Master the Art of Sharing Wisdom with a Gemini Full Moon

Phew! We just had the LAST lunar ceremony of 2021... Watch the Astrology Forecast Here:


It's bittersweet... thinking on the past year and all we've gone through and accomplished.

The theme of this ceremony was "Celebrating Your Hero's Journey," and it couldn't be more appropriate.

Our Spirit Family has been through a lot... not just as a community, but as individuals.

And it's so vital that we honour this very human aspect of our journey so that we can accomplish above and beyond what we set out to do in 2021!

So, we got real and juicy with the details of our journeys... just as Gemini asked us to.

You see... Gemini is all about self-expression, while on the flip-side of the zodiac, Sagittarius shows us how to communicate for the benefit of collective learning.

We're being called to face our fears in the form of awkward dinner table conversation or setting clearer boundaries at work. (You know... just the best kind of scenarios for our growth.) ;)

There is great potential for healing in all the uncomfy holiday reunions...

To help us along this path, Mercury in Capricorn is currently squaring Chiron in Aries, bringing our healing journey to a peak. (Yes, I'm talking mountains of wisdom that you get to climb!)

This aspect, which I didn't mention in the video, is helping us learn how to not take what others say so personally. To see that we are all individuals with unique perspectives of the world. It's vital that we pause to ask ourselves... "Do I need to say this? Is it helpful? Is it kind?"

In other words, we are being asked to communicate our wisdom in a way that is respectful toward all realities, especially our own.

Jesus did say, "Don't cast your pearls before swine." A nicer way of saying this is... when you speak, be careful of sharing the sacred. Not everyone speaks that language. And yes - you can teach them (especially now, as Sagittarius heralds a new era of learning & teaching)... but make sure they're willing to listen. That they have, as Jesus also said, "eyes to see and ears to hear."

Overall, your presence is truly the greatest gift. Sometimes, you don't need to say anything to get your "point" across.

So, love and be loved this holiday season.

Whether that be in silent reverence or joyous celebration...

In Spirit Mysteries, we have the best of both...

Especially this week, as we gather for our 1st Annual Yule Ball!

You're invited to join us for a friendly introduction to Capricorn Season, a celebration of the Winter Solstice, and a powerful guided meditation for honouring your creative spirit and making your perfect moment.

RSVP to the 1st Annual Spirit Mysteries Yule Ball Here!

I look forward to seeing you there & harmonizing our energies for the best year yet!

With all my Love,
Amelia ~ Zodiac Oracle of Team Spirit

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