Dancing Your Way into the Lion's Den: Wisdom from the Leo Full Moon♌️

articles spirit mysteries Feb 23, 2022

With everything that's been swirling through the Spirit Mysteries Community, the Astrology Forecast from last week's Wisdom Moon was...

*GASP* Lost to time and space!

In other words, it wasn't recorded. (Can you believe it? It's not even Mercury Retrograde!)

That just goes to show... Evolution is a process, and it's IN PROGRESS!

Synchronistically, this little slip-up of ours led me to receiving even more Wisdom from the Full Moon I was not expecting...

Your Heart Speaks, Your Mind Interprets, Your Will Enacts

As we explored with the Initiates during ceremony, your heart is another brain. Another whole operating system for creating your reality.

As an organ, the heart's neurons are directly linked to neurons in the brain. How cool is that?

That's why we say "Listen to your Heart." Truly - it knows what it's talking about!!

This morning, for example, I was on my usual morning walk in the mountains, when I felt a strong tug in my chest, like someone yanked me by the sternum.

Immediately, I took my earbuds out and tapped into my breath...

The Breath of Life
  1. Inhale fully through the nose for 7 seconds - honouring the chakras
  2. Hold for 4 seconds at the top - honouring the elements
  3. Exhale fully and sink into your Heart - harmonizing the higher & lower selves

As you might know, this is the same breath Jordan has been using to stay calm and centered. This technique was given to us by a new lovely friend of ours.

This is how I knew my Heart was speaking to me. It became so obvious. So, I put my earbuds back in and followed the tug... An energetic cord strung itself from my heart and deep into the forest, so that's where I went...

The songs that shuffle played were uncanny. I quickly lost myself to the music.

Stomping in the snow with my chonky boots and twirling 'til I was dizzy. My heartbeat's rhythm flirted with the beat of drums and the cawing of crows...

It was amazing!

Until I turned the corner and found an animal pelt hanging from a tree.

I didn't scream. I didn't run. I stopped dead-center in the middle of the trail, where a mess of animal hair dusted the snow. Paw prints lined the perimeter and trailed up into the surrounding snowy peaks.

Although the trail is called "Deer Point," I was 98% sure I had just walked right into a mountain lion's den.

I was properly spooked.

Logically, there wasn't any reason to worry... mountain lions and the like don't usually attack humans. In fact, my wrathful-dakini-dance probably scared away every creature in a ten-mile radius, long before I got there.

Yet there I stood, frozen like a deer in the headlights. I even held my breath.

And then all at once, I let it out in a laugh...

Suddenly, I could see what had happened so clearly, and it was hilarious!

How funny, I thought, I just followed my Heart's tug, danced out some extra ju-ju on the way, and discovered something different. Something new. In doing so, I instantly shifted my vibration!

My Heart smiled even more and slowed down at that thought, soothed by my mind's open interpretation.

Strangely, all parts of me were harmonized. In-sync. Aligned. All because I trusted my Heart... I was pulled into a sacred Initiation I didn't even know existed!

I found Courage. And it was Curiosity that led me there. An open-mindedness that allowed me to let go of fear and accept what was around me and within me.

Needless to say, I power-danced all the way back home!

The Leo Full Moon has left a paw print on my Heart, and if you've also "felt the tug," then you know what I'm talking about...

In fact, if you have a similar story, please share in the comments below! We'd all love to read it.

This weekend, the stars are asking us to loosen up. Have fun! Shift your vibration. Let yourself be changed by the Mysterious Forces that Be... including the ones inside your precious body.

And for Goodness sake, please keep sharing your experience in the community. YOU are what makes this space sacred. So, thank you.

With all my Love,

P.S. If you'd like to reflect on your spiritual experiences face-to-face with other members, then  Become an Initiate in Spirit Mysteries! The next lunar ceremony is only a few days away... And we share experiences like this in almost every ritual. I look forward to seeing you there!

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