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The 6000 Year Old Secret to Understanding Feng Shui

Love your home and it will love you back

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Tell me if these article headlines sounds familiar...

7 Feng Shui tips to evoke good vibes

How Feng Shui saved my marriage and my cat

[Your favourite celebrity] used Feng Shui for a day, here's what they found

After a while, the mainstream's fascination with superficial spirituality boarders on cultural appropriation... and while it can be great that such ancient principles are finally getting recognition, just how much do we really know about Feng Shui and Ancient Chinese philosophy?

Since the 70s, Feng Shui has been blowing up in the West, and it feels like every instagram guru is pushing it right now. But outside of "lucky" and "unlucky" directions that "resonate" with you, how does this ancient art form actually work? And more importantly, how do YOU actually go about understanding the theory and practice of traditional Feng Shui?

Today, we have something pretty exciting...

We dived into some of the Ancient Chinese wisdom...

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