4 Better Ways to Deal with Periods of Stress

An unfortunate part of life is that it is full of hard times. These situations can range from small inconveniences to core-shaking trials. Life is tough, but you can always be tougher. 

When you find yourself going through hard times, remember that having strong coping mechanisms can make a huge difference. It can change not only the situation but your perspective for the better.

Some people find comfort in exercising, some focus on growing their spiritual life, and others enjoy making more time for rest. All of these can provide great support during challenging situations.

Other techniques can become particularly useful during tough times. There are always different things you can try to make things better.

Express Everything In Writing

How did you feel after writing that nasty email because you were so stressed out, and wanted to vent out how you felt? Though you ended up not sending it, you know that the act of writing it out felt good. 

If you are suffering, writing about the experience will help you feel better. This is the part where your thoughts help you sort out your emotions and express them in words. 

Writing can be an excellent form of emotional release. You gain more insight into who you are. More than that, it will help you feel like you can file away those negative emotions. 

How do you get started in writing?

Set aside a few minutes each day

Maybe you can write about an event and how it made you feel. Writing helps you store your beautiful memories and understand the bad ones. Write away and feel better about the situation. 

Don’t worry too much about your grammar or syntax. The goal is not for anyone else to read it. You are writing to yourself, so let go of self-editing. Just write your emotions away. You can check on it later. 

Make writing a daily habit

Maybe you started writing about an experience that made you upset. Over time, you can start writing about your fond memories so they can also be stored in words. Keep in mind, though, that if you are going through something terribly traumatic, it is best to couple the writing with the help of a therapist. 

Deal With Your Problems Head-On

Are you wondering about what to say to someone going through a hard time? Whether that person is yourself or someone you love, the solution is the same: show empathy and sympathy, take some time to heal, and know that everything will be okay.

Once that is done, instead of wallowing in self-pity, face your problems head-on. Don’t waste your energy by blaming someone else for your situation. Instead, take on the power and deal with the issue at hand. 

Make a list of your problems

On paper, your concerns will look more manageable. At least, it helps clear up some space in your head. You can focus on thinking about solutions instead of worrying about the issues. 

List as many possible solutions as you can

Write down all possible scenarios, no matter how silly they sound, that can help solve your problem. Avoid judging them until later. You’ll be surprised to find a thing or two that can help you move forward.

Be reasonable

Some solutions may require you to take a risk, but be reasonable. You might need to give up your comfort to solve the problem. That should be totally fine. Sometimes, the best solution may still lead to disappointment from your end. You have to teach yourself to accept any and all consequences. No matter what, things will happen as they are supposed to. 

Don’t stop

Finding a solution to the problem isn’t going to be a walk in the park, but don’t give up. Don’t stop until you put an end to what is causing all the stress. At this time, if one doesn’t seem to pan out, go ahead and try another one that is on your list. 

Consider Making A Mind-Shift

Trusting God in difficult times, or the universe in general, always provides a certain kind of comfort. Your faith will see you through the dark times of your life. It will teach you one valuable lesson you can keep for life -- let go and let God. 

But then again, God has also given you enough logic and reasoning to not only help you find solutions but also to change your perspective and mindset. Stop and ask yourself how a change in mindset can help solve the problem.

How realistic are your worries? 

Your imagination can take you to incredible places, but it can also scare you. Sometimes, it can show you possible scenarios that will never happen based on your situation. Stay grounded. Are your worries really possible?

Set Aside Some Time To Worry

Whenever it feels like your worries are taking over your mind, tell yourself that you are allowed to worry for a certain amount of time, and then you need to move on for the day. You can deal with it later. Comfort yourself after your time of worry with something else like a warm cup of tea or a walk in nature. 

Choose to look at the bright side of things

Your life is not all negative. Focus your thoughts on the good aspects of your life. You’ll be surprised when you find something good.

Take it as a learning opportunity

The bad times may bring your self-esteem down only when you look at it from one side. But when you see it as a learning opportunity, you will soon realize that the hard times are teaching you a life lesson. It shows that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

When you are going through a difficult time, it may feel like you are all alone on the journey. But in truth, you know that you can always ask for help. The best technique you can take on is to ask for help. 

For sure, many would be glad to extend a helping hand. Keep the faith, and all will be well. 

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