Libra's Declassified School-of-Life Survival Guide

Balance the Scales

Last month, we learned that purity isn’t just a priority, but a natural state of being.

This authentic state is always accessible to us, but can be difficult to acknowledge when we’re cluttered with energetic baggage. Our consciousness can become diluted (and deluded) when our energy flow is blocked.

This month, we continue our cosmic lesson with Libra, the cardinal air sign of beauty and justice, who teaches us how to maintain inner balance.

It’s no coincidence that Spirit has asked me to write this article during a very topsy-turvy week of transformation. Honestly, ever since Jordan and I crossed the border in transit to our new home, I’ve been riddled with massive mood swings, mystic meltdowns, and a serious lack of motivation. Energetically, I'm walking a tightrope between my old home and our new one, and it's exhausting.

And you know what? It’s perfect, just like Virgo taught us. Here’s how I remember that truth, even while staring at the screen through a wall of tears…

These experiences are simply manifested curriculum for my expansion. Every single experience is custom-made for my elevation. ~Lizzy Jeff

Let the Energy Flow

If your experience has been anything like mine, you might be asking yourself: “How can I stay balanced?”

It’s a trick question; there is no “staying” balanced. Such a phrase implies that balance is static. Even when you sit still in meditation, energy moves through you. In fact, meditation helps us become aware of this energy so we can move it willingly.

The scales shift when the amount of coins changes.

The biker avoids falling by peddling forward.

Even writing this article has taught me about balance, for these paragraphs have jumped to and fro a few times, with each energetic shift. Balance does not come from being rigid or frozen, but from liberating your whole being into relaxed flow.

Create Conduits, Not Limits

Energy moves with or without us. So, in order for energy to intentionally go where it’s needed, we must:

  1. Remember we are spiritually Sovereign, even if we aren't physically autonomous yet.
  2. Release all resistance to our Co-Creative nature.
  3. Create healthy boundaries.

The difference between limitations and boundaries is that limitations inhibit flow, while boundaries are consciously created to facilitate flow.

In our minds, this manifests as the limiting thought "I can't" versus the inspiring, channel-opening question: "How can I?" Transforming the limitation into a boundary redirects the energy.

In our personal relationships, there are three kinds of energy-investments:

  1. Fillers - neutral, non-active, usually unconscious
  2. Drainers - aka "energy vampires," typically non-consensual
  3. Initiators - supportive, interactive, conscious & consensual

These don't only apply to people. For example, how often do you scroll through Facebook, or binge-watch your favourite anime? How much energy do you put into these experiences, and how do they resonate - not just with your body, but with your heart, mind, and soul? Where are you over-giving? Where could you give more?

If Virgo had us creating prioritized lists, then Libra is now asking us to see these not as tasks, but as relationships. Although at times it may feel like we have no control over where our energy goes, our souls know that we are energy, and so there are many ways for us to reflect & redirect ourselves.

In other words, every aspect of life is a form of energy exchange - an opportunity for us to create a harmonious relationship. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Meditate (Feel free to check out our Balance Meditation to start!)
  • Cleanse or Cut Cords through:
    • Visualizations or guided meditations
    • Energy play or Reiki healing
    • Journal your feelings, then burn the paper
    • Light a sacred smudge to clear your field
  • Schedule time in your day for specific, self-empowering intentions
    • Work, play, self-care, etc.
    • Set reminder alarms in your phone (I have one set for noon, so I know when to break my daily fast)
    • Light a candle or play some music that matches the vibration of your intention for each time-slot
  • Track your triggers
    • Notice your gut-reactions to life situations and see if you can find the root of them
    • Shift from Reaction -> Reflection -> Response
    • Let the moon be your guide (I track my physical, emotional, and mental patterns alongside lunar cycles.)
  • Reach out
    • To a mentor
    • To the community
  • Reach within
    • To your Heart


There’s a reason Spirit Mysteries holds weekly breathwork classes for Initiates. Breathing keeps energy moving. We can’t inhale infinitely, nor can we exhale forever. Breathing is also a relationship - an open dialogue with plants and other animals.

Every emotion has a harmonic vibration when surrendered to. ~Dr. David Hawkins

Balance is an act and an art. It takes practice to develop, and even the most mindful practitioners can “slip” sometimes, sending the scales atoppling. If Libra is teaching me anything right now, it’s that I was made for this. Remember, you are 100% human and 100% divine, and there is nothing more beautiful. In case you forget, Libra and all of us in the mystery school are here to remind you. Join us in Spirit Mysteries to master inner balance together!

Stay Blessed, Lovely One. Thank You for reading this, and for being born.

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