Why Do We Feel Like We Always Run Out of Time?

articles lifestyle Apr 22, 2020

Do you feel like you’re busy all the time, or do you feel like there is not enough time in a day to finish all the work that you need to do? Does it seem like your to-do list gets longer every day?

Do you find yourself always asking, “Why do I feel like this?” If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then you’re probably reading this article for some sort of magic spell to add more hours to your day, or for some realistic time management tips. Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in feeling like time is fleeting. 

People often find themselves with a long list of things they need to do. Sadly, even the simple things in our inventory, including cooking dinner or tending to the house, are still incomplete at the end of each day or are so rushed that we end up with burnt toast and a cluttered living room. Although a lot of people are suffering from such, it does not make the situation right. 

There is definitely a problem if there isn’t enough time all the time. 

Where Does Our Time Go?

Do you constantly feel like you working, but you’re not getting anything done? Some people think that life will always be like that, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can do something about it. A hard pill to swallow is that there isn’t a lack of time, but a lack of control of time.

“Where did the time go?” is a widespread question. Here is a list of reasons why and what you can do to avoid wasting time ever again.

You get up late every day. 

The modern world seems to run on a 9 to 5 schedule, which some people may take as “that means I don’t have to get up until 8.” But if you wake up early every day, you gift yourself an extra few hours to do the things you want that aren’t related to work or responsibilities at home. Take advantage of waking up early and enjoying that nice quiet time by sipping coffee or reading the morning news. 

Several studies show that waking up early has a direct relationship to people’s success. If you look into the lives of the most successful men and women, you will see that there is one thing that is common to all of them -- they all wake up early. People who tend to in bed longer are the very ones who complain that they don’t have the time to do the things they want. So, do you want to continue being lazy, or do you want to be successful, or at least fulfilled?

Is multitasking helpful, or is it something that you should avoid?

Though a lot of people multitask and still finish what they need to within the day, it does not work well for everyone. If you are the type who needs to focus in order to be effective, then do so. Go ahead and work on one task at a time. After all, the human brain is not made to do multiple tasks at the same time. 

Don’t feel guilty if others can do it, and you can’t. Multitasking is not for everyone. Studies also show that the practice of multitasking damages the brain. So keep yourself together and work on one task at a time. Before you know it, you’ve completed each one with flying colors. 

Not tracking your time or budget is a huge mistake.

Experts have agreed that keeping track of your time and your budget is vital to taking control of your day. Be your best self by taking charge of everything essential in your life. Record all your meetings and appointments. Tick the deadlines you’ve completed, and make a list of all the rest that needs to be done. Analyze all that is required of you and make a prioritized list.

If you take a hard look at your past habits, you will see that you have been wasting time worrying about the things that could have been accomplished but never wrote down. Reevaluate your time and budget by only listing your necessary tasks and financial needs. People who don’t keep track of their time and budget are often the ones left wondering what they have done for the day and where their money went. Take control and be in charge of your own money and time. Both are essential for your survival and sanity. 

Disorganization pulls people down. 

How much time did you spend looking for the document you needed to accomplish the report that’s due today? If you spend more than a minute thinking where you could have placed it, then you should organize your workplace better. A chaotic work environment is not making you as productive as you should be. 

When you have to spend too much time looking for the things you need to accomplish the task at hand, then you need to change your management systems. Get yourself organized and buy yourself some time because when things are clean and in order, you’re able to finish tasks faster and thus have more time to attend to the things and people that matter to you. 

Start your day with a plan and a list of what you need to do. After every task, make sure to tick it from your list. By the end of the day, look at your to-do list. Finishing everything or at least the majority of your tasks for the day will give you the confidence boost you need to continue.

Are you distracted easily?

Why are people so easily driven to distraction? Even though you know that you need to complete something, you find yourself thinking about or doing other things instead of focusing on the task at hand. Many people like you often get distracted and sidetracked

Stay away from people that could cause you to get distracted. Tell them politely that you need to finish something first and will attend to their needs shortly. If listening to music is not helping you concentrate, don’t be afraid to turn it off. Learn to say “no” when people ask you to do things for them, especially when you are working on something that needs your urgent attention. 

There is nothing wrong with saying, “no.” What is totally wrong is when you let yourself get distracted all the time, and you end up not accomplishing anything. 

If you feel like you are always running out of time, perhaps it is time to reevaluate your priorities, start making lists, and take control of your life.



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