4 Ways to Increase Your Life Force Energy

Everyone is made up of two main components: the physical body and the energetic body. Both of these bodies work in tandem to help us become the person that we want to be. 

Your life force energy helps you experience life as it happens. The joys and the pains that you go through every day are your constant reminders that life is something you can enjoy to the fullest. Without your life force, your body would be an empty shell and wouldn't likely survive.

You may only be aware of the connection between the body and the mind when your life force energy has slowed. This usually happens when a person feels lost, ungrounded, and often depressed. If you feel like getting through life is a struggle, this may be a sign that you need to get your life force energy back. 

Integrating the conscious mind to your inner intentions will empower you. This process will allow you to move to a higher state of mind, giving you revitalized emotional energy that subtly eases the body with comfort. Here are four ways to increase your life force energy.

Practice Pranic Breathing

If you're looking to have high energy for life, the secret is pranic breathing. Without the drive to live, your body will grow weak, you will feel sick, and you will feel like there is nothing in this world that could help improve your situation. You even may feel so down and lost that suicidal thoughts overpower your judgment. 

If you're struggling to live your life to the fullest, integrating pranic breathing could be the answer. Pranic breath is the kind of breathing that enriches the body and strengthens the soul. It allows the body to rise and return to the spirit. Your life force energy will be able to return to its full strength, allowing you to feel all the love and happiness of the world. 

How To Channel Energy With Pranic Breathing

Take a deep breath. Allow yourself to stop and savor the moment of living. Allow this feeling to replenish the energy you have used up dealing with all the stress that life has to offer. Be conscious of how this breath affects your body. Keep breathing deeply, focusing on the breath, and focusing on your connection to your body until you feel calm yet energized.

Some people choose to engage in energy yoga as a way to practice pranic breathing as it allows them to connect their body movements to the breath. Many yogis have reported that yoga helps them connect to their inner selves as well. It has improved their ability to engage their physical bodies with their spiritual ones. And when these two elements are combined, anything is possible. 

Meditate For Increased Energy

How does meditation work? When you need energy, the best way to get it is through meditation. Like pranic breathing, it helps decrease the anxiety that you feel and supports you as you move in this world with more comfort and ease. 

Regular and daily meditation helps you reconnect with your soul. It helps clear your head and can help you increase your life force energy, therefore helping you feel more grounded and connected to those around you. Energy flows more freely from the body and the mind when your body is at ease. 

You may take a while before your mind can find the peace and quiet that it needs, but don't stop. Take the time to experiment with several different types of meditations, including guided meditations, and find what works best for you.

Embrace Energy The Of Life By Getting Into Nature

You know that you need positive energy to make it through the challenges of tomorrow, but how do you begin to channel this energy in order to bring light to your life? 

When was the last time you went out into the wilderness and just appreciated the nature around you? If you're wondering how to channel energy, one of the easiest ways is by exploring the outdoors. The earth is full of power and the energy of life, and we just need to take advantage of that. Breathing fresh air helps the body recover from all the pain that stress and anxiety causes. Sunlight helps rejuvenate your faith that everything will fall into place at the right time. Touching or swimming in clean, natural water can help you feel refreshed and alive. Walking barefoot helps send negative energy from your body back into the dirt where it can neutralize and become positive energy. 

When you ground yourself to what Mother Earth has to offer, you will realize how fortunate you are. Take some time at least once a month to connect with the earth as if nothing else matters in this life. 

Make Healthier Choices

Eat Nutritious Foods

The path to a wonderful life is always paved by good, nutritious food. Not only is it tasty, but good for your soul. Do not get us wrong, we understand the benefit of indulging yourself once in a while, but your everyday diet should consist of healthier things. In order to effectively increase your life force energy, you need to make an effort to learn more about eating healthy. Energize your body with fresh and organic food. Not only do they come from the earth, but they are fruits of other people's hard work. Bless yourself with all the natural nutrients these healthy foods provide. As we are a part of the earth, get back your life force energy by learning to eat what the earth provides. 

Go organic and eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can. You are lucky to be surrounded by such healthy options. Going for something healthy is not only about nourishing the body, but it also helps nourish the soul with the energy needed to live life again. 

Get Enough Sleep

When was the last time you slept well throughout the night? Stress and struggles from work and at home could lead to sleeplessness. Allow yourself to thrive by getting a good night's sleep.

Good sleep means high energy that lasts throughout the day. When you skip rest, you are slowly destroying your body. Growth hormones are emitted during sleep. The brain also produces endorphins when the body is able to repair itself throughout the night. 

Give yourself some rest. Tomorrow is another day. Sleep tonight and be energized tomorrow. 

If you're really struggling to sleep, try turning off your screen at least an hour before bed, practice deep breathing once you're under your covers, or writing down your worries, so they're out of your head before you sleep. It may take a while, but it will be worth it.

Finding the connection between your physical body and your life energy from within is not going to be easy. But this should not hinder you from trying. Go ahead and try to do any of these techniques. What do you have to lose? Keep trying, and we promise you will start feeling your life force energy increase. 

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