Conspiracy Theory of Everything 8 ~ The Paradigms of Being

Going deeper into our Conspiracy Theory of Everything, we explore the subject of the Secret Government, the controlling powers that be, and some of the tactics that they use to keep us little, keep us limited, and some of their experiments that have been employed on humanity in order to maintain control.

The series is almost over, but the journey is only just beginning. While some content had to be cut from Youtube due to the impending censorship that would follow, you can access the entire series in Spirit Conspiracies - completely free. 

Finally, we come to the final chapter in our Conspiracy Theory of everything, the point in which everything comes together, all the aspects of our theory weaving together into a new fabric of reality, if only we choose to see and interact with it.. 

You see, every conspiracy theory we’ve discussed so far is nothing more than a reflection of something much more significant - the Holographic Demiurge. We began our journey with the Demiurge, and now we must return to it - to shatter the old paradigm.

We must recognize that the Demiurge is not just something imposed upon us, this false reality just like the Matrix - but it is a state of consciousness within us. The ancients who spoke of the Demiurge did not rail against it physically, for they understood that the powers that be were not the source of the Demiurge. They knew that rebelling against the Roman empire would have no effect at all, just as today - rebelling against world governments or the massive corporations will do us no good but stir up karmic trouble for ourselves. 

No, the Ancients turned their attention inward to the mysteries within them and strove for the inner revelation of truth, knowledge, and wisdom.. They followed the wisdom teachings set down before them, from the writings attributed to Thoth to the ministries of Jesus, to shatter the illusion of separation. In truth, the Demiurge is within us, a form of duality consciousness, a place of disconnection from ourselves and nature, inflicting upon us the belief that we are separate from one another and subject to all manner of suffering from the world around us. 

Indeed, this reality feels real to us, just as accurate as it was to Thomas Anderson before he met Morpheus. And it is this way for a reason, for there are lessons of duality, lessons of physicality, lessons of Truth, Love, and Authenticity - which we must learn while we are here. This includes stepping outside of the limiting bubble of our own lives and seeing something greater. As we do so, we step into becoming active creators of our destiny and become shapers of the world as we know it. 

Yet humanity today, as we have been for thousands of years, exists within pockets of consciousness, bags of belief, and self-identity. Where a thousand years ago, we were segmented more physically, today there is a more in-depth segmentation mentally and emotionally, as we isolate into bubbles of perception based on our search history and the algorithms that decide for us what we see next and propel us each down our paths of least resistance, rather than toward each other.

You might call such things paradigms of belief or existence. Paradigms in which people live, either in minorities or majorities, where individual and communal belief systems shape the actions that people take, leading to natural outcomes resulting from those beliefs. Christians who identify with Jesus returning soon will live by this belief, which will dictate their actions. Those who believe the Earth is flat would behave and communicate differently than if they thought the world is round, often each vehemently attacking the opposing spectrum. 

Yet, do such things matter when most of us spend our days entrenched in suffering, often taking it out on one another in silent, subconscious ways? If the end goal is unity, free of this duality consciousness, how do we get there? Especially when conspiracy theories of the great reset and the implementation of a One World Government are so pervading, is it truly possible to bring everyone together with truth, love, and authenticity? Or is at least part of humanity doomed to enslavement forever?

As we have explored in great detail so far, it seems as though mental and emotional manipulation is a factor we must watch out for, but many people are asleep to this idea at all. They struggle through the day today, but they fail to look for anything more due to their connections in life. When doctors tell them that medication is the best way to treat depression, they take it without asking questions, end of the story. When the media tells them to be afraid of the pandemic, they comply, and fear reigns supreme. With this existing paradigm and so many entrenched in it, do we have any hope of genuinely liberating ourselves en mass? More to the point, are we truly ready for such a change?

In 2020, humanity collectively learned a lesson about the nature of quarantine, separating and isolating ourselves from each other for long periods. However, the classes of quarantine go more in-depth than our physical lives, for we also saw and learned about the layers of quarantine within ourselves, between our egos and our souls, and explored just how much ability we give ourselves to ask questions and go deeper, or only accept things at the surface level. 

This is why we are discussing paradigms because there are many paradigms out there. People are asking questions, people who aren’t. People who are listening, learning and growing, and others who like to talk about conspiracy theories but ultimately take no action in their lives make a difference. We may liken it to the biblical Parable of the Sower and the Seed, which says that some hear the divine word of God. Those who don’t, and even in those who listen to it - it sounds good at first, but unless the wisdom is nurtured, the seed dies, and they quickly go back to their suffering. These paradigms go beyond belief systems; they enter into or emerge from the realm of action.

Earlier on, we explored what might happen if humanity inherited advanced, nearly alien technology and what would happen if we suddenly had limitless power and the freedom to travel the universe.

While, of course, it’s easy to rebel against NASA, who may or may not be withholding the truth at their highest level, we must also look at our behavior and see if we have earned such a gift. Historically, human history is filled with colonization, subjugation, domination, and others' enslavement: human, animal, and nature. 

