Stop Procrastination. Start Doing!

articles Apr 10, 2020

Procrastination is a big problem for many of us. Life would have been perfect if only people were given tasks they'd like to really work on. And yet, that kind of life comes with a price. They rarely come cheap. In fact, many of the things people enjoy today would not have been possible if people only worked on the things that they want. 

Wouldn't it be nice if people only did what they wanted? If you are reading this, there probably is a project or passion that you have been putting off for quite some time now. Whether it is a big life transition or a cleaning project at home, then you might be putting it off for too long. 

Whatever your reason may be, remember that ending your procrastination is the key. Not only does it mean finishing the project and getting the job done, but it also significantly reduces stress, fatigue and performance anxiety. 

What does it mean to procrastinate?

The meaning of procrastinating pertains to the projects, chores, and even conversations that people are avoiding. Though the idea between avoiding and procrastination is practically the same, the word procrastination embodies the whole idea of avoiding and the feeling of not wanting to work on something for as long as you can. 

Avoiding the things that we need to do could lead to a lot of problems. The consequences of procrastination can come in so many different ways and in many different forms. How avoidance affects your life depends on what it is you have been avoiding. 

For example, here are various scenarios and the possible effects of procrastination:

  • If you try to avoid self-care, meaning putting off that signing up at a gym or continually eating foods that are not good for the body, then you end up with long-term health concerns. Continuous eating of junk food could lead to kidney problems in the long run, among others.
  • When you've put off cleaning that office desk because you think that there are things more important to do than cleaning, you end up with paperwork all piled up on your desk. You suffer the consequences of having to work in a disorganized space. 
  • When you put off getting the car checked, and it breaks down in the middle of the road, you regret not seeing that mechanic a week ago when you had to. When these things happen, the people around you begin to think that you are unreliable. 
  • If you've been avoiding getting the house organized because you know it will take too much of your time off from work that pays the bills, then you begin to feel bad about yourself. You begin to feel that you are not trying hard enough to take care of your home. 

However, all these problems that come out of procrastination can be dealt with. When you get to the bottom of the problem, you begin to understand the causes of procrastination. You start to see what is making you procrastinate on these projects when you know you can complete them. 

How To Overcome Procrastination Through Daily Practice?

Begin by writing all the tasks that you've been putting off. Make a list. Whether it is a big project at work or something to push your career further, put it on the list. Calling your mom or talking to that friend should be on that list too. 

Include everything you've been afraid of doing. Taking a look at the list of tasks that you have been putting off. A huge part of why you've been putting them off is because of fear. You are too afraid to fail on your first try, so you put off trying. 

With daily practice, you know you can make this happen. Now, where do you begin?

  • Tip 1: Pick one on the list

You know you don't like doing any of them, so go ahead and pick one and do it. Do things one day at a time. There is no need to hurry. The goal is to complete it and enjoy the ride. There is no big or small task. Everything is just as important. Whether it is to call your mom to check on her or sign up for that writing class, go ahead, and do it. The trick is to take your pick the night before, so you can have the mindset that you're going to do it in the morning. 

  • Tip 2: Start as early as you can

Ideally, you'll have the whole day or the whole week to complete the task, but why would you wait for the whole day if you can do it now? Do it as early as you can. For example, you can make that call to your old friends if you want to after you've eaten your breakfast, read your email, and check your messages. Right after all of that, tick on the next item on your to-do list. Resist the urge to stop. Go on and make things happen. 

  • Tip 3: Pause and feel the moment

Whenever you feel like quitting, don't. Just take a break and let yourself feel the moment. Feel the sensation that it brings to your body. It can be overwhelming in the beginning, but don't let it stop you. Go on and finish what you've started. You know how good it’s going to feel when you’ve finished everything on your list. 

What Does It Mean To Take It Head On?

Imagine yourself taking on the project you've been putting off. Imagine yourself waking up every day, taking on the project head-on. How do you think you would feel? 

Take it one day at a time. Work on one thing that you've been avoiding for a long time and do it. It will teach you the value of hard work. It will teach you that taking on these things, no matter how hard, can benefit you in the long run. By just doing it, you are helping yourself conquer your fears

You develop a sense of fearlessness. What would it be like then? You begin to be in control of your life, and It will transform your life completely. For most people, this will drive the change that they've always wanted. For others, it will give them the power to create. 

Having the courage and determination to take on tasks that you've always been afraid of doing will only make you stronger. It will take you out of your misery and actually get things done. You will become more productive, a lot bolder with your choices, and become more confident, too. 

All it takes is to take the courage to take that first step, and with daily practice, you can make it happen.

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