Choosing A Career With Purpose

For many younger millennials and older generation z's, career selection can be difficult. Many want to pursue their passion, but at the same time, they have to ask themselves, "What job suits me but will also help me pay my bills?" How do we have a career that gives us the paycheck we need and also be one that's fulfilling and provides us with a sense of purpose

You may find yourself feeling uncertain about making a big move in your career. You worry that it could be a mistake to leave the job you have now and find something that's truly meaningful for you. Whenever you find yourself feeling uncomfortable about the situation you're in, it will be helpful if you can pause and take some time to reflect. What do you really want? This is an important question to ask yourself when choosing a career with purpose. 

Assessing Your Career 

If you're unhappy with the job that you have, then you have to assess if you'll continue going down this path, or are you willing to take the risk to find something better for yourself. Our work, especially if it goes against our core values, can leave us feeling miserable for a long time. Is this something you're ready to go through instead of changing course and find something more fulfilling? 

Ask yourself if you still have that passion for you to go on. You may have to think hard because it may be more advantageous if you can learn to let go and start anew. Change can indeed be frightening. But most of the time, it's a worthwhile move to make, especially if you're already feeling miserable with your situation. So take the time to assess your career and what you really want to pursue. 

Are You Doing Things For Yourself Or Other People's Approval?

While you're reflecting on your job and why you're doing what you do, also ask yourself for whom you are doing it. Are you staying in that job because you want to prove something to yourself? Or is it because you don't want others to perceive you as a quitter? Weigh how much value you give when it comes to the opinions and perceptions of other people. 

You always have to keep in mind that your dreams are important, and you must put them first before what everybody else thinks is best for you. If you keep on doing things to please others, you will never be truly happy. There will be no satisfaction if you keep on trying to prove yourself to other people. It's your opinion of yourself that matters most. 

Look For Different Ways To Reach Your Dream

If you feel you can't change careers right now because you have responsibilities and you need the money, it doesn't mean you can't pursue your goals at the same time. Think of ways that you can still make your dream happen while you're still in your current situation. You need to find a way because if you keep on waiting for the "right time," you'll never really get there. You have to make the timing right for you. Decide on it and then do it. You can even look for online career guidance to help you out.

You may have an unfulfilling job right now that pays the bills. You can't afford to let it go for now and pursue what you really want because of your obligations. Well, what you can do is to make time to pursue your dream on the side. For example, if you're going to set up your own business, work on it before or after work and during the weekends. Sure, it's going to make you busier than ever, but if you want something, you have to make the necessary sacrifices

If it turns out that your side hustle becomes more lucrative than your job, then you'll have more confidence about making a move. You can ease into becoming a full-time entrepreneur and leave your job, which has been your security blanket for a long time. Pursuing your dreams part-time is also a way to test the waters. Try different strategies that you think will work best for you so you can reach your goals. 

Find Your Purpose

Passion for your dream can only take you so far. You're going to need something a lot stronger that can motivate you to succeed no matter what challenges may come your way. You need to find a bigger purpose for what you're doing. Realizing your purpose is necessary so you can envision something bigger than yourself and your wants. 

Maybe you want to have your own business to achieve financial freedom and lead a comfortable life. If your passion is to experience life fully, you're going to need the resources to allow you to do that. So, this business venture can help you in achieving your dreams. But once you've attained them, what's next? There's got to be something more. 

You can, for example, say to yourself that you want to build a business so you can employ the people in your community. Maybe you want to practice fair-trade and be a more environmentally-aware entrepreneur and use your influence to inspire people. It could be anything! But find something more significant than your wants and desires. This will give you a greater sense of meaning. 

Final Thoughts

The path to attaining a fulfilling career is not going to be easy. There will be plenty of roadblocks and challenges ahead. You have to be ready for these and push your way towards achieving your dreams. Remember, you're no longer doing it for yourself. You're doing this for a higher purpose. 

When you start doing this, whether you take the jump or test the waters first, you'll move forward. You'll soon find that you're more satisfied and much happier that you're doing something you love and enjoy. Find the courage to take the leap!

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