you do! You have no idea how much you've changed my life!

- Bridget M. -

This series has changed my life... thank you!

 - Andre L. -

This channel kind of changed my life.


- Maks C. -

Hello Spirit Science! This is just Amazing! And even more amazing is how we are interconnected and synchronized with our Consciousnesses, as I am here in Israel, in the middle of my deepest work of writing the complete guide that aggregates all of our level of being (physical emotional mental spiritual etc) including tips and vital information to assist humans get healthy in all levels ⭐️☺️ Thank you for sharing this video as it proves me and strengthen my knowing that this is the right thing I should be doing now, although all the challenges..πŸ™πŸΌ Maybe one day we will meet and cooperate .. I feel it’ll happen:) who knows πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’• love you, me:)

- Dalit S. -

I experienced a profound, internal polar shift watching this video. All my life I identified as a Christian, believing the Old and New Covenants. Now, well, I don’t know. I would have to keep learning.

I also wanted to say that because of your episode on the Chakras, I met with a friend of mine who is a Reiki Master. He attuned me to Level 1. For this, I am grateful to the Universe.


Spirit Science 12 ~ The Hidden Human History Movie


- Rico D. -

Thank you for all of your work! The videos you produce have been instrumental in my personal awakening! Words cannot describe how life changing things have become lately but I’m comforted to know I’m not alone feeling this way.  πŸ™

- Matthew T. -

So 5 years ago, you changed my life in one way or another... maybe not that long ago but I think it was... although I still am a dummy, I get hope watching your videos.

 - Rob H. -

You changed my life. And now I will change the lives of those around me. And then they will <3 Thank you !!!!


 - Maz Y. -

You have changed my life and my son’s life. Thanks. You be at peace, be blessed, be safe always. We enjoy your learning you pass on. Blessed.

 - Frankinnfay S. -

Wow!! Goosebumps for days!! A little over a year ago I saw your first episode and it changed my life. It put everything into perspective on the level that I get. There aren’t words to express my gratitude for the work everyone puts into spirit science and other sites and books involved with universal love. Thank you!!!! I feel so much love when I see and hear your videos!! God send is all I can think of. If you can feel the energy in this message please pull the love out. My intentions here are of sharing my love with you in the form of one love. The Field is what this is I am guessing. Much Love my Friends. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‡πŸ’–

 - Monica -

I want everyone to know this video, and many others after this changed my life. I am happy and whole when before I was sick with the pain of this world. Listen and apply these things to your life. You will not be disappointed. Reminds me of the 2012 when I first learned about this. Thank you spirit science. You are amazing.


 - Cassie -

WE LOVE YOU GUYS!! Years ago my friend told me he had a video to show me and he said it was amazing, it was the human history movie😁 and it changed my life forever. Your video woke me up! Before I was shown that video I lived a very depressed life with no drive, and now I know myself on the deepest levels and that helps me to help my family in the best ways possible. So I thank you guys and girls for being there for the world and everyone in it❀️

 - Corey G. -

I need to take a minute and express my sincere appreciation for what you guys are doing!! My name is Cash Conrad Cooper and I have been on a long, and sometimes hard, spiritual journey since I was a teenager, I am now 41. I couldn’t believe any traditional explanations of religion because supposedly science contradicted it. I knew in my heart that science and religion had to depend on one another if I was to have faith in it. I also knew that all religions had to be true or at least be conveying the same ideas. I read the Bible cover to cover and got a message that it seemed not many others do…judge for yourselves what is right. From then on I set out to create my own belief system, with zero interest in googling anything or seeking answers anywhere but within myself. I NEVER ran into ANYONE that shared my beliefs or even cared enough to wonder what reality actually IS and what values and morals would be consistent with the intention of whoever or whatever made us. Recently I had a rare bout with depression because I don’t know anyone that cares like I do and my ranch was foreclosed on because I cant make myself think or care about money. My family has suffered because of my quest and it was starting to get to me. I said a silent prayer in a hopeless state of mind and was instantly inspired to watch music video but your video of sacred geometry came on. Tears ran down my face for the entirety of the video and EVERY SINGLE BELIEVE SYSTEM I have forged over the years by looking within, was shared and confirmed by your video. It was the most life-validating, life-saving, life-changing, life-affirming experience of my life. For a long time my “job” was “creating karmic learning opportunities for the treacherous many” because I never met people that shared my values and tried to change everyone I met, out of Love and a desire to wake them up. It was a lonely task. I don’t feel alone anymore. You guys are my family! Thank you SOO MUCH!! I have always asked “Where are my people at?” Now I know. I SEE you!

