A Letter To My Past Self

So quantum physics says that particles are free of the limits of time. They can move backward and forward in time, and in this way, we are quantumly entangled with our past and future selves. *Chris, maybe add a line here*

And with that awareness, I wanted to take a moment to connect with my past self. However, this video isn’t just for me… When I first started waking up spiritually, which was about ten years ago, I didn’t have much in the way of mentorship. There was no Spirit Science for me to watch, no online communities that I found myself connecting with… And because of that, I had to do it the hard way… Trial by stone! Wait.. sorry, Trial, and Error. I made a lot of mistakes, a lot of things I wish I had known about human life and how it all works.

So today, I wanted to make a special video not just that will become quantum entangled with a multiverse edition of my past self and hopefully help him out, but one that today - might offer some advice for people of all ages who are on their spiritual journey, especially for those who find themselves feeling the same way that I did, all those years ago. 

Dear self, I want to speak to you about the nature of time. Time is exciting because when you are young, you haven’t experienced very much of it, and so you feel like you have a great deal of it before you. So that a single day can seem like a very long amount of time, you can do so much in a single day. 

I have found that the more days, weeks, months, and years that move through you, this frame of reference changes. Soon, a day feels much shorter, as your time is occupied in different ways.

Enjoy your youth and the few responsibilities you do have, because the older you get, the more and more you become responsible for, as you become a creator of greater and greater things in your life, from various jobs, relationships, and family.

Be aware that we live within a field of illusions in this human life, though this is not necessarily a bad thing, something you must learn to perceive. You must become aware that all of the rules of society, the social structures, technology, buildings, everything - were all created by people no different than yourself, and just as they made rules, innovations, and other systems for people to live by, so too can you create practices, innovations, methods, and technologies that shape the world.

However, just as rules and systems are essential, you must not lose sight of your emotional body. In this world, it is easy to lose sight of the depth of feeling within you, as much of the social systems and people therein are accustomed to burying their feelings. They may even encourage you to do the same, in favor of putting on a smile, and pretending that everything is always perfect, all the time. It’s okay if things aren’t perfect. It’s not supposed to be, and life is a place for your exploration of all states of being, both pain, and pleasure.

Regarding pains, be mindful that the vast majority of humans struggle with the disconnection with their soul, which is part of the excellent lesson humanity learning. You, too, will work with this as well, and I encourage you to adopt a regular meditation practice. Even just 15 minutes a day or more can support you in living life at a much higher level than you ever knew was possible. 

I only wish I had a meditation practice when I was a kid in this dimensional timestream. I know how it would have helped me with my anxiety, self-consciousness, dealing with bullies and difficult challenges, and even tackling homework and stuff like that. A clear mind is one of the most valuable things we can utilize, and it often becomes unclear by so many different things pouring through it daily, as well as less-than-optimal food and whatnot. If you take just a bit of time to regularly clear your mind with meditation, you see massive improvements in so many areas of your life! 

What’s more, a regular practice like this will aid you in learning to recognize when people are being sincere, or are genuinely inauthentic, or any line of blending in-between. Suppose you can identify the difference within yourself. In that case, you can surround yourself with a quality community, rather than those who would seek to take advantage of you and potentially corrupt your energy further. 

Finally, on the subject of Meditation - When you are growing up, as I did in this timestream, you may naturally begin experimenting with plant medicine, such as Cannabis, Magic Mushrooms Ayahuasca. Be warned - these are tools for expanding your consciousness and energetic field, but they can be directed in all manner of ways. Use them for meditation, use them with purposeful and sacred intention, and they will support you in this. If you use them to party, to escape or avoid unwanted emotions or pains… They will not serve you nearly as well and can even lead to even more significant negative experiences. 

Now - Please know that you can live life however you choose. Put yourself as the main character of your life story, the hero of the video game or movie of your life. You can live a life where you experience life as an adventure daily, not just a continuum of mundane activities over and over. Your choices ultimately dictate the legacy you lead, so think big about what you want your future to look like and begin moving towards it. 

I must acknowledge that school can be tricky because the essential skills that they teach you are not often the ones that will actually support you in life, and yet it's a part of the existing system that insists you must go through it, with the promise that you'll have a successful future. You must know that this promise is only valid if you actively see it through. Otherwise, if you take their word for it but don’t take steps to make it happen, you will end up only with debt. 

Honestly, many legendary people, take Steve Jobs, for example, dropped out of college and focused on their passions. In the case of steve, he focused on founding Apple and became a legend in this world. 

However, I'm not suggesting you drop out of school, because your last lessons from College ultimately proved to be very valuable to you. Still, eventually, you have to make your own decisions in your life, and if you decide to cut away from your existing reality and pave a new trail for yourself, don’t be afraid to follow those dreams. Just make sure that you genuinely see yourself go the distance.

Truly - School will not teach you a lot of valuable life skills that you ought to have, so I encourage you to both invest in your education along your journey. Read books or watch videos designed to educate you about life, love, the changes your body goes through, relationships, and more. Don’t be afraid to experiment with yourself, discovering what you like and what you don’t like, and don’t be afraid to ask yourself hard questions about who you are. Feel into your sexuality, and learn what it means to be intimate, both platonically and romantically. Explore the nature of money and finance, for learning the language of money helps you make it. Seriously, these are not skills that will be taught in school.

In this, I feel one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself is learning how to prioritize your time. When I was in high school and college during this particular life in the multiverse, after my homework was done (or sometimes 'instead of' doing my homework) - I would spend making cartoons, it was my passion, and I enjoyed it so much that I didn't want to do anything else! (except playing videogames too sometimes...) 

However, if there’s only one thing you get from this letter, especially regarding the school - please know that there is a TREMENDOUS VALUE IN LEARNING! So much so that I capitalized that sentence in the script. However, the school system makes learning so dull and un-fun that most people grow up, graduate, and never want to learn again because they've associated learning with not-fun times. This is the great disservice that school does to many youths today, making learning a tiresome activity that stunts your future growth. 

If you can tap into that part of you that enjoys learning something and getting deep into it - either inside or outside of your school courses, it might help reinvigorate your spirit and help you excel in life regardless of the outcome of the school. Today, I have a library of books on my nightstand, where I am learning about Astrophysics, Ancient Egyptian Spirituality, Astrology, Divine Feminine Consciousness, Philosophy, and much more. In a few months, I will have different books there, as I continue to explore subjects that I am genuinely curious about, which ultimately helps me become a more evolved version of myself. 

I want you to know that it’s so critical that you believe in yourself no matter what happens. If you only take one thing from this letter, know that you have the makings of greatness within you and that I believe in you with all of my heart. In this world, many people may tell you that you are not good enough, that you can’t live your dreams or all-around try and rain on your parade… but know this, that what someone says is more about them than it is about you. If you can see through the illusion of their words, you can identify that they are genuinely just expressing how they feel about themselves. Don’t let it stop you from being all that you can be, and who knows, maybe, just maybe, you can shine your light back to them to make a difference in their own lives and affect their perception of themselves. 

And so, with this, I close this sacred letter and send it off into the Aether, with hopes and prayers that it will be received by precisely who is meant to see it, both within this timeline and across the multiverse. 

Thank you so much for taking in these words and heeding this advice. You won’t regret it, I promise. 

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