There’s no question that today, undue prejudice like Racism and Sexism exist even within society's structures, and one that often goes un-discussed but just as significant is Speciesism. You might be fascinated to watch the Speciesism documentary, made by a young man who attempted to prove that animal farming wasn’t all that bad but ended up discovering that while we all believe the holocaust ended over 70 years ago, the truth is - there’s still a holocaust going on today. It’s found in the concentration camps that we keep animals in. Chickens, cows, pigs, fish, all of them are subjugated against their will, dominated, terrorized, and killed in mass to feed our growing, consumption-focused population. 

Of course, the moment this conversation emerges, watch as some paradigms of belief will rail against it, for it is assumed immediately that this message is simply some political or pretentious advocation for Veganism. And while for this reason many turn to Veganism, ask any native American a few hundred years ago who rode across the plains in groups hunting buffalo, and you will find that there are natural ways of hunting that encourage freedom for ourselves and nature. In the paradigm of those native people, they were a part of the land as much as the animals were, they shared space with the same cosmic spirit, and as such - their beliefs guided their actions into ways of being that were natural, sacred, and pure. Even with the technology of their time, they understood better their impact on the world around them with more clarity than many cans in this later era.

Today, modern animal farming is responsible for a tremendous body of disease and suffering. The heart of the industry's beliefs is that humans have the right to subjugate other species because we’re bigger, smarter, and more capable. These beliefs are so deeply rooted in the collective unconscious that shifting these ideas in mass may take something big to uproot the paradigm even if we take a more biblical approach and observe that in Genesis - God gave humans dominion over the Earth and its inhabitants, we are still responsible to govern this world with grace, respect, and honor. We are her keepers, not captors.

But times have changed, and the technology of but a few hundred years ago has been quickly replaced by far superior tech… and what would happen if tomorrow we suddenly gained access to the power that we discussed, limitless energy, free to travel the universe as we desired? With the existing paradigm of collective consciousness, it may turn out the same way as any Iron Man movie, or even Avengers. What happens when the villain gets the arc reactor or the infinity stones? It’s nearly the same thing that misguided humans have done to each other, and animals, for millennia - they take what they want and care not of the consequences. And what would stop humanity from doing the same today? If our deep-rooted speciesism is not addressed, what happens when humankind encounters an alien species we’ve never seen before? Unless they are supremely advanced and can destroy us with the flick of the wrist but choose not to - which would be very humbling, what’s to stop us from imposing our will upon them? 

In some ways, this question is a real representation of our world today. The pace at which technology has advanced and changed our lives may have outpaced our ability to evolve the wisdom appropriate for such power. Teenage girls’ mental health is at all-time lows, thanks to social media's gamification and addictive aspects. Any resource-hungry company that can manage its monitors and invades our privacy. We have gained the ability to heat the Earth, demolish rain forests, and shape the land perhaps more quickly than we can learn what the consequences of such power may be. Materially we may be advanced, but spiritually we have a lot of catching up to do.

Speaking to a new emerging paradigm, in some schools of geology, archaeology, and natural sciences, a new epoch of geological time has been proposed. As you may have seen in our Sumerian Epic series, the Pleistocene was followed by the Holocene, beginning around 11,650 years before today, which is the current period we are in now. However, increasing numbers of voices have argued that humanity’s impact on the environment and our ability to alter our world's ecosystem calls for us to be in a new epoch. This is known as the Anthropocene debate and argues that the natural world has become so affected by humans that it warrants a re-definition of our place in time. As of July 2020, the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) hasn’t officially approved the term, but various “start” dates have been proposed for when this new paradigm of existence began, ranging from the beginning of the agricultural revolution up to 1945 when the peak in radionuclides fallout from the first atom bomb altered the environment of the time on a massive scale. 

Even Dr. Stephen Greer described that many of the extraterrestrial species aren’t concerned with violence at all… but rather, are genuinely concerned with OUR attachment to violence as a species. It’s not hard to envision a future where humanity has spread itself throughout the galaxy just like in star wars, subjugating and controlling populations, trade, resources, and whole worlds all in the pursuit of profit, where Emperor Palpatine represents the darkest, vile, and most greedy parts of that which is within us… and where Luke and the Jedi then are a reflection of our hopes, purity, and dreams in our hearts. But is this a reality we want to create? One where we’re spread out throughout the galaxy, subjugating species that are less further along on their evolutionary path?

Perhaps the ultimate conspiracy for this great conspiracy theory of everything then, is the question… could it be possible that all of this subjugation we have today, the views of human mental and emotional slavery, while awful and terrible, is a necessary evil to collectively teach humanity of who we indeed are, and prevent us from leaving this world until we can do so responsibly? It’s a strange thought, flipping the conspiracies on their head, where the Illuminati - whoever they are - could at the highest level - higher still than the elite with their pedophile rings, which are still apart of the matrix of course - be simply watching people experiencing their darkness, making sure that we do not gain access to wield the power we are not ready for…? After all, the word Illuminati essentially means “enlightened ones,” but then again, this is just another paradigm of belief, and in this game of life, you choose your paradigm. We’re not suggesting this is true either way, but it is something to be mindful of, as there are a great many paradoxes in existence, and we must be free to explore them where they lead us.

And here we come to the heart of our Conspiracy Theory of Everything. This states that alongside technological progress to give us our material wealth, we need to develop spiritual technology within our bodies, which will help us navigate our ever-changing physical world. Only then may we truly ever advance to the next stage… 

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