Want More Miracles? Start Recognizing Synchronicities

articles Mar 21, 2020

Have you ever had that moment when you find yourself doing or thinking about the exact same thing as another person at the same time? Most people would credit such coincidence to something that happened by chance, and yet the psychotherapist Carl Jung thought it was synchronicities. He described it as the simultaneous occurrence of events, which does not have a clear cause but is considered deeply meaningful. 

Coincidences are often described as random moments. And yet, when people look closer into their lives, there is more to these chance encounters than anything. Every sound that a person hears, every word that a person says, and every individual people meet is not mere coincidence. People come in our lives because there is something about them that we need. 

Whether it is to answer our inner doubts or deal with our inner fears, people are in our lives for a reason. It is really pretty simple -- people come in our lives for a purpose. 

What Is Synchronicity?

Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences where two or more signs randomly occur because they are connected by meaning or cause in a person’s life. The psychotherapist Carl Jung believed that these coincidences serve as guides when a person is stuck but needs to make a decision. 

It is like having someone from above hear the silent prayers that the heart makes. When you do not know what to change in your life or what to choose for your own good, a little miracle happens. In fact, even the renowned scientist Albert Einstein believed in the power of coincidences. He said that it is “God’s way of remaining unknown.”

Synchronicity draws a connection between the spiritual world and the material world through symbols that not everyone understands. Sometimes, people dislike it when they accidentally bump on the people they dislike while walking around the grocery store. But Carl Jung believed that every chance encounter is telling people something. In this case, it may be a reminder that hate is not the feeling that you want to keep in your heart. 

Synchronicity Examples

How is synchronicity exemplified in people’s lives? There are so many ways and situations when random chances become reminders of what people consider as important in their lives. 

For one, the numbers that keep showing up to you over and over again should really mean something. 

Or was there ever a time when a stranger talked to you about something, and it felt like it was something you needed to hear? 

How about things that happen when you want them to happen? Aren’t they in perfect timing?

Help and support that come from people you least expect them from are not strangers doing good by chance. It may be for you, but it is a conscious choice for some to extend help truly. 

The list of synchronicities goes on and on, each one more subjective than the others. Indeed, synchronicity is a complex phenomenon. As the experts say, one could only recognize true synchronicity when they stop overthinking and try to feel a little bit more. 

When one is in tune with their inner voice, it is easy to spot how a random coincidence could actually be a message or a miracle. 

Synchronicity Signs

How does one explain intuition? Much like how coincidence cannot be explained without talking about the feeling, intuition leans more on the external magical event. Simply put, when a person is looking for answers, and they randomly read something in the newspaper or seen something on television, they find that there is something about it that conveys a revelation. Is it the answer that you are waiting for?

Typically, whenever people talk about signs, they think of those that they see by the side of the road or in storefronts. It usually points them in a direction or tells them what they can and cannot do. But how can you tell a synchronicity sign from all the rest? 

A sign can be a person or a thing. It can be a situation that happens to us that leads us to the path where we are supposed to be. It may come as a quote you hear over the radio while driving to work. Synchronicity means that more than one sign could show up, but all of them are interrelated to each other there is no time to be confused. 

Pay careful attention, and follow the sign. It will lead you to where you are supposed to be. 

Synchronicity With Another Person

Is it possible for two different people to be thinking about the exact same thing at the exact same time? Some may dismiss it as a mere coincidence, but those who recognize the value of synchronicity know that there is more to it than just chance. 

Meeting an individual who talked to you about something that helped clear your thoughts is always a blessing. It is not every day that you meet someone who can give you the gift of peace. More often than not, the person you are synchronized with does not know you or is not related to you. These are individuals who do not know anything about you but think about the things that you do in the way that you do. 

Why is it like that? The answer is pretty simple: the random people that you meet do not know anything about you. And yet, when you talked to them, it seemed as if they carried the answers to the questions bugging you. This is because they come with no judgments or unwanted sentiments—all that they come within the moment and the idea

Carl Jung defined synchronicity as meaningful coincidences. An open mind is always one that is able to see the signs. They may come in the form of synchronicity numbers or potential signs of freedom. Deciding which one is relevant to one’s life at the moment is always a decision that one needs to make. 

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming. But at the end of the day, a clear mind paves the path to better understanding. 

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