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Did DMT Help Write the Old Testament?

Hey everyone!

You know... when we first started working with Dr Rick Strassman we we're just loving every second of it, but we never imagined we'd get to make three whole videos with him! It's been a wild trip... and we're really about to breakthrough with this finale ;)

For centuries the hallmark of spiritual experience has been the entering of a Mystical or Prophetic state where you become open to the Divine and allow its wisdom to flow through you... unhinged... unfiltered and unapologetic. 

In Ancient Times, people who would enter these states and return with writings were often called prophets or mystics... but as far as we knew, the Age of Prophecy had ended... after all, there hasn't been any new great testaments or religious texts in centuries.

But... what if it was returning?

Rick's new work has been looking at the different models for how we can interpret a Psychedelic Experience. Since the 60s we've had the typical scientific approach of 'it's all just your brain...

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