Making A Conscious Effort To Shift Your Approach Can Change Everything

There is no denying that you have your own ways of getting things done. You're comfortable in your techniques and may have spent years perfecting them, so whatever it is you're doing almost always ends up working out correctly. However, you've grown afraid of experimenting or shifting your perspective because you're scared that something might not turn out well. When you're stuck within a certain mindset, you don't grow or develop. You may be hindering your career or personal growth if you're too afraid to make changes, no matter how small. 

Whether it is performing a task, starting a conversation, or doing an activity, a small change in mindset or action can make a huge difference. What does it mean to make a shift? 

The shift is opening up to possibilities. It is warming up to something new. Making a shift in mindset or action could help open your heart and mind to trying out something you've not had the chance to try before. 

Making a shift may not sound too powerful, but it is. For example, you are presented with a task that you dislike because you've never done it before. You see it as something overwhelming, challenging, and full of uncertainty. You are afraid to try it because it makes you feel like you will fail. 

What you end up doing is you either procrastinate or distract yourself to keep your mind occupied. But the job is still there. It did not go away, and it is waiting for you. None of what you did was truly helpful in completing the task. Distraction and procrastination only put you in a more difficult position. 

What do you do then? Instead of procrastinating and punishing yourself for a task you have yet to try, there are powerful ways you can help make a mind shift. 

How Do You Make The Shift?

Expanding your mind should never stop, no matter how old you become. Developing minds are always looking for new things to learn and new tasks to try. If you think that you can stop learning just because you are already good at something, you better think again. A strategic mindset is always needed to attain success. 

Take on the most difficult task on your list. Make sure to choose the one you've been trying to put off for weeks. Make sure it's the one you most dread. 

Take notice

How does the job make you feel? If it is something that you've dreaded for a long time, look into why you don't want to do it. When you know why you are too afraid to tackle it, it becomes easier to understand what could be done to overcome your dread

Be curious 

How does it make you feel? How is it different from your interest in doing the other tasks? When you look at it in a different light, this curiosity brings about something promising. It could be something beautiful you just have to try. 

Ease the tension and try to relax 

The task is hard only because it is the first time that you've done it. Perhaps the stress that it puts on your body is why you don't want to do it. Try to relax and be calm. 

Is it possible to face and conquer your fears?

Yes, it is. The secret is to take on the task like it's any other job. After all, nothing is really scary about the task except for the fact that it is new to you. Think of it like this: because it is unique, it might bring about new learning. Focus on that. 

Be open to the possibilities 

Accomplishing this new job might teach you a new skill or two. It might introduce you to new people, and you may learn something from them too. When you are open to the possibilities that this unique experience could bring, you'll be more motivated to take that leap of faith. Before you know it, everything will be done, and you'll be on the other side of a great experience.

How Do You Improve Quality Of Life?

Making a small shift can be challenging in the beginning. Here are some tips to help improve your quality of life while staying sane:

Look into what's working for you 

Perhaps you can make slight changes like how you spend your time working. If you feel more focused in the morning, go ahead and start working early instead of waiting to go into the office. These small shifts can bring about lasting goodness in your life. 

Avoid burnout 

The least successful people are the ones that lack the motivation to keep going because they're already too tired. Make the shift and give yourself a day of rest to let your body and mind rejuvenate.

Stay away from social media as long as you can 

It may seem like scrolling up and down is a simple activity, but it could stress you out. The connection that it makes between you and the outside world can bring about a lot of stress. Not engaging in social media could help you strike a balance between the time you give yourself and the time you give up for distraction. 

Get enough sleep

When you get enough sleep the night before, it will be easier to focus. Eye pillows can certainly help. To help relieve tension, you may also try meditating before going to sleep or perhaps tap into those essential oils for help. 

Growth mindset characteristics can become more evident when you continue to take on new tasks you are too afraid of trying. The small shifts that you make now can bring about a vast difference in the future. One of the changes that you make may be the secret to your success. 

It might be the shift that will lead you to find a profound appreciation for the moment, unending gratitude, and an openness to welcome all the changes that come your way. 

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