 - Conrad C. -

You guys are doing incredible work to bring enlightenment in this “3D” world, I would like to thank you all for that great gift you’re doing for everyone.

 - Anuar -

You guys have changed my families life, starting with diet you helped us stop eating meat!! After that we started thinking deeper and more about the future now we have an amazing business thank you we love you!

 - Bryson C. -

Dear Spirit Science,

My fiance and I have been watching since 2012 and I feel compelled to extend our thanks, love, and gratitude for all that has gone into the deep, thought provoking, fun, and sometimes sobering material and resources that this team has helped bring forth.

In the beginning, your early topics were somewhat of a spectacle to us, yet struck a fascinating, vaguely familiar chord. As time went on, Spirit Science kept popping into our minds and conversations. Watching newer videos and re-watching old ones, revealed to us the deeper messages and correlations to our own personal existence, often addressing personal questions and sometimes invoking new ones altogether. At times, Spirit Science has been an inspiration and motivating force for us on our path. A gateway to ourselves, personally and (unavoidably) interpersonally. Sometimes it’s just been a family fun night, something to have on in the background on a rainy day. Our young children can easily identify with the colorful, simple animations while simultaneously enriching their minds/beings.

Jordan, you’re living a very unique, challenging, and rewarding path and I have great respect for that. By sharing your thoughts research, and experiences, you have surely touched many lives. I can personally say that all I have resonated with, all the hours of deep conversation it has sparked, colors how I express who I am, the choices I make, and ultimately, how I live my life. I always feel empowered and inspired to be my very best self.

As a last couple thoughts: some of our favorites were the human history movie, the crystal movie, the entire nutrition series, and we are excitedly anticipating the new Sumerian Epic. Also really enjoyed The Journey books by Robert Monroe and 2012 by Daniel Pinchbeck and Ken Jordan. Also have you heard of and/or researched Reiki? It’s a Japanese energy healing art that will, and is already helping to revolutionize the way westerners view healing. It could certainly be a topic to consider doing a future video on.

Anyways, thanks again so very much from all of us. You’ve all done a wonderful job, keep going strong!

 - Andrew R. -

I didn't regret following your page since 2012 you open my mind on the other level thank you spirit science


- Alex B. -



- Kenneth F. -

I’m so amazed how These videos changed my life. I’ve been watching them for years. Thank you Spirit Science for helping humanity Reach Consciousness.

 - Melissa G. -

Just wanted to say I love how you all really stick to passionately sharing love and understanding among the human race. After my mom died I was lost, facing questions of my own mortality and such. After I found Spirit Science it really made sense to me not everything did, but enough to question my existence and after doing so I began to really wake up and realize my own place in the world. I have since opened my eyes and heart to the philosophies and understandings of what the nature of our existence is. I started seeking mediums and have since actually reconnected with my mom on the other side. At any rate I shall digress and simply say thank you all for putting this information out there for the masses, it most certainly helped open my eyes and take me out of a difficult point in life to one not so painful. Keep up the work, we all enjoy every video that gets posted >.<

 - John B. -

It’s surreal coming back to this video after 6 years. Wow. I can honestly say Spirit Science changed my life. I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for this series. Thank you! πŸ’“

- Claudia V. -

I want to thank everyone who works so hard on spirit science.  For you have changed my life forever! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has learned a tremendous amount of spirituality and I’m am so blessed to have stumbled across these videos.  Thank you πŸ™

 - Amerighi A. -


I just want to express my gratitude towards you and all your amazing creations!

Before I found your videos I had seen so many different interpretations of so many different things, I was learning but still confused and overwhelmed. 

But when I found your website and YouTube literally changed my life, my dad used to ignore anything I’d say about spirituality he’s a public servant you know, he’s very analytical and wasn’t as optimistic, but I showed him the human history movie and it completely changed his mindset, after that me and him watch them together all the time and he even watches them without me! 

Everything you’ve shared with us is healing and helping people from all across the world and helping us raise our consciousness together, I am so grateful for amazing people like you Jordan! Don’t ever give up, we all love you so much! And are so proud to be a part of this amazing community you created!


sending you positive energy,

and my gratitude!

With Love and Light,

 - Emily G. -

I’m glad you guys are back...I remember binging your videos a few years back and it completely changed my life!

