8 Self-Mastery Secrets Scorpio Wants You to Know...

Libra Season’s last hurrah was something miraculous to behold.

Now, it's time to pour our measured ingredients from the scale and into the witch's cauldron, diving deep into practical magick and transformation.

Lean in and let Scorpio whisper her secrets for self-mastery in your ear...

1. The Darkness is Your Friend

Scorpio isn't afraid of the dark, and neither are we. Here in Spirit Mysteries, we acknowledge that darkness is the Yin to our Yang, and keeps us balanced.

While most people fear their shadows, it is the shadow that teaches us how to grow and evolve from contrast. Before Light, there was vast, dark space...after Light, there are shadows being shed all over the place...not to freak us out, but to reveal shapes, patterns, and karmic cycles that we can learn and master as we co-create with our Divine will.

This doesn't mean it's always easy... in fact, Scorpio honours that it is F---ing difficult! She celebrates it. As the veil thins, nights grow and days shrink, and this time of year is a great gathering of godly gossip...where holy beings come together on Earth, to explore that which is hidden and heal it from within.

In this way, the darkness represents the sacred womb-space...that which we all came from, and that which we will return to.

2.  Healing is a Process

It might take some time. It might take no time at all. Be gentle with yourself.

It's okay to slow down. It's okay to speed up. Both are relative... For example, if someone tells you you're "moving too fast" in a relationship, despite you and your partner feeling perfectly content and in-sync with each other's flow - then that exchange says a lot more about them and their perspective than it does about you.

This is a great opportunity to say, "Thank you for seeing yourself in me. It's an honour to be your mirror, and now I send you along with love." Libra taught us the very beginning of this, and Scorpio is going to take us deeper...

3. Setting Boundaries is Your Birthright

Sometimes, saying "YES" to your soul means saying "NO" to something or someone not in resonance. This doesn't mean you hate them in essence; in fact, it means you love them (and yourself) enough to let them go. Scorpio has no problem cutting cords...she (unlike her charismatic brother, Libra) is not a people-pleaser. With her tough-love and super-powerful self-soothing techniques, she teaches us how to be unapologetically authentic and unF---withable.

4. Take Up Space, Sis!

Did you know that, atomically speaking, you (and everything else in our universe) is 99.99% empty space?

Yep. Most of our mass comes from pure energy. So, stop apologizing for existing, or "taking up too much space." This is a feminine wound of guilt and shame that can be healed by consistently remembering that you are space, and so it's virtually impossible for you not to take it. Be it. You were born for a purpose - it's obvious on a quantum level. Furthermore, you get to decide what that purpose is and how it manifests...

5. Inner Balance is the Beginning of Inner Alchemy

In Libra's sacred scales, we measured our ingredients and prepared them for a magickal mystic's brew. Now, it's time to make that life-altering brew - by invoking radical acceptance.

See...the key to inner alchemy is embracing the paradox between two (or more) forces and allowing them to fuse...to create something new. This is what Scorpio's all about! Light and Dark, Life and Death, Beginning and End...all of this coexists harmoniously and is utilized for greater transformation.

A simple way you can start employing this mindflow is in your inner dialogue, by replacing the word "but" with "and:"

  • I accept what has happened and I will not justify it.
  • I accept who I am in this moment, and I can change.
  • I am hurt and I am healing.
  • I am a spiritual being and I am having a human experience.

6. It's Safe For You to Transform Now

Change is inevitable...conscious transformation is a choice. We are not subject to fate...we create it. This starts with intention, directed by our attention.

So...when you step into the dark womb of creation, instead of being tossed around by your own fears of the unknown, try approaching it with curiosity for the potential it holds. The same latent potential lies within you - in the dark, juicy feelings of your body; the neural pathways of your thoughts; the ceremonial drumming of your heart; and the power of your soul.

7. Self-Love is NOT Selfish...But It Can Be a Trap...Here's Why:

Simply put, self-love is a lower chakra practice that focuses on healing our relationship with ourselves. It's true that it's a vital process to start with, and can ease us out of a self-hating society into the journey of loving kindness and self-mastery.

However...like the lower chakras themselves, it can be easy to get stuck here. There's a difference between eating nourishing food to self-soothe, and "eating your feelings." There's a difference between healing old relationships with forgiveness, and re-entering that relationship out of pity, shame, or comfort with what's familiar.

Hey, we've all been there. It's okay. Scorpio will always tell you (or in some cases, yell at you) when it's time to remember:

Self-love is not self-indulgence, nor is it a complete lack of respect for your or other people's boundaries. It's not always easy or beautiful, and when practiced diligently, it is always worth it. Most importantly, it's only the beginning of unlocking the Real Truth-Tea...

If our soul's highest expression is Love, then...we're made of it. In essence, we are Love Itself. So..."self-love" is a great practice for clearing and healing your lower chakras, and it doesn't end there... it permeates everything and everyone in existence, and since we're on the path of self-mastery, it's important to remember this every step along the way.

8. Death is an ending and Rebirth.

We've all experienced endings...relationships, jobs, or even the passing of loved ones. It feels like a part of us is gone...and in many cases, this is true - there is a release. Some more intense than others, especially if we had a strong attachment to whatever it was we let go of.

Even physically, when you hold tightly onto something long enough, it starts to hurt - your muscles become fatigued. This is why, energetically speaking, to avoid pulling or tiring our astral muscles, it's important to stay flexible and loose. Let that which is going go, and welcome in that which is coming... (Easier said than done, we know.)

Bless the universal cycles, for they remind us that every death is simply a portal of Rebirth. This is the essence of transformation.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another. -Albert Einstein

It's true...all these secrets are bone-chilling and reassuring at the same time. Leave it to sister Scorpio to give us the hard pills to swallow. At the end of the day, it's important that we stick together, bow our heads, and say, "Thank You for the Medicine." Gratitude is the perfect finishing (and beginning) touch for all transformative witch's brews.

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