Harnessing the Power of Gratitude

articles Mar 25, 2020

If you were offered a pill that would make you healthier and happier, would you go for it? Would you be interested in a magic potion that promises to make you more productive and optimistic? 

Perhaps you have wished for something like it in the past. In fact, whenever you look at the pile of laundry or the messy house that your kids left after play, you wondered if there was any kind of magic that will take care of all of it for you. 

Maybe you have complained about how little time you have for yourself or wished you had more time to do what you want in a day. Those may seem like wishful thinking, but it happens to every one of us, more often than we think. 

It may be sad to know that there is no potion or magic or a pill that could make everything right in this lifetime. However, little do people know that there is something about them that they could use. It is something better than what magic could ever do. It’s that little power inside every person that could change the world. 


When was the last time you stopped to thank the heavens for the gift of life? When you wake up every morning, you’d think it’s just another day. You prepare yourself for work as if it is nothing but a chore. And yet not for one second do you think of taking a moment to be thankful for the job that pays the bills. After all, not everyone has a job, and not everyone gets to pay their bills. 

When you’re grateful, you’ll find that you’re happier. In this day and age, when it takes so much more to make people happy, finding gratitude from within is the only thing we need to find success and happiness. Appreciate the little things in life, and you’ll see the difference it makes in you. 

How can the power of gratitude change your life?

The power of gratitude can change your life for the better, but how? 

  • Gratitude will help you attract the ones that you want in life. It is a basic law of attraction. If you know what you want, it is fairly easy to get it or make it happen. Just think that you can, and you will. 
  • Gratitude helps improve your relationship with the people around you. When you recognize them as blessings in your life, it becomes very easy to do things that would please them. In the same way, it becomes easy to recognize and give credit to the little things that they do for you. 
  • Gratitude helps you become more optimistic. It becomes difficult to think positively about your situation when your mind and your heart are filled with negativity. Improve your mood and your luck by thinking positive thoughts and reducing negativity in your life. Be thankful, and you’ll see the difference. 
  • Gratitude brings you closer to the solution and farther from the problem. All too often, you get overwhelmed by the situation at hand, and you start to worry. But if you practice the art of being thankful, you forget about the problem and focus more on finding the solution. After all, the problem is just there when you recognize them and think that there is nothing you can do about them. 
  • Gratitude helps people learn from their mistakes. Making mistakes is very human, but there is always a silver lining that separates the problem from the opportunities. Be grateful for what you have and make that difference in your life.

Being grateful does not mean that you don’t worry or that you are in denial that there is a problem. The difference between a grateful heart and one that worries is hope; when you fill your heart with thanksgiving, it makes that difference in your life. 

There is hope in every situation, and all you need is to recognize that it’s hope. 

How to Benefit from the Power of Gratitude

At this point, you might be wondering how this can be done? You might have thought about this before, but you never really gave it some serious thought. 

How can you harness the power of positivity that comes with the feeling of gratitude? How do you make yourself more grateful? Is it possible to be more grateful more often than you thought you could? 

It is really easy. Here are some tips to help turn your negativity into more productive moments in life.

  • Focus on what you have. 

Instead of worrying about the things, people, or opportunities that you don’t have, focus on appreciating what you have. The problem with negative thinking is that it makes you overlook all the positive aspects of living. When you live a routine life, you expect to do things, again and again, the same way you did it yesterday. But enjoying life is not about going through the same things over and over. 

Rather, it is about seeing the novel in them and appreciating what you’ve always taken for granted. Do make it a point to appreciate what you have so, slow down and enjoy life. Wanting something should not mean not wanting what you already have. Keep the power of gratitude in your so that it can fuel your desire to add up positive thoughts in what you do. Want something because it can help you become better, not because everyone else you know has it. 

  • Focus on the good in every situation

Bad things happened to you. Bad things happen to other people. The only difference is that others do not worry about the things that are out of their hands. Focus on the good things that are in your life. Be thankful for the moments when you can stop, grab a book, and read a few pages. Be grateful for the moments when you can walk towards what you want, especially because not everyone can do the walking or the wanting. 

Sometimes, all it takes is to embrace the power of gratitude to make a difference in the world. After all, when every person in the world sees the value in hope, it will fill the world with nothing less than love and happiness. 

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