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The Hidden Spirituality of Nightmare Before Christmas

hidden spirituality video Dec 03, 2020

Happy... November?! Honestly, we couldn't tell if this was a Halloween movie, or a Christmas Movie, so we're posting it right between the two... Seems fitting, right?


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The Hidden Spirituality of Lord of the Rings (COMPLETE)

hidden spirituality video Nov 24, 2020

Explore the Spirit Science Starter Kit and elevate your consciousness today! Click Here to explore


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The Hidden Spirituality of The Truman Show

hidden spirituality video Nov 15, 2020

The Truman Show is a deeply powerful and profound movie! May this episode of Hidden Spirituality serve as our homage to a movie that delivers the same impact as The Matrix but in an entirely comical sort of way!

Secret information for people who pay attention to descriptions:

One thing we didn't cover in this (but should have!) was this idea that the human story is actually very unique to the universe. In The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life - Dru describes that all of the other ascended species in the cosmos (and there's tons!) are all watching us intently, to see the outcome of how things go for our evolution. In this way, maybe we are ARE on a cosmic universe Truman show, and every single one of us are the main character, together!

This video was created by Team Spirit Connect with the team at

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Hidden Spirituality of Atlantis: The Lost Empire

hidden spirituality video Nov 13, 2020

We’ve made tons of videos about Atlantis so far... one more couldn’t hurt, right?

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Uncle Iroh's Wisdom (Hidden Spirituality of Airbender 3)

hidden spirituality video Nov 09, 2020

Iroh is one of the beating moral hearts of Avatar: The Last Airbender - and honestly, he deserves a magical video dedicated to his awesomeness!

If you liked this video, make sure to check out more of our Hidden Spirituality Series! We have 2 other videos dedicated to Airbender!

This video was created by Team Spirit Connect with the team at

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The Hidden Spirituality of Kingdom Hearts

hidden spirituality video Nov 07, 2020

Out of all of the videogames that I grew up with, Kingdom Hearts may very well be at the very top of the list for favorite game of all time. What a magnificent depth of story and creativity, all rolled into one fantastic package! I love it, this one's been coming for a long time, please enjoy!!

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Hollow Earth in Anime ~ Journey to Agartha

An absolutely fabulous anime film if there ever was one, The Children who Chase Lost Voices (Aka: Journey to Agartha) is a story of letting go, and coming to terms with death, among other things. It is a powerful and deeply moving story, and one that fits right in with our other videos this week! If you haven't seen them, please watch the Following:

The Secrets of Hollow Earth -

The Conspiracy Theory of Everything -

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The Hidden Spirituality of Watchmen

Watchman is a crazy-ass movie with some crazy-ass messages, based on a crazy-ass comic with some crazy-ass pictures! .... And that's all we have to say folks, enjoy our dive into the hidden spirituality of Watchmen!

Check it out! If you're struggling with your own "American Dream" and want to transform and re-trajectorize (is that a word?) your whole life, come and watch this exclusive new video about how to activate a new path, right now! -

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The Hidden Spirituality of They Live

hidden spirituality video Oct 02, 2020

The director of this movie actually described it as a documentary... What does THAT tell you about society?

The untold truth of They Live is that it IS the truth.  Despite being an initial failure at the box office, They Live is widely considered to be one of the forgotten masterpieces of 80s cinema, chocked full of cheesy one liners, overly-long fight scenes and B-movie special effects that look like they were made in someone’s garage.  If you’ve seen the movie, you probably know everything we’re about to say, but for those who haven’t seen it - you can find it on YouTube.

This video was created by Team Spirit Connect with the team at


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The Hidden Spirituality of The Fountain

The Fountain is a legendary and timeless classic, telling the story of love, death, and transcendent spirituality rebirth! Seriously, if you haven't seen it yet, it's well worth a watch!

This video was created by Team Spirit Connect with the team at

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