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Hey there everyone! As you might be aware, Canada just legalized cannabis! As residents of this country, the Spirit Science crew felt there was no better time to make a video all about it!

Appearing in ancient and historical references throughout time, the benefits and practical uses of Cannabis seem to be limitless. From healing to athletic conditioning, see how this original medicine’s resilience has continued to influence our society.

It’s really important that we discuss all of the aspects of cannabis, the positive and the negative, the challenges and the solutions. More importantly, it’s time that we changed the stereotypes around cannabis, what it’s used for, and why.

Historically, Cannabis has been used to provide a wide variety of things, from practical uses like fabrics, ropes and textiles, all the way to medicine and a psychoactive spiritual tool. As civilization spread across the world, cannabis often came with them, and even at the dawn of the United States, it was one of the most valuable plants to those settlers. The very first western cannabis law was actually the European king declaring that settlers had to grow it and export it back to Europe!

When we look at why Cannabis was made illegal at all, what we find is rather shocking. It all comes down to racism and control. In the 1800s, Cannabis was used as a medicine with the US citizens, but smoking cannabis was not something they did often. When Mexican immigrants moved to the United States in the early 1900s, they brought smoking the plant with them, and it began to grow popular.

In an effort to demonize ethnic minorities, a great deal of propaganda and fear started surfacing around the smoking of Cannabis, which ultimately led to it being banned in several states locally, and eventually a strong federal ban took place by the hands of a man named Harry Anslinger, and it stayed this way for a really long time.

However, fast forward to today, thanks to an abundance of studies going back as far as the 1940’s, as well as the power of the internet, there is a massive discussion around Cannabis, as the world realizes that it’s not only hardly harmful at all, it also has tremendous benefits when used properly.

Read Carl Sagan’s Essay on Cannabis Here!

This is now the most important thing we can do for ourselves and each other is to educate ourselves with a clear understanding of what Cannabis specifically is, so that we can make the best choices on how to use it. While smoking it can be used recreationally, unconsciously, or habitually, it can also be used for creative and spiritual purposes.

By our collective respect of this plant and using it with holistic intent, we can completely change the stereotypes of “stoner” and “pothead” that exist and bring about a new era of understanding of plant medicine.

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Also, please check out the other videos we referenced in this episode! The full-length versions are all quite good, and very educational!





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