 - Tony G. -

There is not another resource that I have found as helpful as this for learning this sacred knowledge.  I am so thankful.

 - Ben B. - 

Hey Jordan,

I just want to say thank you for this and for many other insights you have introduced into my experience.

I want you to know that Spirit Science has been a big part of helping me understand the miracle that I am and given me a new appreciation for all of creation. I have become aware of my own consciousness and reality through your work and generosity.


 - Tom B. -

The videos of your channel quite precisely changed my life. I am so thankful for your work!  πŸ’œ

Spirit science introduced me to concepts of multi-dimensionals, energy, unknown human history and other incredible perspectives with considerable evidence. The name of your channel is just the best. When our spirit and our scientific knowledge come together, miracles do happen.

Lots of love to you and your whole teamπŸ’œ

- Debasmita D. - 

Thank you for your spirit science videos... They have changed my life, i watched them about 3 years ago and have seen the world in a whole new way since watching them. You'll never know the impact this little cartoon had on me, it really showed me life is full of positivity and explained how. Although some of this is a little vague, it's truly enlightening overall. Thank you again. Much love and respect.


 - InDroVidual -

So I don't know if you even read these emails, and I dread to think that this might be classified as "fan mail" - but still, I just want to thank you for everything you do and put out there. I'm subscribed and follow a whole lot of what you do (not like stalker status, I swear! 🀭 I mean on an inspirational level) and I am so grateful to have found someone with a mind like yours- as your work continues to "blow me away", so to speak. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that your words have made a very large impact in my life and in the way I view the world. So much finally makes sense, and my life has significantly improved since I came across your youtube channel. 

But I think the BEST part is that often times when I'm listening to you speak, I don't feel like I'm learning new things... I feel like I'm remembering them.

Even though these 2 words don't come anywhere even close to describing the  immeasurable amount of gratitude I feel, still…


So all in all, I just felt like I needed to say all of this to you. But most importantly, I want you to know that because of you (and the entire spirit science team), I no longer feel so alone... 

….and that my friend, is priceless.

I wish you all nothing less than infinite love - within this world and the next. 

Starlight Blessings,

 - Elana A. - 


I have soooo much to thank you guys have changed my life COMPLETELY FROM become Extremely open minded to creating my own realty to spreading Love, kindness and supporting friends in becoming more health conscious🌈  We are one and now I see we are connected i feel the Change and the impact!

 - Melissa G. -

Thank you SO MUCH for creating this platform for us.

I’ve been following Spirit Science since 2012 and have shared your videos and message to everyone! 

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

 - Sylvana H. -

I and my kids have watched you on your journey and you are my guru, my light, there have been so many time i have said yes thank you some-one has put my views into something others can understand. 

I'm sure that you have been aware and felt the shift that is occurring, well for me. It meant taking my  three youngest 1000km away from all that they know. Too a beautiful farm, with animals to care for. All they have is me.

P.s thanks for bringing the world closer together.

 - Rosemary G. - 


My name is Robert. I absolutely love your videos and all of their mysterious messages they convey.  Thank you for everything you and Spirit Science has done and is doing to enlighten all that are lost and searching for their path on this planet.

 - Robert T. - 

Hello Team, super team you are SO divinely inspired !!! Thanks for bringing all this info so close to us :)))))


- Rachel V. -

Hi, I love and enjoy your videos so much. They are one of the few things that really make me have not only a better day, but a better life!

 - Diego G. -

Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge. Thank you for being such a big hearted person. =) Tons of love and light to you and all!

 - Lillian - 

I love this channel thank u for your time and intelligence we all need to learn from you wish you could go deeper in your videos u deserve your own cable channel so everyone can wake up and learn the truth they all lie to themselves about thank u for this is what i needed to see this makes everyday seem alot better to live in you made my eyes open to a happier new life goal and perspective.

 - Mike G. -

Thanks Jordan! I've always been appreciative of your work and the light it brings! I've been seeking for guidance with the Patch tarot app and also from my guiding spirits. Am very excited to hear about a Mystery School and would hear more :) Thank you and looking forward!

- Theresa O. -


This could not have came to me at a better time! Thank you for sharing. My perspective has already begun to shift as I have not been able to relate to my cards lately. But I too have been in a fog. Shifting is not an easy task!

