How To Incorporate Vastu In Your Business

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Vastu Shastra is an architectural practice rooted in Indian tradition. It is usually used as a guide for home decoration practice to ensure the flow of positive energy into the house structure based on Vastu principles. 

However, in recent practice, the Vastu tips for shop and business establishments are slowly taking on its popularity. Many business owners have turned to the principles of the Vastu tips for business on how they could design their office space to attract more positive energy.

As people attest to how Vastu Shastra has brought about functional changes in their office, more have expressed their interest in the practice. Slowly, the whole exercise of Vastu for business is growing. 

Vastu For Commercial Shops And Establishments

The increase in population has led people to develop more commercial spaces for everyone to share. It has become a challenge for designers to put together a design conducive for the growth of the business while considering the needs of the people who will be exposed to it. 

Commercial spaces are now being designed to avoid any issues in space. The retail spaces have become sophisticated, and many established firms find themselves opening office spaces in malls. It is to ensure that they make themselves accessible to the public as possible. 

Since Vastu Shastra is the science behind the creation and generation of energies, builders and architects incorporate the techniques and tips used by the practice in their commercial space design. The intent to use Vastu's methods for business establishments has not always been there; that's why owners and tenants tend to deal with a lot of negative spaces. These are not a pleasant sight to see, but it is even worse for the negative energies that it brings in. 

Building Vastu must follow all the essential details of design, particularly in directions where plants or structures need to be built. Without these essentials, the groundwork for a commercial space that is efficient in using all the areas while also being aesthetically pleasing would only go down the drain. 

Top Vastu Tips For Every Commercial Space

The Vastu for a commercial shop is challenging, not just the overall aesthetic design. It also emphasizes the importance of the design of the structure itself, considering stability and efficiency at the same time. 

So if you are interested in creating that safe space and encouraging environment for your business to grow, here are some tips that you must consider:

Tip 1: Big trees are a no-no

Most commercial establishments consider putting a tree up as it emphasizes that they are a modern building with high regard for environment and nature. However, in the Vastu Shastra practice, trees should be avoided as much as possible. Their shadow covering the commercial building may be energy-efficient, but it is not advisable as it means being covered in negative energy. 

Tip 2: Consider the slope of the building when designing the structure

Commercial spaces built on sloped areas are approved as long as they face the north-east direction. If it's not, you might want to reconsider building a commercial space in that property at all. When the structure faces that direction, it means it is open to receiving positive energy, which is good for business. 

Tip 3: Parking spaces should be in the north-east

The planting of trees is part of the efficient design of any parking space. The Vastu practice requires that the parking spaces and the cultivation of small trees should face the north-east direction. It allows the continuous flow of positive energy in and out of the building. It also serves as a guide to those who are approaching the commercial space. 

Tip 4: Consider the height of every floor

While this may be based on the structural design of the architect and the engineer working together, the Vastu principle requires that the first floor of the structure should have more height in terms of dimension than the other stories in the building. The first floor, after all, serves as the entryway to the rest of the structure. It has to be big enough to encompass all the positive energy it could bring into the structure. 

Tip 5: The main entrance should be facing south-west direction

This principle only applies to commercial structures, but not residential areas. The main entrance of the building and the staircase should be facing the south-west direction. This ensures that it remains aesthetically pleasing in design while attracting positive energies into the structure. When followed, commercial spaces will eventually see how it all works out for them and the business. 

Tip 6: Keeping a storehouse is a must

Every commercial space must have its own storehouse. The storeroom will serve an extraordinary purpose in ensuring that the structure will not have unwanted things left anywhere and everywhere. The storeroom will also be useful to keep the items that cannot be disposed of just yet. When deciding where the storeroom will be, it should be in the south-west direction. It's the most ideal for storage of everything considered unnecessary at this time. 

Tip 7: Start-up businesses should be located in the east of the building

Some businesses are established enough that it's easy for their customers to find them. However, start-up businesses should consider opening towards the east or north-east directions of the building. This allows a smoother way for clients to find their ways to the new company. 

The Vastu Shasta practice may start with residential spaces but is now being adopted for commercial space. This development only aims to help business owners become more aware of how their building structures actually affect the businesses that rent them out. Also, it serves as a guide for those who want to get into the business. They need to make sure that their location is strategic enough to invite people and invite positive energies as well. 

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