Discover: Your Relationship With Time

The All is One, and the One is All.

To begin, let’s talk about something practical for all of us.  No matter what you want to achieve or desire to do or be, you will experience time.  Time is an element in the equation for everyone.  And for you, individually, your relationship with time is one of the most important relationships that you can build in order.

Just think about it.  If you had UNLIMITED time, what could you NOT accomplish?  No-thing.  When time is infinite, you have more flexibility, more space.

The relationship between the experience of time is very intertwined with that of space, and that of matter.

The alchemy of your creations in this incarnation is very much dependent upon your experience of time.  Your experience of time, or rather your relationship with it, is dependent upon your perception of it.  Your perception of it is defined by your belief about it.

If you believe that time is limited, then, by the All is One Law, you are actually stating that YOU are limited.  This belief of you being limited is, of course, fundamentally flawed, per the first Law that you exist eternally.  Something that is eternal is by definition unlimited.

Eternity does not simply refer to just time.  When we say something is eternal, our ego-mind can naturally associate that with time because time can easily be seen as such a major constraint about one’s ability to be eternal.  Time is of course an element within the everything that is, then by definition, eternal.  However, it is not the only variable of the oneness of all that is eternal.

How do I create more time?

You must realize:

  • You have the ability to create more time.
  • Time is under your control.
  • You have the right to dictate time.
  • You have the right to use time within your experience in a way that is best utilized for you in the fulfillment of your greatest passions and excitements.
  • Your excitement is an expression of your higher self’s mind or your higher mind.
  • Your higher mind has a perspective that your ego-mind is not built to function with. 
  • Your ego-mind is not meant to make the plans, it is built to fulfill the plans

How can you do a quick check on your self to see what your relationship with time is?  Well, just like anything else, you can do an audit of your emotions that you are choosing to experience.  Do you find your self being frustrated that you do not have enough time?  If the answer is yes, then you are stating to the universe some implicit beliefs that you have about time that cause perception to be experienced, This perception creates the experience that you have.  This experience is, of course, what you project yourself to be having, which, gone unchecked, naturally creates, among other things, emotions.  These emotions are expressed in the form of feelings.

You can simply back-track from your feelings to identify the underlying belief that you have with respect to that particular topic.  Here, being frustrated with time comes together as:

  • You have a feeling that you call frustration.  This, from your perspective, is an undesirable feeling.  Why do you have this feeling?
  • You have this feeling because of the emotion associated behind / above / within it.
  • This emotion that expresses itself as a feeling that you call frustration can only be generated if you have a particular judgment about it.  The act of judging something, of course, implies that you have a particular perspective about it.
  • In this case, your perspective of time is that you are reliant on time because you are within time.  You perceive that time is outside of you.  If time is outside of you, then you are separated from it.  We know that separation is an illusion that we are choosing to experience, not the truth of it.

 This answers the question of how does changing my belief about something affect my experience?  And how can I know if I am holding a belief that is limiting the experience that I desire?


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