- Sasha Lynn O. -

Thank you for your courage , generosity and love . Your words resonate to my truth . I have started the tarot journey not long ago And as you stated in the video , I was intuitively receiving information from everywhere in reality without even knowing what I was doing or how I was doing it , also With experience I discovered that jumping into the experience of tarot had never been destined for me for fortune telling. Few weeks after I learned the basics of the cards I found myself doing healing sessions with the tarot although the online course I took did not speak of that or I haven’t read about tarot assisting to heal the subconscious anywhere.I suppose the nature of my work in the domain of healing and holistic medicine helped me more and more to work with the cards in this direction and to this purpose .

I found myself using the cards to reveal and to shed light on subconscious thoughts and patterns that are not serving the person and asking the cards what is the lessons that need to be learned in order to deconstruct the old paradigms .

I have to admit , it takes a lot of courage to leap into this magical world ( specially that I come from a scientific background and often am criticized by my co-workers and society in general ) and each person has to understand their own blockages and lessons to be able to manifest not from the mind’s eye as you Beautifully stated . I personably am still struggling sometimes with the duality of manifestation . Starting this journey I could See and touch how I am manifesting things but at the same time I realized that a lot of old beliefs related to fear , guilt , shame are also manifesting a dual effect as you mentioned . I see magic And I love it and in my shadow nights I am paranoid about it with painful feelings . The challenge for me on a personal level is to let go of the fears ( both collective ancestral and personal ) that are connected to the thematic of magic or witchcraft, and seeing the quote that magic is science that we don’t yet understand brings me a sense of security and safety needed to have this leap of faith and jump into a realm that I hope will serve me so that I can be of service to others to be able to assist in people’s healing journey .

Thank you for putting all this vast information into a simplified academic linguistic explanation . I imagine and understand how disciplined, devoted and passionate you are for what you do. You inspire me .

- Chérine B. -

I have a new outlook and respect for the tarot and have questions to ask it that I never thought to before. Also how to use the cards properly and not use them as a fortune teller, which I try not to do but am guilty of doing it in the past. Id loved the videos about taking the leap and letting go and just letting life take you where you need to be. Look forward to tomorrows lesson πŸ’œ

- Demi T. - 

Thank you Jordan, I had empty my cups and open my heart and mind.Your tarot definition resonates with my own experience with the cards, they are seeds who need to be planted in order to have that beautiful garden we all are seeking. A way the divine wisdom uses to communicate with us thru symbols.

I’m sending you a big hug full of love from Honduras.

- Juliana R. -

Greetings once more. What can I say....other than I hope you success on your journeys with others on this. I'm trying to figure how to phrase this....but I think I'll keep my actual reaction less public. You do seem to focus on the visual symbols of each card. To me, the picture is only part of the story. When I pick up a deck, I actually get to know it on an energy vibration level...not just a visual level. The cards are a tool, but also show me and I speak through them. There are decks that are poorly written, though. I came across one that used cultural appropriation and stereotypes of that culture and it was a mess and kind of embarrassing to use. The author and visual artist were so ignorant, it was painful. There are many ways to appreciate Tarot and Oracle decks and sometimes just appreciating the art .... even if you don't read them, might also be uplifting. It's very much a tool but they are, each, a miniature painting....and even some of what you offer are large scale printings of some of these cards, as wall hangings. I did note your focus on the 3 of Swords. You named it "Suffering" can be....but that's giving it only extreme and painful meaning sets. The card is swords piercing a heart in more than one direction (often).....literally "breaking the heart"....but heartbreak could also be "disappointment "... often there is a concept in Tarot of "something crossing you"....or "blocking your path". You may have had hopes, expectations, or dreams.....but then "the 3 of swords" crosses you. Tarot can be a tool to figure out more. Maybe that "door" slammed in your face but ... maybe you weren't ready yet? Maybe it was reffering to a person who seemed nice but sticking with that person would prove toxic and you just didn't see it yet. Definitely keep asking questions and use the imput to clarify and ask more questions, See things from other angles. When I go through a's like piecing together parts of a visual image 1 frame of a movie sequence. When all of the cards are read, look at the whole spread...because the cards are all part of that picture. See how they inter-relate to each other....if you turned over a card and it physically slides...maybe even clear, off the table and use that movement in what it's telling you. I don't think in visual and inner feeling sense are together. My hands feel a lot more than the paper the cards are printed on. Kabbalah and Hermeticism have traditionally been locked into secret men-only clubs and just, on a spiritual level, I never was drawn to them because the energy just repelled me. It doesn't bother me. Shamanics and Shapeshifting as well as astral travel, the language of the animal kingdom and the 6 elements and interchange of how they work together is what works for me. What works for you doesn't need to connect the same way with everyone and that, in itself, is immensely beautiful! Congratulations on getting this far and much success on your path from hereπŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’“. We are all growing and learning and show up with different things to offer. I found you on Instagram and only fairly recently. I'm around...and I enjoy the videos on my feed each day...and often search the page to specifically see what you've posted that day.

