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8 Self-Mastery Secrets Scorpio Wants You to Know...

Libra Season’s last hurrah was something miraculous to behold.

Now, it's time to pour our measured ingredients from the scale and into the witch's cauldron, diving deep into practical magick and transformation.

Lean in and let Scorpio whisper her secrets for self-mastery in your ear...

1. The Darkness is Your Friend

Scorpio isn't afraid of the dark, and neither are we. Here in Spirit Mysteries, we acknowledge that darkness is the Yin to our Yang, and keeps us balanced.

While most people fear their shadows, it is the shadow that teaches us how to grow and evolve from contrast. Before Light, there was vast, dark space...after Light, there are shadows being shed all over the place...not to freak us out, but to reveal shapes, patterns, and karmic cycles that we can learn and master as we co-create with our Divine will.

This doesn't mean it's always easy... in fact, Scorpio honours that it is F---ing difficult! She celebrates it. As the veil thins, nights grow and...

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Get the Download on Mercury Retrograde: Libra Manifestation Moon Highlights


Ready to overcome social anxiety, develop self-confidence, and free yourself of toxic relationship cycles? This stellium in Libra is calling to you. 

A stellium is when three or more celestial bodies are within 5 degrees each of each other - consider it a starry snuggle session. In your honour, these planets align now to show you a new path forward in harmonizing your relationships: Sun, Moon, Mars, & Mercury. And yes, Mercury retrograde is still upon us...until October 17, that is.

Fear not! The triggers and traumas that you tend to avoid can actually be your greatest guides; it's all about your active participation in creating the reality you want to see and learn from. 

Spirit Behind the Science

You see...a planetary retrograde is the optical illusion that a planet is moving backwards in the sky, when in actuality it is completing its cycle around the sun. With Mercury being the personal planet of conscious thought and communication, and Neptune...

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