Russia vs. Ukraine: Adults are Playing Chess with Countries?!

articles Mar 05, 2022

Ah yes, another day, another potential world war...

Wait, what?!?

I know, it’s pretty intense. We can all feel it! Whether or not war actually breaks out is yet to be seen, but what is known is that we need to approach this situation from all angles to get the full picture...

(And not get stuck in fear or confusion.)

Believe it or not, this tension between Russia and Ukraine isn’t so black-and-white. And it’s definitely not a new thing that’s happening…

This is a conflict that’s been building for years, and those of us in the west have been comfortably oblivious to it... (Honestly, maybe we still are a bit, but that’s what Spirit News is for!)

While it’s uncomfortable and upheaving for society around the world, this is a result of adults playing chess with countries for long into our history.

I don’t say that to disrespect or invalidate the seriousness of the situation… quite the opposite!

By shifting how we speak about something big, scary, and uncomfortable and turning it into something we can digest… we literally make light of it. 

From there, we can start to clearly see how we affect the situation directly, with our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We return back to our Inner Child, and our Inner Power.

Everyone thinks they’re the good guy - the real question is, who can practice Truth, Love, and Authenticity? ~Anchorman Patch

When we come as a child toward any situation in life, we are exercising our power to play with a situation… to see all possibilities and potentialities instead of getting stuck on just one.

And the deep lessons don’t stop there… such as how the decisions of someone across the world can affect you and your state of consciousness.

You feel it, right? We're more connected than we think we are!

It’s this level of awareness that restores our true power in any situation, even one as precarious as this one...

So that we’re able to not only see the energetic ripple effect, but ride it like a wave without being thrown off.

It’s true that there are going to be biases in every source out there, and so the best way to get the bigger picture is by exploring them all...

That's why Spirit News exists!

So Much More than a "News Show"...

Spirit News exists not just to “expose” the truth, but to explore all versions of it through a holistic, humanitarian lens. (We are beginning the Age of Aquarius, after all...)

Click Here to Watch the Spirit Newscast on Russia and Ukraine.

You might be surprised to discover, as I was, that the story is both much simpler and much bigger than most mainstream sources are covering…

But then, that’s how it’s always been, isn’t it?

Here’s to doing “The News” in a new way!

Thank you for reading and watching. As always, your support means the world to me and our Spirit community.

The tension that we’re all feeling, whether it’s personal or collective, can even be an opportunity to evolve more…

And when we set the intention for transformation and evolution together, we create our own ripple effects of change that aren’t steeped in conflict, tension, or separation.


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