- Robin Julia T. -

OMG! This is amazing! <3 The lessons regarding the symbolism of the tarot is very powerful, and it gave me a whole new perspective on my work as tarot reader and with counseling. :D And I love the lesson about making the magic work from within, instead of trying to "change" the outside world. ^_^ I really enjoyed the lessons! <3 Thanks so much for this! Its a huge help for us tarot readers and starting tarot practitioners alike! <3 I always appreciate the lessons from the bonus videos! Can’t wait to see the next lessons! <3

- Angel S. -


These cards are so beautiful! Their smaller size makes them easier to shuffle and the symbols on the cards make them easy to interpret. this is truly the best tarot cards on the market.

- Amber G. -

Thank you so much for putting this training and Spirit Science into existence! It is wonderful to see divine flow come through. I took many notes from this first video and look forward to the next one! I am someone who has at times been close to breaking through the false barriers of the conditioned mind and stepping into my highest self and divine purpose... and at other times has withdrawn from this journey, misplaced my energy and focus, and almost forgotten the understanding I gained. The last several months have been a turning point for me and led me back onto this path. I found Spirit Science close to its beginnings and am returning to your channel once again, just in time for this training it seems :).

I really connected with the meditation exercise you talk about in Secret 1 and will be trying this in my own way soon. I wonder about your practice with inviting divine feminine energies into your meditation and energetic field in addition to the masculine energies that you name. I also am so intrigued by your discussion of the suit of swords, it brings much more meaning into my understanding of the tarot! Really interested to hear more about the remaining suits and the major arcana. Lastly, is there a way to share this training with others? Thank you!

- Sherri M. - 

All great lessons! Thank you!!

My biggest take away was using Tarot to aid my evolution in a practicle manner, by asking the tough questions and integrating the answers. Thank you for spreading this wisdom in our world and promoting the next paradigm!

- Heather G. - 

The thing that struck me the most is that I undervalued the power of my imagination and how wonderful tool it can be. I have never thought of it as a communication channel that can connect me with the divine and help my transformative experience.

Thanks for sharing this Jordan.

- Jakob K. - 

I only got to know Spirit Science two days ago; my wonderful daughter introduced it to me. I just love the wide variety of videos, the way left and right brain thinking merge, the way they point deeply into the nature of reality, ramping up new dimensions in thought and perception. I have come into this course to engage and learn even more about what is going on here. Learning more about Tarot is great too. I actually have two decks that I rarely use. I look forward to taking the leaps that my heart invites me to take and learn from the bumps; evolution is limitless and so is our potential to be of benefit to all. Thank you Jordan, I so much love watching you, absorbing how you are engaging and expanding with life.

- Nikolaus T. - 

I think the biggest revelation for me was that even when you jumped, you will still get hurt some times. That should never stop you from jumping though because sooner than you think it will happen. You will heal up and be in a better place than before. I am super excited to evolve with the group. I have been watching spirit science for a while now and I am excited to go over it again now and work on taking notes to help me retain the information. I had a hard time with writing when I was in school but now something has sparked with in me. It might take me longer to learn it but I will learn it. Thank jordan you have really inspired me to be the best me.

- Sherrelle D. -


I’m so greatful to be part of this transformation with the collective consciousness and especially thank you Jordan!

I'm following Spirit Science from the beginings and you can not imagine how much i learnd from the time spent with the videos.

Thank you for everything again, and can you please recomend any book where i can learn deeply about the tree of life?

I wish you the best of luck!Greetings from Hungary.

- Ambrus B. - 

As a friend of mine has told me. "The only defining constant in this world is time". In this regard what you say about evolution as a species is true. I would be very interested to see the source for the reality being a hologram article you pulled up. It is a bit comforting to me as well, hearing some of the things I wrote down years ago overthinking on a shift in Kmart being said in this video. About religious beliefs being the path to the same thing, about our reality being a set of mirrors. We mirror our world, and it mirrors us with endless microcosms such as tarot and macrocosms the state of our planet and our effect on it, appearing as a result. At the time I thought I was losing it as this information would flood my head at inopportune times but perhaps this is something that is meant to be discovered individually. You have given me a lot to think about Jordan.

