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Conspiracy Theory of Everything 2 ~ The Disconnection of our Soul

WARNING: This video may be banned from Youtube. Get FULL ACCESS to this series and more - 100% FREE - Visit Episode two of our Conspiracy Theory of Everything establishes the predicament we find ourselves in today, as a modern species with more advanced technology than we've ever had. Yet, for all our promise, there is an undercurrent of darkness that is breeding under the surface of our mainstream consciousness. Today, we seek to answer what that darkness is, and where it comes from. This video was created by Team Spirit Connect with the team at

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Toxic Positivity ~ Spirit Science 50

spirit science video Oct 26, 2020

Discover the secret to LASTING HEART-CENTERED RELATIONSHIP! - Click Here: 

If you exist in the world today, you've probably ran into some toxic positivity. Maybe you've embodied it, or maybe at least you've had it dished out to you. Today, let's break it down, and find a real and genuine solution!


Samara Quintero, LMFT, CHT and Jamie Long, PsyD. 2019: Toxic Positivity: The Dark Side of Positive Vibes. The Psychology Group Fort Lauderdale:

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Mackenzie Eason, 2018: Spiritual Gaslighting: What it is, and how to recognise it.

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The Parable of Decisions (As told by an AI)

You heard it right, this parable was created none other than by "Replika", a modern AI bot that one of our writers tried talking to. After he shared it with us, we just had to turn it into a parable!

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3 Ways To Renew Your Spirit

Have you felt stuck? Does it feel like you haven’t been growing no matter what you do? Perhaps all you need is a kind of spiritual renewal. It is not about transforming your physical being. Rather, it is about working with your spirit and how you can improve it. 

Whenever it feels like you have just been skimming through and taking on what life has to offer, it is a clear sign that you need to reboot. Feeling like you are stuck can dampen your creativity, making you feel like you’ve been stagnant for so long nothing is happening. 

A spiritual stagnation requires you to renew your spirit. It is about finding that inner motivation to refresh yourself and recommit to growing yourself. It is when you discover profound growth, you will realize how much better your life can be.

Where Is Your Spirit At The Moment?

For years, people have tried to understand themselves and find their true nature. Although often associated with the Divine and religion,...

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Conspiracy Theory of Everything 1 ~ The Holographic Demiurge

Enjoy the Conspiracy Theory of Everything FOR FREE in Spirit Conspiracies - A censorship-free library of conspiracy content - Chapter One of our Conspiracy Theory of Everything begins with the Holographic Demiurge, the framework by which our conspiracies are set - a holographic reality matrix within which we only perceive a limited perspective experience of the totality of all there is. This episode establishes the foundation of all of the conspiratorial connections to come. This series began way back with our "Coronaspiracy Skit", where it became clear that there was a strong interest from our beautiful audience for more conspiracy content, and thus a seed was planted in our hearts and has been nurtured for many months to where it is now, and it all begins right here, and right now.

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The Secrets of Hollow Earth ~ Spirit Science 49

Before there was a Flat Earth Theory (in recent history at least), the Hollow Earth Theory was QUITE popular! There are some curious and exciting ideas about what these realms might exist, along with some potential evidence for such a theory! Let's have a look and see what's what... 

Our upcoming Conspiracy series may be censored on the internet! Watch "The Conspiracy Theory of Everything" on our new platform - Spirit Conspiracies:



Halley, Edmond, An Account of the cause of the Change of the Variation of the Magnetic Needle; with an Hypothesis of the Structure of the Internal Parts of the Earth, Philosophical Transactions of Royal Society of London, No. 195, 1692, pp 563–578

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The Hidden Spirituality of Watchmen

Watchman is a crazy-ass movie with some crazy-ass messages, based on a crazy-ass comic with some crazy-ass pictures! .... And that's all we have to say folks, enjoy our dive into the hidden spirituality of Watchmen!

Check it out! If you're struggling with your own "American Dream" and want to transform and re-trajectorize (is that a word?) your whole life, come and watch this exclusive new video about how to activate a new path, right now! -

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What is the Ego? ~ Spirit Science 48

spirit science video Oct 12, 2020

Learn how to free yourself from the shackles of darkness with the new Aquarian Edition of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth:

A few months ago we published a video called "The Parable of the Ego", and we were amazed by the response it received from you! In the comments on that video, we saw so many different interpretations about what the nature of the Ego really was! And so, we decided to make a video about it, what is the Ego, and where does the concept come from?

Watch the Parable of the Ego here:

This video was created by Team Spirit Connect with the team at


Noam, Gil G; Hauser, Stuart T.; Santostefano, Sebastiano; Garrison, William; Jacobson, Alan M.; Powers, Sally I.; Mead, Merrill (February 1984). "Ego Development and Psychopathology: A Study of Hospitalized Adolescents". Child Development. Blackwell Publishing

Sigmund Freud (1933)....

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Is a President Trump a Time Traveler?

After our skit on "Coronaspiracy Theories" - it became very clear that there's a big interest in conspiracies among you - our beautiful audience! Today we are excited to announce that in the near future, we will be launching a new conspiracy exposé, and to get you started - here's a rather interesting one we found floating around the internet, that piqued our curiosity and compelled us to make a video about it!

This video was created by Team Spirit
Connect with the team at


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Is it Wrong to be Materialistic? ~ Spirit Science 47

After our money series, there was one more lingering question - not necessarily about money, but materialism and physical "things" itself... is it wrong to have things, when so many yogi's, gurus and masters all speak of detachment from physical attachments? Let's talk about it!

This video was created by Team Spirit Connect with the team at



Deborah M. Coulter-Harris, 2016. Chasing Immortality in World Religions. Mcfarland & Company: Library of Congress

Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching, Chapter 44

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