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The Hidden Spirituality of The Princess Bride

To celebrate the spirit of Valentine's Day (with full acknowledgment of where V-Day came from), we debut our second episode of Hidden Spirituality with The Princess Bride and the lessons of what Love truly means!

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The Hidden Spirituality of the Rise of Skywalker

While Rise of Skywalker might not be a perfect movie, we think one of the things we often take for granted in Star Wars movies is how steeped and rich in spirituality they are, but we’ll save future discussion for another time.

Check out this video to be filled with the force of an enlightened Star Wars fan!

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The Hidden Spirituality of The Matrix

Now, as far as we can tell, The Matrix is a documentary about real-life disguised as a sci-fi action movie! Well, okay, maybe not COMPLETELY, but like… 90%… give or take...

Check out this video to discover some of the hidden spirituality in the Matrix!

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The Hidden Spirituality Of Frozen 2

hidden spirituality video May 06, 2020

**Spoiler Alert** For Frozen 2


The Real Frozen 2 Easter Eggs

If you've seen the reviews of Frozen 2, generally, it's well-received, praised for its heart and story. Still, there is this deep undercurrent of spiritual wisdom, and as far as I can see, it has not yet been dissected. Frozen 2 takes us deep into the unknown, but much do we take for granted just how unknown the deep truly goes. 

Let's start with this. Have you ever heard of a thing called The Last Airbender? Specifically, the show, not the movie. Frozen 2 mainly develops on that narrative, reimagining the idea of the avatar and the four elements into this enchanted world. 

The Four Elemental Spirits

The four elements are not found as “benders”, however, but are still reflected by beings or spirits made up of their respective elements. Elsa, the last Icebender, primarily experiences her own personal transformation into the avatar by the end. In a nod to both Airbender AND the Legend of Korra,...

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The Hidden Spirituality Of The Dark Crystal

Let it be known that this episode will specifically be exploring the original film of The Dark Crystal. We are not going to be getting into the Netflix Prequel Series at this time, although I’m confident that it would make for some great content. And to that end, Spoiler Warning, but you knew that already, didn’t you?

So, in essence, The Dark Crystal is an hour and a half long magical adventure through a world of mysticism, alchemy, and astrology - in a world entirely different from our own, and yet a beautiful reflection of our inner consciousness.

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The Hidden Spirituality of Lucy

Lucy is a film about ascension, bridging the gap between theoretical human evolution, psychedelics, and spirituality. The film tells the story of a young woman who - having some powerful drugs released into her body, begins to rapidly unlock a greater capacity for understanding the secrets of the universe, and reveals to us what she learns along the way.

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The Hidden Spirituality of Iron Man

The legendary film that kick-started the MCU jumps to the spirit-screen with this special episode of Hidden Spirituality! What initially comes off as a superhero movie - on a deeper level - is a movie about an individual's ascension from a place of egotism, to a place of higher spiritual awareness, responsibility, and connection with the world.

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The Hidden Spirituality of Interstellar

Interstellar is a fun movie!

Did you know it's actually about the evolution of humanity to a higher dimension of conscious evolution?


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The Hidden Spirituality of Final Fantasy 7

I grew up with Final Fantasy in my heart, and with the launch of the FF7 remake - it seemed only fitting we make an episode of Hidden Spirituality dedicated to this powerful and deeply moving gaming experience. Within the game itself lay mysteries far deeper than most people know... Even in this video, we can only cover a short amount of information - otherwise, we'll be doing an entire movie on the subject! Thank you for joining me today in exploring the Hidden Spirituality in one of the most legendary games ever created throughout human history!

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The Hidden Spirituality of Avatar

When it comes to films with Hidden Spirituality - Avatar shines like a radiant light! The spiritual depth of this movie is absolutely outstanding, and in today's special episode, we are going to dive as far as we can, to explore the mysteries of pandora... within!

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