Thank you for that.

- Katie T. -

I have learned in life that my greatest moments have been after I take a leap of faith which is the same as the jump the cliff. I was scared, not knowing what was coming but I did it anyway to change the status quo and over and over, every time, it has been amazing. My biggest revelation was how I can use the Tarot. In my ignorance, I have always thought they were fortune tellers. Thank you for opening my mind. 

- Maria G. - 

What really resonated with me from all these videos was to ask hard questions and allow the wisdom to be received by me and come into my mind open heartedly. I tend to ask questions that I know the answer to deep down but am not sure if that's what I want the answer to be. Being able to take that jump and ask hard questions, that sometimes I may not want the answer to, is the only way to evolve

- Bella D. - 

Now, as in years past, you continue to connect dots that I rarely see connected outside of my own stream of conciousness. Your gift for establishing rapport by allowing life to flow thorugh you in a digital format is remarkable. Thank you.

I have been sitting on a precipice, knowing I have not jumped without admitting to myself what jomping really is for quite some time. The first day, along with the drawing I did immidiately after, reiterated what I and those close to me have been telling myself for some time.

My life has been blessed with an inordinate amount of time spent lucid dreaming, and I have lived the process of watching science catch up to what I already knew. Indoctrination has done a number working to lock me down, but a healthy and beautiful relationship has helped me to shed those weights and revisit my source.

As of late, I have been pouring my being into designing a method of re-evaluating value. While I have managed to conceptualize a tool that could have great impact, I have also been distracted by rules based games and ego based business. More and more I have been clinching down with my mind, trying to force the idea from that dimension into this one, to no avail.

You deliniation between the laws of interaction or creation or whatever, not sure what you call them as a whole, is brilliant. The idea that time itself evolves is, quite planely, the simplest terms for such an amazing concept I have toiled over for years. That was truly a special moment for me. From one child to another, thank you.

- Braedon L. - 

Thanks Spirit Science for these videos. What I get to learn here is the absolute opposite to what I had learnt in the past, which I have come to realise they must change or the same experiences would just happen again in my life, like lessons or history repeat if we don't learn from them. Take notes like Patch says, and pay good quality attention. No snacks or phones or tablets or music etc. Just pay attention. There is so much information in these videos. I already have 16 pages of notes in a pocket notebook, and I still have to watch the last chapter!

- Madison A. - 

I would like to begin by saying thank you very much Jordan!.

Each episode seems to be giving me the energetic charge of faith and motivation to my entire being. I´ve been using this secret of yours of regoznizing that this world is moved or created by ideas-thoughts, feelings and intentions that later on materialized itself cuz it was meant to follow that order. I´ve taken my notes and I will definitely review them later on. Unity and love for everyone!

- Colombo R. - 

I am so excited about what you are doing with all of this Jordan. Watching you create what you have, learning what you love and applying it and now giving it to’s a testament to how it’s all done. Because of people like yourself, I’m taking these same steps, pulling away the layers and discovering myself in ways I never could have imagine with my old way of thinking but now I CAN imagine it.

I feel I own it very much in part to deciding to start a daily tarot practice when I was interested in cerimonial magic. It was your deck I chose because I knew, through watching your channel, that I trusted your heart and resonates with your energy and the information your shared and how you shared it. I got the patch tarot book and I was blown away and and again and again. It was like the book was alive!!! As I began to become more present and patient and trusting with my tarot time, I would get more expansive messages from the same cards. My ability to, not just sense information, but HOW I was sensing it, where it was coming from (thoughts, emotions, projections,). I began to experience an awareness of what kind of vibration the information held so I could know if it was coming from fear or love and follow those awarenesses to unearth subconscious beliefs I didn’t know where there.

Watching this video reminded me.....

Your tarot deck, your book and my willingness to be open were like seeds that grew into and entirely new way of experiencing being myself and now I can feel myself slowly unfolding the capacity to change everything in my!!!!

I can’t wait for your mystery school. I’m so excited to see you sharing about your understanding of this deck that has done so much to help me change my realityπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›.

- Amy D.

Thank you for the paradigm shift! My mind is taking in this new perspective but my heart knows you are speaking the truth. Amazing feeling! Interesting to learn about law of expectations too and how to take actions according to my expectations. Thank you Jordan!

