3 Things You Should Know About The NEW Moon (March 24th, 2020)

I know how things look.

Dark, grim, and up in the air.

Not a soul on this planet can say with confidence what's to come.

& yet... there exists inside each and every one of you a space that KNOWS...

A space that knows that what we're seeing is a manifestation of a very profound healing process taking place.

No longer will you, lightworker... need to quietly process in the shadows, alone.

It's time now that the whole of humanity experiences this wonderful shift into a higher vibration.

This is a monumental time long foreseen by the Earth's sages, seers, and channels.

The time of awakening is NOW.

Are you ready?

Indeed you are!

You are very well prepared for this my friend and have a lot to look forward to.

This New Moon is for you!

This New Moon is POWERFUL and will help you truly stand in your power, align with your purpose, and SHINE your light into a world that has been lost in the darkness for far too long.

Get Ready!

The show has just begun :)

1. A Time To Get & Stay In Your Flow

The energy out there (anywhere in the world!) is full of tension, concern... and even a little panic.

For an empath... one who's sense perceptions extend beyond their physical body and consequently, feel the energy around them... it's not comfortable!

But... on the same token... Empath's have the ability to hone their focus... and tune inward... into their spirit.

Last Monday, I was feeling the panic.

Earlier that day, I went shopping for food and was overwhelmed by the racy and disorienting energy.

I left the store feeling uptight, worried, and generally speaking... "cut off" from spirit... cut off from my center.

I couldn't shake it so I decided to take a random trip to the mountains near my house.

I just climbed those rocks aimlessly until I found a cozy spot to sit and journal.

About 20 minutes later... my nerves settled... and I felt re-connected!

From the space of being connected with our intuition... we have access to the wisdom and guidance of our higher self.

It's like we can be in what appears to be a hopeless circumstance... but if we're connected... with the assistance of our spirit... we can always find a way.

When we are connected we make wise inspired choices... & things tend to work out, sometimes magically!

We receive guidance synchronicity and everything we need at exactly the time we need it.

Your entire community might be freaking out about toilet paper shortage... but YOU... when you're trapped in will get the "soft nudge" to take a drive to the local store.

You might "just so happen" to roll up there to the store at the precise time a delivery truck full of toiled paper is unloading!

That shipment probably won't last 20 minutes and the "odds" of you getting there are slim... but there you are! (in the perfect place at the perfect time)

Has this happened to you?

I trust it has if you're attracted to an article like this :)

Right now, it's a time to do what you gotta do to get.. and stay... in your flow.

Not only will this allow you to have a very different experience of this collective situation... not nearly as scary or challenging as it is for most.

But your spirit is so powerful, that it will help you capitalize on the situation somehow.

Maybe you get a download and start writing that book...

Maybe this situation allows you to spend more quality time with your loved ones.

The other day I reorganized our pantry!

This is a time to tune out of the chaos and live in your own little reality bubble of faith and divine timing.

2. BRILLIANT New Ideas & Inspirations For A Bright Future!

Sometimes being uprooted from our normal patterns and routines, though initially uncomfortable, leads to BIG breakthroughs.

I remember about 3-4 years ago I was struggling financially.

My family, which included... 3 children, my wife, a dog, and a cat... were living in a 21 ft. travel trailer.

Yes, you read that correctly lol!

I was just starting out on YouTube, going forth on blind faith, and sliding into credit card debt faster than you could imagine.

I was onto something though...

I  had this idea to create another digital course to help people overcome what I call their, "ascension symptoms."

I poured my heart and soul into this program.

Do you know what happened?

Nobody bought it!

It was a total flop. For some reason still unknown to me the concept just didn't resonate with my audience.

Boy was I in a dark spot.

I was feeling more hopeless than ever before, questioning my entire spiritual journey, and just at my wit's end.

However, in that dark place... of defeat and anguish... a fresh, NEW idea sprung into my awareness.

I concluded...

People don't want to buy this course because what they really want is to work with me!

So the next week I decided to announce that I was open for coaching.

5 days later I had 30 clients, a steady stream of income coming in each month, and a new career that satisfied me to the core.

About 6 months later,  I moved my family out of the RV and into a beautiful home and my life has continued to spiral in an upward trajectory ever since.

One dark time... and ONE inspired idea... changed my life forever.

THAT'S the kind of energy I'm talking about my friend.

It's a time where you can expect those million-dollar game-changing ideas...

The energy has never been so ripe for such occurrences...

Now, this won't happen to everyone.

But if you can stay optimistic...

and remember that everything happens of a reason... and there is a higher intelligence running the show, than you my friend can have a VERY powerful New Moon experience.

3. A GOLDEN Opportunity To Step Into Your Power (like never before!)

In 1946, Malcom X was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The way he responded to that sentence... and situation, however, was VERY unique.

While all of the other inmates succumbed to the "prison energy" of fear, suppression, and despondency...

Malcom would stay up all night, nestled by his doorway where only a glimmer of light would peak through, studying.

Do you know what he was studying?

The Dictionary! LOL

He literally studied and memorized the dictionary... AS he taught himself to read. He was illiterate prior to that point. 

The point is Malcom, in spite of his grim circumstance, made a decision to make the absolute most out of his situation.

Years later went on to become one of history's most charismatic and influential thought leaders.

Right now...

In a metaphorical... and some would argue, literal sense...

The whole planet in prison.

Most people are doing what typical inmates do... which is, accept their situation... and allow it to define them.

People like you however are here to exemplify the same mindset as Malcom X.

We are here to tune out... of the mainstream broadcast of gloom, doom, fear, and panic...

& tune IN... to our higher selves.

This situation is a GOLDEN opportunity for us to step into our POWER... embody our POTENTIAL... and do what we came to do... which is raise the collective consciousness.

I am not suggesting this is an easy task.

I can't imagine going on no sleep in prison, while stooped in the energy of defeat was easy for Malcolm either.

But it's possible.

& the rewards are plentiful!

Imagine, if you could maintain a state of harmony with your intuition (your higher self)... hold onto the faith energy that is always present inside of your heart space... and make the most of this situation.

Imagine what's possible for you when this whole thing blows over?

Imagine what you could create in your life?

The possibilities are endless!

& most importantly... 

You will be able to rest your head each night knowing you're making a difference with your shining example of faith, perseverance, and empowerment.

The world NEEDS good role models like you.

Even if it's just the people that you pass by in the store... or 10% of your family members are attracted to your spirit... it doesn't matter.

It's really just about the energy you ripple out into the cosmos.

YOU... becoming the BEST you that you can be... radiates special energy that the world needs now more than ever.

If Malcom can do it in prison... we can do it here.

We can do this together :)

We ARE connected.

We are ONE force of change... and nothing will stand in our way!


Much love, 

Thank you for YOUR work my friend,



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Victor is a guide, coach, and mentor for people going through a spiritual awakening. He has helped thousands of awakening souls accelerate their process so that they can go off into the world and shine their light! He is most concerned with raising the collective frequency of the planet and doing his part to help heal and uplift humanity.

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