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Ready to overcome social anxiety, develop self-confidence, and free yourself of toxic relationship cycles? This stellium in Libra is calling to you. 

A stellium is when three or more celestial bodies are within 5 degrees each of each other - consider it a starry snuggle session. In your honour, these planets align now to show you a new path forward in harmonizing your relationships: Sun, Moon, Mars, & Mercury. And yes, Mercury retrograde is still upon us...until October 17, that is.

Fear not! The triggers and traumas that you tend to avoid can actually be your greatest guides; it's all about your active participation in creating the reality you want to see and learn from. 

Spirit Behind the Science

You see...a planetary retrograde is the optical illusion that a planet is moving backwards in the sky, when in actuality it is completing its cycle around the sun. With Mercury being the personal planet of conscious thought and communication, and Neptune (who is currently retrograding in Pisces) being the outer planet of subconscious thought and illusion, there is a lot of wiggle room for communication mishaps (especially when it comes to media and technology).

So...What Else is New?

These "mishaps" are great gifts from God. 

Breathe deep, dear soul, for this is your opportunity to notice the difference between your conscious self-reflection and an unconscious projection onto others. It's about taking stock of your awake and sleeping mind, loving both, and being able to efficiently and compassionately express how you process all of it. 

Stay strong in the face of adversity and affection, for both are attachments that can lead to your Greater Understanding. Listen to what others have to say about you. Where do you resonate? Where are you triggered or rejecting? Is there room for compassionate reflection for both yourself and the "other" so you can see eye-to-eye? If's time to make the space. 

The eyes, after all, are windows to the soul, and often speak far louder than words. If we can see each other as we are, as we need to be seen, then we can co-create Heaven on Earth.

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