- Theresa O. - 

The best part for me of day 3 was think in questions, not statements: you gotta keep your cup empty, cause if you make a statement, you are assuming. And when you assume, you judge. And when you judge, you make your reality get stuck.

- Lou C. -

This is perhaps the most informative out of the videos for me. I have seen too many tarot decks need to be rehomed because they were picked with a hobbyist mentality. I had never thought to ask about the symbols that are depicted and truely how individual the journey to a higher collective conscious mentality is. Repair yourself and there is a world of opportunity that opens up to you. Thank you for all of this. Im ready.

(10 Secrets Day 3)

- Katie T. -


Hey! I have enjoyed this videos so much! I love the part when you explain the dedication you’ve put into the Patch tarot dek. When I bought it, I made a comment for you, that I really feell conected to it. Now I undestand why. I have Never before use a tarot in my entire life. But it somehow comes so easy, it’s so intiutive ! Congrats for all th thigs your doing because it inspires, inspires Me!

- Kify B. -

I am so in love with all of these videos, and I can’t wait to have my own patch deck. I have used many tarot decks, and I feel like this one will transcend my own knowledge in tarot into wisdom. Thankyou so much for sharing such sacred information with people for free, Jordan. Your purpose shines through you like cosmic particles in the aurora borealis.

- Ruth O. - 

I think I don’t have the words for expressing how this has impacted on my life, I’m grateful, scared and confused but also excited.

- Jake S. - 

Thank you soooo much! This information has already started a bigger journey outside of myself.. that has been burning in my soul for a long time.

- Heather G. - 

Spirit science came like everything to the exact perfect Moment.

We are the solution ❀

- Benny S. - 

Hi Jordan, I "respect you tremendously” :) I'd like to say thank you with all my heart! Your purpose in this “life” our in this dimension it´s so beautiful, I can feel so much love you involves doing this. Your vibrational awareness it´s so strong, it´s resonating around the world, for sure make waves of collective consciousness and awake people. I´m from Brasil and I´m very thankful to be worthy to connect with this field of light.Namaste

- Cinthia B. - 

I have learned how to take tarot reading to the next level. Before I had not realized that I was in the “I” mindset rather than the “We” mindset. From now on I will use Tarot for even more sacred purposes then I had previously known. I understand now that my interest in Tarot’s was never just for personal use. I was given these resources and knowledge to share with those beginning their own journey of obtaining consciousness.

- Maria R. - 

I have seen some of your spirit science videos and I used to think sometimes the thoughts I have were crazy, I can’t even tell you how much the videos are like comics of the thoughts in my mind. It’s really awesome to find some place, any place in this world today where u feel at home when I read or watch your videos it’s like I’m seeing everything come together fit exactly the way I “feel them” sometimes I call it a “knowing” that I have, I can never explain it, I just know, and I just want to shout out to all humanity to watch your videos and for once feel all the things that mother Earth has been through, and take responsibility for damage we’ve done stop expecting Superman to save us, and learn to believe in the magic within us, and maybe just once take a chance on something beautiful and magical. I can only hope to inspire people to open their minds, and sometimes on the daily I too still wonder why I’m here, but inside my soul I know it’s to engage anybody that will listen. Thank you so very much for your insights and bravery you opened my mind and my eyes the very moment I saw your first video, im not sure how to really let you in on how grateful I am for you, but you gave me hope for the future and purpose for my whole life I hope I do u proud, sincerely,

- Andrea M. - 

I am so Facinated!! The opportunity to take all that I have learned so far from watching Spirit Science, and applying it with action through the cards that you have created for us...Has been the best thing I have seen this year!! Yaaaaaay!! 

- Michelle B. - 

Thank you so much for making my soul expand and see in many different ways. Dedication, discipline and perseverance always bring extraordinary results. Surf the wave and learn how to gain impulse when things are not going as you wish. Blessings.

- Alex Reyes-O. - 

I am SO IN LOVE with the articles and information you have provided and are sharing with others. The tone and beautiful wording you’ve chosen is very inviting and enlightening. Thank you from the depths of my soul for sharing!!!

- Victoria R. - 

Thank you so much! What I’ve learned in this video is to get involved in your reading. Ask questions “what does this mean,” and “how can you resolve.” And if you’re giving a reading to others to include them within their reading instead of saying what the cards mean. Before watching this I felt that I should include others in their reading, just didn’t know if it was practiced or possible. But I felt that it was important because I do not know their story, or what’s in their heart.  So the meanings could be different to them. Thank you for this!

