Goodbye, Scorpio... Hello, Sagittarius! ♐️ Come Manifest with Us...

We made it!

Welcome to the Season of the Centaur.

Did you know that this shift was supercharged by the Taurus Lunar Eclipse? It was quite the doozy!

In case you missed it… Here’s the astrology recap of last week's Wisdom Moon:


Scorpio Season wasn't easy... and ending it with a lunar eclipse was like "going out with a bang." 

That's the name of the game when you’re dealing with two fixed signs who fluctuate between the extremes. (Taurus and Scorpio.)

They do this so that we can intimately understand the totality of life experience… both visible and invisible.

When you know what you’re working with, you’re better equipped to adapt and move forward.

This is where Sagittarius comes in… meeting us on the other side of transformation. ♐️ 

After our ego-death-by-scorpion, the centaur beckons us back to life, and reminds us that we are free.

We can do anything! We can be whoever we want.

If only we remember to exercise this power in everything we do.

That means attending to and appreciating not just the big-ascended-master stuff…

But also the little things, like cooking a nourishing meal for our loved ones, practicing piano, or even raking the leaves.

These are the tiny, sensual pleasures of Taurus.

Things that seem so mundane, our ego-brains struggle to see them as sacred…

And yet, they are.

The more we actively see Spirit in everything, the more we raise our vibration to match it...

The easier and more flowing life becomes.

This is why even the abrasive nature of Scorpio season can be so healing.

Our dear Amy Moonsong depicted the lunar eclipse as “a sacred polishing” after a month of “sanding down” and “tumbling.” (Comparing our consciousness to crystals…)

So, now that we’re a bunch of freshly polished gems… we deserve a sacred treasure chest.

And so… we create it. We make it so!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

During Ceremony, we gathered in groups to create community manifestation mantras for the upcoming season.

Check them out! Feel free to add yours in the comments...

We strive to perform and feel our best by shining our light in the darkness and sharing our beautiful gifts with others.

We are manifesting a Global Connected Healing Network!

We will use healthy boundaries and an air of curiosity and gratitude to create space guilt-free to inspire ourselves and others from our true, unapologetic self and creative vision.

 We allow ourselves to feel free and enjoy others around us with respect and gratitude for my space and time, and theirs.

We accept our unique roles in the work of God's art and our careers flow in alignment with that design.

May we pull ourselves toward our highest ambitions that are in resonance with who we are by realizing what the individual goal is and making it manifest.

We are manifesting stabilizing freedom, equilibrium between creativity and productivity, and inner peace.

We trust in the fire to move us.

By next week, we’ll be more than ready for The Season of the Centaur.

Speaking of...

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It's going to be the perfect way for us to continue moving our manifestation energy forward together.

I look forward to seeing you there!

With all my love,
Amelia - your zodiac coach 🌒🌕🌘

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