How To Attract Positive Energy Through Your Home's Front Door

Apart from being considered the focal point of the front exterior part of your home, the main door serves as the entrance to everything you let in your home. According to Vastu for home entrance, the main door of your home is what will bring in all the positive energy you need. 

The main door serves as the transition zone through which you enter from the outside realm. It is also the place where good luck and happiness enters your house. 

Consequently, the house's main entrance is of prime importance as it leads cosmic energy into your home. It is the same energy that brings about good health, wealth, and luck. 

While your front door is usually aesthetically vital as it is the first impression people have of your home, the Vastu Shastra believes the door is more than just its appeal. 

The Importance Of The Door's Direction

Do you know where your main door is facing? While it may seem easy to say that it faces the street where your house is, it's overall direction plays a massive role in how it brings in good luck and positive energies

According to the teachings of the Vastu, the main door should always be facing the north or north-east side. The pure east and west directions are considered auspicious too. 

If you can, avoid building the main entrance of the house facing the south, south-west, north-west, or south-east.

If the main entrance of your house is already built facing the south or south-west direction, it can be corrected by using a lead metal pyramid or a lead helix. 

A door built facing the north-west direction can be corrected too. You can use a brass helix or a brass pyramid, while a front door that faces the south-east direction can also be adjusted using a copper helix. 

These fixes help the homeowner provide contrasting energy to the negative energy that could possibly enter the house because the main door was built facing the wrong direction. 

Did you know that the house's main entrance should be relatively more prominent than any other door inside the home? Its opening should also be counterclockwise. Also, avoid having three doors inside the house, forming a parallel line to the main entrance. In Vastu's belief, this could mean high energy will affect the overall happiness in the home. 

What Materials Should Be Used For The Main Door?

The materials used for the main door are symbols for positive energy. It is a must that you choose them well to go with the teachings and beliefs of Vastu. 

What is the most suitable material for the front door then? 

As it is a popular favorite, the wooden door is the most auspicious for every home's main entrance. However, the rest should be a combination of different materials, depending on the direction your main door is facing. 

For doors that face the south direction, it should be a combination of wood and metal. 

Main entrances facing the west direction should consider metalwork instead. 

The one considered as the northern door could be made of wood, but it should have a more silver color on it. 

The main entrance facing the east would be perfect in wood. However, it should be adorned with a limited number of metal accessories. 

What Decoration Can You Put At The Main Door?

Decorating the front entrance of your home is indeed exciting. While decor is always welcome, the utmost cleanliness around the main entrance of your home should always take priority. Putting plants at the entrance will help attract positive energy into your home. 

What else can you do to decorate the main door of your house?

  • Never leave dustbins or broken chairs at the main entrance as it is unsightly. 
  • A mirror at the entrance will not be good, too, as it could bounce the positive energies out of your home. 
  • Always put adequate light at the front entrance. A well-lit lobby always attracts positive light no matter what time of day it is. 
  • The main door should always come with a wooden or marble threshold. This is believed to absorb all the negative energies. 
  • Consider divine symbols as decorations. This may include a cross, an OM symbol, or whatever religious symbol or decoration speaks to you.

The Do's And Don'ts On The Main Door

Everyone desires to learn how to attract positive energy. While there may be limitations, the possibilities for the door design and style are endless. However, when planning for the main door of your home, here are some of the dos and don'ts you must keep in mind. All of these are in line with the Vastu teachings on energy. 

  • Do: Always keep the main door brightly lit. It should come with white light. Avoid putting red lights at the front door. The main door should always be well-lit in the evening. It is to keep inviting positive energy and for the home's overall safety too. 
  • Don't: Avoid placing a mirror opposite the main door. It is pure bad luck. 
  • Do: Decorate the front entrance of the home with beautiful plants. They do not have to be flowering ones. Decorative plants should help keep a delicate balance with nature. 
  • Don't: Avoid filling the doorway with obstacles, no matter what it is. You should be able to open the door at least 90 degrees at all times. 
  • Do: Ensure that all the door hinges are oiled adequately from time to time. It should not come with chipped parts too. 
  • Don't: Don't leave nails or other tools by the door. Not only are they dangerous, but they could be a symbol of bad luck for the entire home. 

The main door of your home should always be about attracting positive energies. Avoid what you can and always go for what the expert suggests. A clean house is always a pleasant sight to see. But a spotless main entrance says a lot about the kind of your home that you have. Let this be your guide. 

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