3 Tips for Taming a Distracted Mind

The wandering mind has always been thought of as something that puts a person out of focus. In truth, this isn’t always true. Some people could attest that daydreaming has helped them achieve a silent mind. They reach a point where they dream of silence, and they do get to achieve is the focus they desire. 

What Our Reality Looks Like

When was the last time you paused and wondered about life in general? Perhaps you don’t have a memory of ever doing this because your busy schedule has never allowed you to wonder and wander at all. 

Apart from your responsibilities, there is a whole range of things that can distract you from taking that moment to pause and reflect. You jump from one social media site to another, trying to keep track of the most important news for the day. 

You spend most of your time reading and responding to messages, and a dozen browser tabs waiting for your attention. And just like that, another day has passed and once again, you had put off the moment when you were supposed to sit still and be quiet. 

The Rise of the Monkey Mind

Experts have coined the term “monkey mind” to refer to the mind of modern people. This generation practically puts this term in its literal definition. The contemporary mind swings from one idea to another, much like what the monkeys do on tree branches on a day to day basis. They only stop when they find something appealing. 

The image of the monkey is so vivid that it can be quite tough to match it. The term perfectly describes that which keeps the modern mind busy all the time. 

Is it possible to be just a little more focused? Can you make your mind rest for a while? How do you stop the mind chatter? These are just three of the most pressing questions that people have of themselves and their lives. 

So, where do you begin? 

Creativity Meets Distraction

Creativity and distraction - these two are often seen as opposites. In fact, one is considered a gift, and the other is an obstruction to achieving the gift. And yet, in truth, these two come bearing gifts, mainly because they lead people to step up and innovate. 

What used to be hours that you spend doing nothing turn into time that comes with a purpose. Distractions are not at all bad. It is how people handle them that will turn them into something useful or turn people into ones who are more productive. Not all distractions are created equal. 


Sadly, more often than not, distractions lead people to become unproductive. They steer us away from being creative. But then again, we are the ones that decide whether to take on the distraction or to stay focused on the goal at hand. 

Whether creativity is a requirement in your livelihood or not, remember that being creative is part of every person’s being. Being innovative allows a person to see things in a different light. It allows us to gain a new perspective of the world, to keep the hope from within. Mind jobs may seem more challenging than any other job. After all, the thinking monkey should always be left with more space to think and ponder on the thoughts that circulate their mind. 

The quiet mind is the mind that often wanders and wonders about what or how things could be. The challenge is never easy, but it does not mean people should give up. 

Taming The Distracted Mind

How do you save yourself from all the distractions that modern life presents? How do you keep your focus when everything else seems to need your attention now? 

Before you lose all hope that you can still make things happen when you want them to happen, here are a few tips to help you be in control of your mind:

Tip 1: Gift yourself with a little more time. 

The more you spend time on work, the more that you lose time for the things that truly matter. Distractions can come in various forms, and work could be one of them. This does not mean you need to ditch work altogether. All this means is to give yourself a little bit more to engage in an activity that you really like. Don’t put off the new class you want to take. 

Give yourself a little more time to do the things that you really want to do. But first, you must know what it is that you want to do. Do you plan to finish the new book that you started reading last month? Or do you want to take on that new Yoga class with a good friend? In your mind, open some space for new ideas to come in. 

When you focus too much on work, it will take up all the space in your head. It will limit your creativity and hinder your resourcefulness. Reduce the distraction and do something that will make you happy

Tip 2: Bribe yourself with what makes you happy.

This is fairly hard to do all the time, but it helps if you do it from time to time. A treat waiting for you after work is what will keep you going. It will keep your mind focused on what needs to be done. Knowing that there is a treat for you at the end of the task will only make your mind do exactly what needs to be done at the moment. 

If offering small rewards to people to get them to do what you want them to do works, then it should work if you use the technique to yourself, too. Reward yourself with a little bit more time for what you want, and you’d be surprised how productive you have truly become. 

Tip 3: Put yourself to the test

It is never too late to learn a new skill or engage in a new sport. Allow your mind to discover what else you can do. Navigate your dreams through the daydreaming that you do. What are the things that you are interested in doing and what are some things you need to learn? If you have to listen through an hour of lecture for work, then you can very well do the same when it comes to a topic you are truly interested in. 

Allow yourself to become your own teacher. Before you know it, you’ve learned a new skill and discovered something amazingly good about yourself, too.

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