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Truth Be Told

articles divination oracle Feb 18, 2021

There is an excellent card in the Wisdom of the Oracle deck called, “Truth be told” this particular card speaks on self expression, inner truth, outlook/perception and authenticity. I love this card, the main point of it is to explain that it matters more to express yourself, use your voice, and for you to understand that voice, than to ever have anyone else understand or agree with it. Self expression is inherently about the self, if another person benefits from it well, that's just a bonus. 

I often see people playing a popular game, I like to call it, “Which truth is truer” It’s a game where everyone gathers around and vouches for their own truth and how theirs is truer than all the other truths in the room. I find myself playing this game sometimes myself, and it’s something that I’m not always particularly proud of. We’re surrounded in this day and age by right fighters, whether it’s in the realm of politics,...

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