Acting Upon Synchronicity

First, let me say that trusting yourself is not an activity that you do once, and it is done forever. There are multiple levels and dimensions both of TRUST and SELF. As you level up your ability to perceive more of you, you will be redefining the idea of “you” altogether. Therefore the process of getting to know and trust yourself is a practice, not an achievement.

Take The Leap

Initially acting upon synchronicity does take a bit of blindness, but it can be done rationally and experientially, with feedback.

To more fully act upon synchronistic opportunities, you have to be ready for action.  

Think about a lightning strike. In just a few microseconds, the energetic equivalent of over 100 barrels of petroleum is released. Consistently channeling this energy into an electrical grid would produce an enormous amount of sustainable energy for a very long time. The excitement of that fraction of a second would energetically carry itself into the future. All that is needed to do this is the awareness that lightning brings this energy, a receiver of the power, a transformer of that energy, and a means of utilizing that energy.

This is not about the fear of missing out on a particular occurrence of guided action. It is just about excitement. Excitement can strike you in the form of synchronicity in just a moment, and if you are not ready to take action upon it, then, well, it was meant to be, but there is learning at that moment to apply to the next moment.

Let Go Of Fear

There are many times fear or a subconscious program that is holding many of us back from shifting our reality to one that we more authentically prefer very quickly.  

For example, many of us were raised to believe that we must work so very hard for everything that we have. Of course, there is a great value in this statement in so far as it motivates us to create passionately from our hearts. However, there is also a limiting belief relative to the idea of worthiness. The interaction of the concept of worthiness and the notion of entitlement are very confused culturally.

Replacing this belief with one that is merely loving the experience of channeling creative energy into action without hesitation is much more optimal in this process.

  • Recognizing synchronicity is the awareness that lightning has this energy
  • Trusting synchronicity is the receptacle of energy
  • Comprehending and perceiving synchronicity transforms that energy into something that is potentially usable
  • Acting upon synchronicity in your highest excitement is the light bulb that is illuminated via the channel
  • What happens after your acting upon synchronicity is merely observing the results of the process—the light that is shining

Trusting Yourself

More fully acting upon synchronicity is more fully finding value in the process of trusting yourself as an activity, not as a means to an end. When you move upon synchronicity with excitement, not with dread or concern, this creates an immediate, positive feedback loop to yourself, fueling more of the same. Acting upon synchronicity without needing to be validated by an appropriate external response is a faster, more efficient means of manifesting the feelings you desire.

Doing anything with the idea that you are doing it ONLY to receive something in the future mainly takes you further away from your present moment and slows the feedback loop process.  

We all know the feeling of recognizing a synchronistic event, a coincidence that is just so undeniably profound it captures our attention. There is great excitement in this feeling. The idea with more fully acting upon synchronicity is, of course, to continue to take more and more guided actions upon synchronicities. Still, more importantly, it is the idea of when you do take action upon synchronicity that you do it in the same vibrational frequency as that which you experienced the synchronicity, your highest excitement.

By doing this, you are magnifying the intention and potential of the physical outcomes of that action, while at the same time releasing the need to have that physical feedback provide to you the desired state of being. You are doing exactly what you want to you because, very simply, it is exciting for you to do so. This practice can automatically remove limiting beliefs, judgments about yourself and the experience, and expectations about the future that will weigh you down.

Moving into the observer perspective is very helpful. Of course, getting into alignment with the observer perspective is a practice in and of itself, done through meditation, contemplation, and mindfulness. Observe yourself taking such a bold and expressive action based solely on your trust of yourself. You will feel like you are watching your favorite teary-eyed love story, and this gratitude that you will inevitably feel for yourself is one of the most powerful emotions that you can create with.  

Acting upon synchronicity with simultaneous, heartfelt gratitude and joy for yourself IS more fully acting upon synchronicity.

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