How To Place Your Plants And Trees At Home According To Vastu

What do you think about putting a fortune plant in your home? Wouldn’t it be nice to be surrounded by plants and trees considering how much more oxygen they can provide in the structure of your home? 

Adding plants and trees to your overall home design is not just about beautifying the place. It is also about enjoying the many benefits that come with having them. While you may have the final say in where to put what, you need to understand that to make more of the plants in your home, and you need to be strategic in where to place them. 

Positive energy plants that are put in the right spot could change everything about your home, from its aesthetics to the overall energy that flows in it. If you want to do it right, remember to look into what Vastu has to say.

Why Follow The Vastu Shastra Way?

The planning and designing of your garden are better left with expert landscape artists and seasoned gardeners. And yet, as the owner of the house, you might want to consider the tips from Vastu Shastra practice and experience how the strategic location of every plant can significantly alter your daily mood. 

The lucky plants for the home that you end up choosing are not just about improving aesthetics. They help ensure good health and prosperity. An outdoor garden as a part of your overall home design will bring you closer to nature. It will give you the luxury of experiencing the calmness and serenity that comes with the abundance of plants and trees in your area. 

People who decide to cultivate their gardens always turn back to the Vastu beliefs because they want every choice they make to be a reflection of their good character

Vastu Shastra is the traditional Hindu system of plant architecture. The practice helps homeowners to tap into the natural beauty of nature as well as their energizing qualities. 

But how do you decide which plants to put into the home garden you are building? You might need some Vastu tips for help. 

Vastu Guidelines For A Home Garden

The Vastu tips for money luck is just one aspect of the home garden recommendations that they have. Apart from that, the goal of every Vastu designed garden is for it to be a source of positive energy to bring light and love in every home. 

Here are some tips you might want to consider for your home garden project.

Tip 1: The garden location changes everything

According to the practice of Vastu Shastra, every section of the garden must resemble the five elements of the Paanch Maha Boota. The north-east part of the garden represents water, the south-west section should represent the earth, the north-west represents the air, and the southeast accounts for fire. The center of the garden represents space. So if you are considering putting up a home garden, make sure to keep yourself from building it in the southeast or the south-west as both locations could bring about unwanted tension.

Tip 2: A tree in front of the lawn is never a good idea

If you decide to put the garden out in front of the house, make sure not to put a tree that could block the entire house. It may be planted at the sidelines of the garden, maybe to provide shade to the patio. The tree of choice is dependent on what is approved by the Vastu practice. Neem, banana, mango, or peepal trees are a welcome addition to your home garden according to the Vastu belief. These trees are not only known for the wonderful fragrance that they produce, but they also give about a positive vibe that could bring in good luck to your home. 

Tip 3: Small shrubs should be planted only in a limited area in the garden 

Shrubs are always an excellent addition to any garden design. However, a word of caution from the Vastu practice: shrubs should not be planted in the north-east section of the garden. It is highly advised that you consider growing them in the east and north section of the garden. Always leave the north-east direction free as it is the direction where positive energies radiate. 

Tip 4: Tall trees should never cast their shadow on the house

Tall trees as part of the overall garden design is always a welcome move. However, it must be planted strategically in the west, south, or south-west sections of the garden. Make sure that a sizable distance is observed between the tree and the house structure. The shadow of the tree must not fall on the hour, specifically between 9 in the morning and at 3 in the afternoon. All these are according to the Vastu Shastra belief of a successful garden design plan. 

Tip 5: Adding a tulsi plant in your garden is a good move

A tulsi plant is considered a good source of positive influence. When planted at the northern, eastern, and north-eastern sections of the garden, it will bring about positive energy all year round. Remember to keep in mind that plants with thorns should never be part of your overall garden design. If you can veer away from collecting succulents or cactus, then you should. Thorny plants are always a source of negative energy. 

Having your own garden at home is like having your own piece of heaven on earth. It inspires you to think of happy thoughts, and it comforts you, especially on days when the world seems so unfair. 

With these guidelines from the Vastu Shastra practice, you will be able to see beyond the beauty that these plants give. You will realize how much they have affected you in more ways than you ever imagined. 

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