Staying (Authentically) Positive During Difficult Times

A lot of people take pride in their optimism. These are the people who believe that hard times create a strong man. Truth be told, with everything that has been going on in the world, you are truly blessed if you can still stay positive.

People who always choose to see their glass half full have made a lifestyle choice. They decided to stay positive amid everything terrible that has been happening. They try to look at everything with a positive light. From the fights in their relationship to mistakes they commit at work, they always look at it with the perspective that there is a lesson somewhere. They just had to learn it the hard way. 

But can people really stay positive all the time?

Several studies show that more people are positive than those that consider themselves pessimistic. However, just because someone is positive does not mean that they don't see the problem at hand. 

In fact, even optimistic people assume the worst in situations. It is quite easy to understand, considering that if people only assume the worst, they can prepare themselves for what could happen. 

While there may be many who find themselves anxious or scared about what might happen, there are those who would rather see the positive aspects of every situation.

But how do you genuinely stay optimistic when you are dealing with complicated feelings or situations? 

How do you convince yourself that everything will pass and that there is always something you can learn from every experience? 

Tips To Staying Positive Despite Difficulty

How do you teach yourself to stay optimistic? If you want to know the secret on how to live a positive life, then read on. These tips will not teach you how to use optimism as an escape from facing reality; rather, they are stepping stones towards a more positive lifestyle so you can survive no matter what comes your way.

Quit playing the victim card

It is easier to assume the role of the victim than taking responsibility. During tough times, you might tend to play the victim card, but you forget that it only prolongs your suffering. Sadly, blaming others for what happened also means pushing away the very people who can help you escape the situation. So, free yourself from resentment. Stop hindering yourself from being resourceful and creative. Instead, get yourself out of the mess and be free. 

Learn to reframe your negativity

The secret to being optimistic is to avoid pessimism at all costs. The quicker you can redirect your negativity to the positive aspect of the situation, the faster you can get yourself out of the mess. 

Critical thinking can direct you on how to solve the problem. But being able to "reframe" the situation is a special skill that will give you the strength and energy you need to fight off negativity. 

The bottom line is simple: negativity happens to everyone

However, if you choose to be positive, it will be easier for you to reframe your mind and spend more time solving the problem. Not only will you take home lessons learned, but you will be able to put yourself in a situation where you worry less. 

Ask yourself if it really matters

When something bad happens, in the moment, you may feel hopeless or that you can't survive the situation. But will any of this matter a week from now?

Turning towards the positive side is not about forgetting all the negativity. Rather, it is about living in the moment and understanding that all things will pass. When you know that whatever is happening isn't going to last, you will start to feel more tranquility and calm. Positivity and optimism bring hope that we will soon find healing. The truth is that life is too short to worry about the things that do not really matter. 

Learn to give back

Have you ever done volunteer work? Perhaps it has crossed your mind a couple of times, but you never really gave it a serious thought. Most people don't consider volunteer work as valuable, mainly because it does not pay. When people equate the value of an action to the monetary amount they earn from it, volunteer work isn't valuable at all. 

But volunteer work is the only kind of work that changes you from the inside.

Volunteer work is about committing to doing good. While other people may be in situations that you cannot imagine yourself in, the volunteer work that you do means providing them the help they never thought would come to them. 

Go ahead and sign up for that volunteer work. While positivity and happiness can be two different concepts, they are interrelated to each other. Who knows, you might find your calling while volunteering.

Change the things within your control

Spending time and energy, worrying about things that are not within your control, isn't worth the effort. Instead, focus on the areas that you have control over. 

For example, when dealing with a frustrating situation at the office, think before you complain. Will complaining do you any good? Will it change the situation? Instead of complaining, be more proactive. You could use your current hardships to teach you a new skill or technique. 

Whether you are career-oriented or not, it is always possible to change.

Whenever things do not seem to work out as planned, remember to take on the gratitude challenge. Challenge yourself to find at least two things you're grateful for in your life, no matter what is happening in your life.

Even when it seems like your life is falling apart, the attitude of gratitude will teach you that everything has value. Improve your experience by allowing yourself to find satisfaction in everything you do. Whether in good times or in bad, always keep the faith that all will be well. 

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