Pisces' Guide to Swimming Safely in the Mainstream Media

With everything going on in the world today, it’s easy to give into fear…

We become lost in the stories, and the emotions behind them.

Between the pandemic and now a potential World War III, there’s a lot being churned through the mainstream narrative…

But what if it's not all what it seems? What if the way we're taking it in is affecting our perception of the Greater Truth?

When we swim through the mainstream with mouths and eyes wide open, taking it all in, we become overwhelmed, disoriented, and confused.

What if there’s a better way to process all this emotional info?

Luckily, Pisces offers us waves of wisdom to take like medicine with our "main course"...

Can You Be Like Water?

As we explored in this week's new Spirit Science episode, even when the water is dark and murky, it’s a sign of greater change…

Something stirring under the surface, beckoning us to take a closer look.

Seeing and feeling the darkness in the world creates an opportunity for us to realize and reflect on our own inner darkness, and burst forth with our Light.

When we shine, more shadows are created, so we can see a clearer picture of all the forces moving through and around us…

It’s an ever-flowing dance that reveals itself to us the more we move with it. 

In Aquarius season, we were called to “Be the Water-Bearer,” and now we're being called to BE the WATER itself!

Water flows humbly to the lowest level. Nothing is weaker than water, yet for overcoming what is hard and strong, nothing surpasses it. ~Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

We saw this all the way back in Scorpio season, which many of us had a challenging time with.

As a society, we tend to experience extra discomfort when the sun’s in a water sign, because it really calls for us to face our emotions… even the ones we tried to drown.

This is why the water is muddy and dark… but as Lao Tzu also said, “Be still, and the muddy water becomes clear.”

Turning Your Nightmares into Dreams

This Pisces Season, the sign of the fish is teaching us how to differentiate between escapism and actively creating your reality.

Even watching the news can become an escape when it leads us into projecting judgment and fear onto other people's drama instead of facing our own within.

It’s one thing to inform yourself about what’s going on in the world - it’s a whole other thing to blast your brain and overload your nervous system with information that may or may not be true.

Likewise, if you find yourself seeking psychedelic meditation as an escape from reality instead of a way for you to create your reality, then the pendulum swings the other way, into a cloud of underwater fog…

Over all, Pisces wants us to be careful about what we “consume” and how we process it.

So when it comes to the mainstream, stop swimming with your mouth wide open, collecting all the treasure and trash that’s been thrown into the flow…

Instead, close your mouth, and slow down. 

The “just keep swimming” method is great for Dory and Nemo, but when you resist the shifting currents, it will only create more pain, worry, and confusion.

Like I said - it’s so easy to give into fear, whether it’s something you empathically picked up from the collective, or found within yourself.

And while these fears are valid, you can’t let them control you or get stuck in your psyche.

Instead, be still, soft, and yielding - like water. 

Let your feelings move through you, use them as fuel for your personal transformation…

In this place of peace, you’ll find clarity and transcendence.

In this place of stillness and silence, you'll take your power back.

This is the secret wisdom of the fish, channeled from crown to fingertips, for your benefit, and the benefit of the Collective.

May your Pisces Season bring more blessings than you ever thought you could receive, and may your most delicious dreams become reality! 

Amen, Aho, and So It Is.

Love and Light,
Amelia (Zodiac Oracle of Team Spirit)

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