Making Money Without Selling Your Soul

articles lifestyle Mar 02, 2020

Haven't we been living the 'save your life for the weekend' or 'save your dreams for retirement' life, long enough?

The truth is that the blueprint for being human includes work. Since time immemorial, humans have worked. Your ancestors are a long and diverse line of hard-working people almost without variation.  

Work is an integral part of life. When we do it right, and when it is well balanced with rest and play, work is stimulating, character-building, and value-giving.  

Yet what it is about the modern reality of work that seems to leave you sapped of your life force like a plant left unwatered by the AC vent?  

There are a few key factors that position us, as modern humans, to experience rampant dissatisfaction in our current industrialized, technological workforce;

  • Non-Physical:  Work may often fail to provide an outlet for physical activity and may simultaneously block your ability to move your body naturally. If we don't move our life force through our physical vessel regularly, our joie de vivre fades. 
  • Non-Purposeful:  As humans, we crave purpose. Because we spend so much of our lives working, many will seek an expression of higher intention in their work. The feeling of lacking purpose is discouraging on a soul level.
  • Non-Philosophical:  We work not just to survive now but to cleanse our past of debt and promise our future selves a retirement during which we will finally do any number of things we deeply desire to do. Yet this philosophy can squelch our love of the present by putting off adventure and fulfillment into the intangible future.
  • Non-Vocational: We ought to ask, does my work support my vocation? Will my work help cultivate my soul profession? Or does this work divert me from my mission? We can assume that we arrived in this lifetime with soul work to do. It's time to investigate whether the job we do for a living is allowing our mission-driven self to blossom.  
  • Non-Ethical: Many individuals feel neutrality or a lack of investment in the companies or products they represent. But to think that you are part of an organization or mission that directly goes against your internal ethical compass is deeply demoralizing and can sink your self-esteem

How Can You Make Money Without Selling Your Soul?

If you clicked this article, chances are you might be looking not only for deeper meaning in your work but also for more abundance in your life. We live in a time where you don't have to sacrifice who you are to make a living. You want to know how to express your soul, not how to sell your soul, so Refresh your perspective by considering the following seven pointers:

1) Provide value:  What value can you offer the marketplace? What thing do you make, about which friends and family ooh and ahh? What skills do you have? What specialized knowledge do you have? Do you have any hobbies that you have collected knowledge about over the years?  If you have value to offer, there is someone out there who would be excited to exchange money for your expertise, skill, or product. 

2) Realize that everything is online: You've surely noticed that the world of commerce is moving online. Internet money is the focus right now. Even brick and mortar businesses are increasingly likely to build an online presence. Consider refining your online communication, networking, and technological skills. (Think SEO, social media, chatting and call platforms, creating a website, etc.)

3) Realize it's ok not to be an entrepreneur, an influencer, or to be that person who finds your ultimate meaning in what you do for a living. Don't undervalue yourself if your nine-to-five suits you just fine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with earning an honest living. Not everyone dreams of being a business owner or internet maven. What's important is to be sure your employment experience doesn't sap your health on any level.

4) Multiply yourself: This is the secret on how to make money doing nothing. If you can provide value through training, inspiring, informing, teaching, managing, or entertaining, you can multiply your income exponentially. Any offer you have that stems from the sharing of information or non-physical products can be refined, digitized, and marketed to an international audience. Your helpful or inspiring service can be of help around the world. Once you create your platforms and processes, you can generate residual passive income.

5) Stop thinking of money as a dirty word: How to sell your soul for riches is by assuming that money is evil.  Money is energy. What humans do with money is what decides good or evil. Take a deep dive into your consciousness and beliefs surrounding money. It will be almost impossible to grow your money-making capacity without liberating your mind from negative stories. Just think of all the good you can shower on your loved ones and the world when you are financially successful.

6) Value education: Education is not limited to a degree or even a trade, though it can include these things. We live in a world where the internet provides training conveniently at our fingertips. Experts and mentors in nearly any field, offer workshops and programs to help you increase your value in any given area. Whether you want to focus on direct knowledge of your domain, skills to communicate with clients and customers, or systems to run a profitable business, the internet has them all. The bottom line: the more you know, the more you're worth, the more you'll earn.

7) Live your ethics:  One of the most exciting and refreshing trends of our generation is the shift towards businesses with ethics. More and more consumers are choosing to direct their spending to companies that stand for something. Consumers realize they can impact social, environmental, political, and ethical issues with their dollars. By working with or building a brand or organization that centers around strong ethics, you can attract abundance by doing what you believe is right.

The Takeaway

The path is never linear. It is circular. Allow yourself to spiral in and out of the many selves you will experience in a lifetime. You may journey through many jobs, careers, or business ventures. 

Bill Gates said, "you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life."

If you find yourself at the dead-end of your most recent career experiment, fear not. You certainly learned something here that is applicable elsewhere. You may not see it now, but some connection, some skill, some unique development you underwent, will serve your future and ultimate self. The possibilities are endless.

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