Spirit Science 19 ~ Cosmic Connections

This episode explores the inherent cosmic connections between all things in the universe. Whether we see, feel or understand it, we are all connected to each other and every single thing energetically. This goes the same for the entire cosmos and universe as well.

As we’ve explored before, we are all connected through the fundamental geometry of the flower of life which is the underlying fabric of reality itself.

This includes thoughts and emotions because on this level, everything exists in a tangible form. Just because we can’t physically see thoughts and emotions in front of us like an object, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

With the understanding of dimensions and frequency, we can start to see how thoughts and emotions can manifest on higher planes of reality called the astral dimension. The very act of having a thought creates it on these higher dimensions of reality.

If we could physically see the thoughts and emotions we emit, we would probably be a lot more careful and mindful of our mental activity.

In this video, Patchman shows us a clip from a Jason Silva talk, where he beautifully describes the deep cosmic connections between all things. At the end of the talk, Patchman reminds us of hesitancy many people have of combining the concept of “spirit” and “science”.

While these seem like opposing topics, they are really either side of the same coin. We need one to understand the other, and they complement each other perfectly. We can use a scientific understanding to grasp concepts like god, consciousness and the connection between us.

The more we push these concepts apart, the more difficult it becomes to expand our awareness of what truly is. Spirit does not oppose science and vice versa. Spirit IS science and ALL that IS!

As the video wraps up, Patchman leaves us with the question: Is spirit actually a hierarchy of awareness as it manifests through different levels of the universe?

What do you think?



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