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A Childs Journey to Spiritual Mastery (Hidden Spirituality of Airbender 2)

Why is it that it's always a young teenager whose gotta save the world with little-to-no help from their parents? Airbender Returns to Hidden Spirituality with exploration about the nature of spiritual mastery, maturity, and evolution!

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Frodo, Aragorn, and the Return of the Christ

At last, we have arrived at the Lord of the Rings' epic conclusion, and whoa… There’s a lot to unpack in this movie. From Messainic symbolism to the Witch-King of Angmar, this story is filled with nuggets of wisdom…. Not to mention some badass scenes and speeches that’ll make you want to jump up off your couch and slay a dragon! 

The movie opens with the cautionary tale of Smeagol and Deagol, giving us the much-requested backstory of how Gollum came to find the ring and eventually become what he is at the time of the movie. As it goes, his brother Deagol finds it after being pulled into the river by a fish...don’t ask…. and Smeagol takes one look at the ring and kills his brother so that he can have it. This scene is especially strong in identifying the power of the ring to manipulate others and the power it has over the weak-minded, a visual that was much needed to grasp the ring's darkness.

Once Smeagol puts the ring on, everything...

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The Hidden Spirituality of Christmas

hidden spirituality video Jan 04, 2021

So sorry this is late! Pretend it was posted on Christmas, okay? Also, Happy New Year!

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The Hidden Spirituality of Little Women

hidden spirituality video Dec 27, 2020

With this video, our Hidden Spirituality series comes full circle to its origin point. While the original conception of the series happened many years ago while watching Airbender, it was in December of 2019 that I went to 3 movies and came out with scripts for each one that ultimately became the foundation of this very series! The first was Frozen 2, which was our first episode, and the second was Star Wars 9, which came out on May the 4th to very varied perspectives. Yeah, I don’t blame ya’ll on that, and the 3rd movie was the 2019 remake of Little Women, showing that Hidden Spirituality can be found everywhere - and this one may very well have been the most mystical story out of the 3! 

Don’t believe me? Check this out. In the original book, chapter 28, we find this line… “Jo rescued his babies, and marched up and down, with one on each arm, as if already initiated into the mysteries of baby tending, while Laurie laughed till the tears ran...

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The Hidden Spirituality of the Fifth Element

hidden spirituality video Dec 17, 2020

“Time not important… only life important.” yep, we’re going there, things are about to get a little bit philosophical now that we’re dealing with the Fifth the Alchemical Quintessence, but close! That crazy 1990s Sci-Fi about a killer planet, the power of love… and… You know, Bruce Willis’s Wacky Taxi Adventures... and all that…

So, major spoiler alert… The fifth element is Love. Well, kind’s this woman called Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat… For short, Leeloo is the fifth element, and in essence: a perfect, supreme being of sorts. In a way, she’s kind of like Avatar Aan, destined to unite with the other classical elements in an ancient Egyptian temple to act as a defense system against this super evil Dark Force called Mr. Shadow - which takes on the form of a cruel planet, whose only goal is to destroy life in a cosmic cycle every 5000...

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The Never-Ending Hidden Spirituality of Neverending Story

hidden spirituality video Dec 06, 2020

We mention Tarot a few times in this video, and if you want to learn more about the subject, click here!

So many requests have come in for Neverending Story, and today we dive deep into the mysteries found within this unique and magical adventure!

This video was created by Team Spirit

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The Hidden Spirituality of Nightmare Before Christmas

hidden spirituality video Dec 03, 2020

Is it just me...or is there a distinct lack of great staple Halloween-holiday movies? I mean, sure, we have stuff like Hocus Pocus or the creepy cacophony of horror movies like the Exorcist or the Conjuring to watch while hiding under our blankets and stuffing our faces with candy… I mean… Grapes, and other healthy snacks… But what’s the Spooktober equivalent of A Christmas Carol or It’s a Wonderful Life? ….CUE the Pumpkin King. Ack, but even then, it’s like… this is more of a November movie. What with it being like a smashup betwixt Halloween and Christmas? Anyways, I’m a sucker for Tim Burton and the music of Danny Elfman. When you combine it with Christmas cheer and Halloween gothic macabre, you get one of the most ambitious crossovers since I mixed my orange and apple juice that one time. A Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t just a holiday favorite. It’s a stop motion masterpiece filled with spiritual lore and...

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The Hidden Spirituality of Lord of the Rings (COMPLETE)

hidden spirituality video Nov 24, 2020

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The Hidden Spirituality of The Truman Show

hidden spirituality video Nov 14, 2020

The Truman Show is a deeply powerful and profound movie! May this episode of Hidden Spirituality serve as our homage to a movie that delivers the same impact as The Matrix but in an entirely comical sort of way!

Secret information for people who pay attention to descriptions:

One thing we didn't cover in this (but should have!) was this idea that the human story is actually very unique to the universe. In The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life - Dru describes that all of the other ascended species in the cosmos (and there's tons!) are all watching us intently, to see the outcome of how things go for our evolution. In this way, maybe we are ARE on a cosmic universe Truman show, and every single one of us are the main character, together!

This video was created by Team Spirit Connect with the team at

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Hidden Spirituality of Atlantis: The Lost Empire

hidden spirituality video Nov 13, 2020

All hail one of Disney’s only “nice” forgotten queens...Kida of Atlantis! For real, she’s one of the only Disney princesses who becomes a queen eventually and retains her goodness and breaks that trope of “evil queens/stepmoms” that’s become so you know.. suitable on the Atlanteans for embodying love! I mean, hey, even Elsa kind of went into her shadow self for a bit there…. Anyways, Atlantis is not your typical Disney movie...There’s no musicals or happy-go-lucky princesses who get helped by forest animals or swoon at princes… Instead, we get an hour and a half of a nerd exploring ancient temples, translating dusty books, and a badass warrior princess fighting for her people. And of course… It's freakin Atlantis, so obviously, we’re going to talk about it! What’s more, under the surface, especially in the design elements, there’s a massive wealth of ancient spirituality that taught...

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