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Pisces' Guide to Swimming Safely in the Mainstream Media

With everything going on in the world today, it’s easy to give into fear…

We become lost in the stories, and the emotions behind them.

Between the pandemic and now a potential World War III, there’s a lot being churned through the mainstream narrative…

But what if it's not all what it seems? What if the way we're taking it in is affecting our perception of the Greater Truth?

When we swim through the mainstream with mouths and eyes wide open, taking it all in, we become overwhelmed, disoriented, and confused.

What if there’s a better way to process all this emotional info?

Luckily, Pisces offers us waves of wisdom to take like medicine with our "main course"...

Can You Be Like Water?

As we explored in this week's new Spirit Science episode, even when the water is dark and murky, it’s a sign of greater change…

Something stirring under the surface, beckoning us to take a closer look.

Seeing and feeling the darkness in the world creates...

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Dancing Your Way into the Lion's Den: Wisdom from the Leo Full Moon♌️

articles spirit mysteries Feb 23, 2022

With everything that's been swirling through the Spirit Mysteries Community, the Astrology Forecast from last week's Wisdom Moon was...

*GASP* Lost to time and space!

In other words, it wasn't recorded. (Can you believe it? It's not even Mercury Retrograde!)

That just goes to show... Evolution is a process, and it's IN PROGRESS!

Synchronistically, this little slip-up of ours led me to receiving even more Wisdom from the Full Moon I was not expecting...

Your Heart Speaks, Your Mind Interprets, Your Will Enacts

As we explored with the Initiates during ceremony, your heart is another brain. Another whole operating system for creating your reality.

As an organ, the heart's neurons are directly linked to neurons in the brain. How cool is that?

That's why we say "Listen to your Heart." Truly - it knows what it's talking about!!

This morning, for example, I was on my usual morning walk in the mountains, when I felt a strong tug in my chest, like someone...

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Your Body's Sacred Equation: Water + Earth = Worth

The first Wisdom Moon Ceremony of 2022 was truly a miracle to behold… To catch up with the current energies, watch the Astrology Forecast here:


There’s a LOT of heavy energy both in the heavens and on Earth right now…

And so if you’re feeling super-sensitive, here are some potential reasons why…

  • You’re doing The Work. Not “work” like a 9-5, or working out… No, I’m talking about the Real, Spiritual, Visceral Work that happens whether we know it or not. Take a moment to acknowledge that, and give yourself a big hug… This life is not easy, and you can validate that for yourself.

  • Pluto is giving us a run for our money lately, especially this week… Any time there’s a Pluto transit, it’s a lot like taking a trip to the underworld… Scary as all hell (pun intended), but worth it - because we return to our realm wiser and more compassionate than ever before.

  • ...
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Master the Art of Sharing Wisdom with a Gemini Full Moon

Phew! We just had the LAST lunar ceremony of 2021... Watch the Astrology Forecast Here:


It's bittersweet... thinking on the past year and all we've gone through and accomplished.

The theme of this ceremony was "Celebrating Your Hero's Journey," and it couldn't be more appropriate.

Our Spirit Family has been through a lot... not just as a community, but as individuals.

And it's so vital that we honour this very human aspect of our journey so that we can accomplish above and beyond what we set out to do in 2021!

So, we got real and juicy with the details of our journeys... just as Gemini asked us to.

You see... Gemini is all about self-expression, while on the flip-side of the zodiac, Sagittarius shows us how to communicate for the benefit of collective learning.

We're being called to face our fears in the form of awkward dinner table conversation or setting clearer boundaries at work. (You know... just the best kind of...

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Goodbye, Scorpio... Hello, Sagittarius! ♐️ Come Manifest with Us...

We made it!

Welcome to the Season of the Centaur.

Did you know that this shift was supercharged by the Taurus Lunar Eclipse? It was quite the doozy!

In case you missed it… Here’s the astrology recap of last week's Wisdom Moon:


Scorpio Season wasn't easy... and ending it with a lunar eclipse was like "going out with a bang." 

That's the name of the game when you’re dealing with two fixed signs who fluctuate between the extremes. (Taurus and Scorpio.)

They do this so that we can intimately understand the totality of life experience… both visible and invisible.

When you know what you’re working with, you’re better equipped to adapt and move forward.

This is where Sagittarius comes in… meeting us on the other side of transformation.  

After our ego-death-by-scorpion, the centaur beckons us back to life, and reminds us that we are free.

We can do anything! We can be whoever we...