- Laura L. - 

Hi Jordan again!. it is incredibly awsome to find the keys that I´ve previously used in my life and know I can perfectly see Elevated mind/soul people like Jordan demonstrating what you can achieve with those keys. Now we got back again to the secret that I´ve heard from you before and it is: Question everything, not just simply accept it. I´ve been using those secrets and I will keep implementing these new ones. Lot of love and appreciation Jordan. May God ever bless you men!

- Colombo R. -

Thank you, Patch and thank you, Jordan!! What an amazing 3-day journey this has been! I feel that this came at the right time, and wow, my view of how to read tarot will never be the same. Thank you for the generosity and learning!

- Jen CC T. -

Thanks for the lessons and I am very excited about the course and I will learn how to write now confidently knowing that I write from my higher self and not from the ego.

I can see why it has been difficult for me to write ( writer’s block ). I am very greatful to the writer of this course for the motivation and inspiration to write from my heart and soul.

- Edoso A. - 

It is very important for many people know that. I started practicing. And I’m feeling wonderful. Thank you for helping us.(Five Powerful and Fast Self-Healing Techniques You Need To Use)

- Betty -

The most important commandments say all. If God’s word would be received spiritually and metaphorically instead if literally we would already be on the right path. Ofcourse there was a big bang and from the PURE UNADULTERATED LOVE”GOD” we were birthed like stars from cleansing fire. In order to completely know love wouldn’t we need an alternative? Wouldn’t free will to choose LOVE over ego. Who caused the destruction of Eden? We did. We still do. Nature gives us all we need . So thank God for rebirth; thank goodness we are born again and again… I believe paradise/heaven is our future here on Earth when the Ego is completely gone when forever ends and eternity begins. Why wouldn’t we live forever if we respected nature and each other βˆ†

I absolutely love you! Salt + Light πŸ’ž

- Mary Y. -

Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful post. Thank you for supplying this information.(The 12 Universal Laws You Need to Know to Master Manifestation)

- Ione H. - 


I’m very exited with your information. That’s what I was needed to start my dry fasting. Thank you so much!

- Martha E. -

Great article! It is well written, researched, and inspirational!

(What Psychology Revealed About Tarot In Your Life)

- Amber N. - 

I really loved reading this article, thank you so much! With love and gratitude πŸ™‚ Have a great new beginning of 2019! These tools will help with the ceremony I wish to do for myself and others πŸ™‚

(Celebrate the Winter Solstice, Bring in Light and Joy Into Your Life)

- Gemxi - 

Thank you for this article. I found it very informative. I did a 3 day dry fast 4 years ago and found it an amazing experience. My interest has been Pranic living. I look forward to this process of dry fasting becoming more available for people. Blessings.

- Lenna R. -  

Wow. I have been studying the Qabalah for quite a while. I had to piece it together on my own. Kudos to the writer! Phenomenal job at articulating the meat of the matter. Did you seek Hod lol. For everyone interested: What you are seeking, is seeking you.

- Rumi

You simply nailed it, and the problems and simple solutions U mentioned are in a deep sleep inside of me. Nothing to say simply from now on wards I am aware of it. Thank you very much Sir!!!

- Gadissa D. - 

You guys make me so motivated everytime I watch a video or read an article,Thank you for beeing here for us !

- George B. - 

I love everything you have to teach on this website! Thank you!

- Sarabvir S. -

Thank you for this article. It was truly everything. I have been feeling lately. I am on the desire path!(The Four States of Being)

- Valencia -

Excellent. Me and my partner were only talking about fasting yesterday. Thank you for the insight and i love the chakra input to, very helpful. Keep up the great work. With thanks. Bless

- Alana G. -

 Thank you! I love your videos and can’t wait for the next one!

- Aaron C. - 

I am having an amazing spiritual awakening right now and you guys are just so awesome!

- Iniquis -

Totally agree.. Amazing.. Great article.. Great work πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘(The Scientific Effects of Fasting on the Body)

- Sapna - 

Thank you for the great practical suggestions. I appreciate all your work and efforts in assisting humanity with wisdom and esoteric teachings. Blessings to you all for your dedication and love.

(Qabalah 102: Meditating on The Tree of Life)

- Irene D. -


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