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Conspiracy Theory of Everything 7 ~ The Great Reset

FULL EPISODE HERE: WARNING: This episode had to be cut short by about 10 minutes because the Social Media Tech Giants have been banning content and channels that discuss certain aspects of the Pandemic. Use the link above to watch the FULL episode.

The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic took the world by storm, shattering many illusions of a solid society, and life will never be the same. Very few have been unimpacted by this global event. As many look to the future, we are called to question where we are steering our social systems and society at large... However, a bigger question remains unanswered... Where did this pandemic truly come from, who is really steering this ship... and where exactly are we going?

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The Conspiracy Theory of Everything 6 ~ The Keys to Ultimate Power

 Go deeper down the rabbit hole with Spirit Conspiracies - Access here today: Our Conspiracy Theory of Everything gets more and more cosmic, as we dive into the secret experiments that may very well be steering our entire collective reality as we know it. Beyond the physical powers of the DEW's and HAARP, we also look at experiments involving time travel, and shifting into multidimensional realities...


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Conspiracy Theory of Everything 5 ~ The Secret Government

Going deeper into our Conspiracy Theory of Everything, we explore the subject of the Secret Government, the controlling powers that be, and some of the tactics that they use to keep us little, keep us limited, and some of their experiments that have been employed on humanity in order to maintain control.

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Conspiracy Theory of Everything ~ Integration With Technology

Integration with technology is perhaps one of the greatest double-edged swords there is. The wondrous technological innovation could propel humanity to experience fantastic wonders like we've never experienced before... Yet, if our standards today are anything to go by, this could spell our ultimate doom...


The Social Dilenma, (2020). [Netflix Documentary]: Netflix

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Conspiracy Theory of Everything 3 ~ Aliens

Strange things are happening to our youtube channel! Access Spirit Conspiracies in case everything goes away!
Everyone likes talking about Aliens... it's one of the greatest conspiracies out there! But that said... what evidence is there for their existence? Are there massive cover-ups that keep us limited as a species? 

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Conspiracy Theory of Everything 2 ~ The Disconnection of our Soul

WARNING: This video may be banned from Youtube. Get FULL ACCESS to this series and more - 100% FREE - Visit Episode two of our Conspiracy Theory of Everything establishes the predicament we find ourselves in today, as a modern species with more advanced technology than we've ever had. Yet, for all our promise, there is an undercurrent of darkness that is breeding under the surface of our mainstream consciousness. Today, we seek to answer what that darkness is, and where it comes from. This video was created by Team Spirit Connect with the team at

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Conspiracy Theory of Everything 1 ~ The Holographic Demiurge

Enjoy the Conspiracy Theory of Everything FOR FREE in Spirit Conspiracies - A censorship-free library of conspiracy content - Chapter One of our Conspiracy Theory of Everything begins with the Holographic Demiurge, the framework by which our conspiracies are set - a holographic reality matrix within which we only perceive a limited perspective experience of the totality of all there is. This episode establishes the foundation of all of the conspiratorial connections to come. This series began way back with our "Coronaspiracy Skit", where it became clear that there was a strong interest from our beautiful audience for more conspiracy content, and thus a seed was planted in our hearts and has been nurtured for many months to where it is now, and it all begins right here, and right now.

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The Secrets of Hollow Earth ~ Spirit Science 49

Before there was a Flat Earth Theory (in recent history at least), the Hollow Earth Theory was QUITE popular! There are some curious and exciting ideas about what these realms might exist, along with some potential evidence for such a theory! Let's have a look and see what's what... 

Our upcoming Conspiracy series may be censored on the internet! Watch "The Conspiracy Theory of Everything" on our new platform - Spirit Conspiracies:



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