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From Student to Teacher & Back Again: Meet Your Magick Mentor!

articles spirit mysteries Nov 16, 2021

Meet the instructor of Spirit Mysteries' most popular new course, Chris Lyon.


Click here to amplify your magick practice with the 2022 Almanac of the New Age, which Chris co-wrote!

Young, Humble Beginnings

If you’re drawn to Chris as a mentor, it’s no coincidence!

He knows better than anyone that who your mentor is sets the stage for how your magick practice will evolve.

When Chris first met his mentor, he was a confused ten-year-old seeking clarity on his intuitive energetic abilities...

"Most people's imaginary friends disappear after like five or six. Mine didn’t. I have very distinct memories of being in a sandpit surrounded by like four or five people. To me, it was fully physical. My mom sat me down and asked, 'Hey, are you okay? What’s going on?'

I couldn't control it and my energy was very out of control. If I got emotional, lights would flicker...that kind of thing. It’s not as fun as it sounds."

This is why he and his...

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If You're Afraid of the Dark, Check This Out...

Are you afraid of your own shadow? 

Believe it or not, most people are.

The shadow represents the unknown, that which we cannot see. It's in this space that we feel most out of control...and yet, it's in letting go that creates clarity and a new sense of freedom.

When you're afraid of something, it signifies a deeper learning (and healing) opportunity for your mind, body, and soul.

And oh Goddess, did we do just that this week with our fellow Initiates… We listened, we laughed, we cried...together, in harmony. This was the most powerful Manifestation Moon ceremony yet! Here's the astrology forecast:


In this dark space, it's safe for you to transform.

This oppositional dance between our New Moon in Scorpio and Uranus Retrograde in Taurus gives us the chance to face our fears and see them not as things to be avoided, but as tools for self-reflection and self-mastery.

For months, Uranus Retrograde has been reminding us...

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8 Self-Mastery Secrets Scorpio Wants You to Know...

Libra Season’s last hurrah was something miraculous to behold.

Now, it's time to pour our measured ingredients from the scale and into the witch's cauldron, diving deep into practical magick and transformation.

Lean in and let Scorpio whisper her secrets for self-mastery in your ear...

1. The Darkness is Your Friend

Scorpio isn't afraid of the dark, and neither are we. Here in Spirit Mysteries, we acknowledge that darkness is the Yin to our Yang, and keeps us balanced.

While most people fear their shadows, it is the shadow that teaches us how to grow and evolve from contrast. Before Light, there was vast, dark space...after Light, there are shadows being shed all over the place...not to freak us out, but to reveal shapes, patterns, and karmic cycles that we can learn and master as we co-create with our Divine will.

This doesn't mean it's always easy... in fact, Scorpio honours that it is F---ing difficult! She celebrates it. As the veil thins, nights grow and...

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Get the Download on Mercury Retrograde: Libra Manifestation Moon Highlights


Ready to overcome social anxiety, develop self-confidence, and free yourself of toxic relationship cycles? This stellium in Libra is calling to you. 

A stellium is when three or more celestial bodies are within 5 degrees each of each other - consider it a starry snuggle session. In your honour, these planets align now to show you a new path forward in harmonizing your relationships: Sun, Moon, Mars, & Mercury. And yes, Mercury retrograde is still upon us...until October 17, that is.

Fear not! The triggers and traumas that you tend to avoid can actually be your greatest guides; it's all about your active participation in creating the reality you want to see and learn from. 

Spirit Behind the Science

You see...a planetary retrograde is the optical illusion that a planet is moving backwards in the sky, when in actuality it is completing its cycle around the sun. With Mercury being the personal planet of conscious thought and communication, and Neptune...

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Libra's Declassified School-of-Life Survival Guide

Balance the Scales

Last month, we learned that purity isn’t just a priority, but a natural state of being.

This authentic state is always accessible to us, but can be difficult to acknowledge when we’re cluttered with energetic baggage. Our consciousness can become diluted (and deluded) when our energy flow is blocked.

This month, we continue our cosmic lesson with Libra, the cardinal air sign of beauty and justice, who teaches us how to maintain inner balance.

It’s no coincidence that Spirit has asked me to write this article during a very topsy-turvy week of transformation. Honestly, ever since Jordan and I crossed the border in transit to our new home, I’ve been riddled with massive mood swings, mystic meltdowns, and a serious lack of motivation. Energetically, I'm walking a tightrope between my old home and our new one, and it's exhausting.

And you know what? It’s perfect, just like Virgo taught us. Here’s how I remember that truth,...

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