Your Body's Sacred Equation: Water + Earth = Worth

The first Wisdom Moon Ceremony of 2022 was truly a miracle to behold… To catch up with the current energies, watch the Astrology Forecast here:


There’s a LOT of heavy energy both in the heavens and on Earth right now…

And so if you’re feeling super-sensitive, here are some potential reasons why…

  • You’re doing The Work. Not “work” like a 9-5, or working out… No, I’m talking about the Real, Spiritual, Visceral Work that happens whether we know it or not. Take a moment to acknowledge that, and give yourself a big hug… This life is not easy, and you can validate that for yourself.

  • Pluto is giving us a run for our money lately, especially this week… Any time there’s a Pluto transit, it’s a lot like taking a trip to the underworld… Scary as all hell (pun intended), but worth it - because we return to our realm wiser and more compassionate than ever before.

  • As we discussed at the Wisdom Moon, we are working with heavy ancestral energy right now, and any time we do that… karma is going to come up. Our guides ask us to gently move through these patterns - to recognize them and discern what still serves, and what we can release. This is going to take time and space, so breathe deep and enjoy the process.

  • Venus and Mercury are both currently retrograding… finishing their orbits around the sun. Like siblings playing, these two may create feelings within us that we’re being “messed with”... but again, it’s not to spite us… but to awaken us.

  • Overall, we are being called right now to LOVE ourselves and our bodies - not just for ourselves… but for all the “selves” we’ve ever been… and our entire ancestry.

Your bloodline is Awakening, and that can feel like a full-body purge.

(Ever heard of a spiritual flu? The collective is going through it right now, on a very emotional level…)

So, no - you’re NOT crazy. And you’re NOT alone.

You are, in fact, incredibly divine and you’re doing an amazing job.

Remember to keep breathing, smiling, and crying… process in whatever way you need.

Speak kindly to your body and your whole being…

You’re here for a reason. 

And if you need a reminder… look to the Moon. She will carry you through.

Thank you for being in this community. We’re so grateful for you. Namaste and have a lovely weekend!

With Love & Light,
Amelia (Zodiac Oracle) & all of Team Spirit

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