Spirit Science 14 ~ Insights of Ascension

The Insights of Ascension are from a series of books called The Celestine Prophecy which tells the story of a normal person going through self-realization by following 9 specific insights.

The first insight describes that there is underlying energy operating underneath everything we do. There is something more, like understanding that coincidences aren’t actually coincidences at all, but synchronicities in your life trying to show you something important.

The second insight describes that we are all in the process of creating a new perception of our world. Our beliefs were heavily controlled by the church in the past, which then shifted into science to seek answers. Now, we are turning inwards into ourselves to unwrap the deeply asked answers humanity has been asking for centuries.

The third insight describes a new understanding of the reality of being entirely made up of energy rather than crude matter. Energy interacts with each other, it is constantly shifting with us. This insight talks about auras and energy; we are beginning to truly tune into these subtle levels of existence.

The fourth insight points out that humans have been competing with each other in energy. We take it from each other in ways we might not even be conscious of.

The fifth insight then shows us that this competition for energy is pointless, in that energy is abundant everywhere. We can draw it from everything around us, which then creates a flow back and forth of never-ending energy between us and all that is.

The sixth insight says that in order to be in a state of love with the world, we need to give up old patterns. These are called control dramas. They are something we can let go of by simply acknowledging them.

The seventh insight focuses on the next step when you have cleared your deep traumas within yourself. You can then build your energy through meditation, dreams, and synchronicity. These experiences guide you on your spiritual journey to help you discover who you truly are.

The eighth insight tells us we can aid others from a new, loving perspective. We can raise children completely free of control dramas when we are conscious of our actions.

Evolution isn’t a singular experience, we need to lift up those around us. It also notes to avoid co-dependent relationships as they can eventually pull energy from each other, and is ultimately another control drama.

The ninth insight is about conscious evolution. When we live through our intuition and in a loving space, we are able to increase our vibration and collectively move into higher dimensions. In the end, it will open us up to heaven that we are only beginning to tap into, and are becoming more and more aware of every day!


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