Patch Parables ~ The Parable of the 2 Dragons

The Parable of the 2 dragons was a collaborative effort from several young animators who wished to try their hand at making a parable. This story takes on the classic tale of a Cherokee chief telling his grandson about life and has changed the representation of wolves into dragons for this story.

As the chief and his grandson sat around the fire, he told his grandson that there was a war going on inside him. There are 2 dragons that were in a constant battle. One of the dragons is evil. He is anger, envy, sorrow, and regret. He is greed, pity, guilt, resentment, and lies.

The other dragon is good. He is joy, peace, and love. He is humility, empathy, and compassion. He is the truth.

The chief told his grandson that this same battle is going on within him and every single person on earth as well. The young boy looked up to his grandfather curiously. He asked, “Which one will win?”

The old chief simply replied, “The one you feed.”

This is a classic parable that many people are familiar with. It is simple in nature, but acting on it can be much more challenging. We are in control of which aspect of ourselves we feed. Are we focusing our energy on fear, anger, and guilt? The more we focus on those emotions, the more they manifest in our lives physically.

The more we focus on the love, joy, and happiness in our lives, the more those experiences will multiply. It is a practice of learning to focus our energy on what we want, to create more of it.

Where attention goes, energy flows. So what are you creating? If you find yourself experiencing a lot of negativity in your life, first turn inwards. What emotions and thoughts are you focusing on internally? You might be surprised to find many of your internal dialogues can be very negative, especially when speaking to yourself.

Practice catching yourself when you spiral into negative thought and transmute it in that same moment. Shift your attention and awareness to feelings of joy, for no reason other than you want to, and see how this can transform your whole reality.



Additional animation: Kevin Zaw, Anthony Farrow, Jon Wagner and Humberto Quiroga
Additional voices: Alexandria
Colouring: Alyssa Duchnycz
Music: TerraTonz & John Hand
Intro Ukelele: Taiiwo

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