Being Honest About Mindfulness

articles lifestyle Mar 29, 2020

If someone asked you, “do you tell the truth all the time?” How would you answer it? The truth is that we’ve all lied at some point in our lives. But that doesn’t make us bad people. There are times when our circumstances make it difficult for us to tell the truth. Maybe you’ve made a promise to your friends to go to a movie but you forgot. You tell them instead that you were stuck in an important meeting so you don’t get to hurt their feelings. 

White lies, exaggerations, and self-denials all come with a shade of truth and falsehood. These are the things that most of us do every now and then, admittedly or not. And then we begin to wonder if telling the truth, even if it hurts people, is worth mentioning. Or would a lie that makes people happy be even more worth it? How do we choose what to do?

The importance of honesty has always been emphasized to everyone all the time that it somehow, it’s lost its meaning. In fact, whenever people tell their family and friends that they should always be honest with themselves, it seems that they are lying about it, too. 

The honest truth is simple: to completely live with what is here and what is now, we must embody the concept of truthful mindfulness. The idea of mindfulness and honesty is intertwined that in order to be truly honest about ourselves, we ought to be mindful of what our honesty can do. How can our ability to be truthful affect people?

Mindfulness is Honesty

Mindfulness has become such a familiar word to many over the past couple of years. For good reasons, people have embraced the power that came with mindful honesty. They have become more present and focused on what is essential. People who have become mindful of their words and actions have become happier with their lives. 

However, it can be easy to get the wrong idea from all the marketing that people read about online. Some say that people who are mindful of the world around them are the people who have found complete peace from within. Others believe that mindfulness should always be coupled by moments of meditation where one is sitting still and building the connection between the physical and the mental realm of their being. 

Though these ideas about mindfulness seem to draw a beautiful picture of how it can change people’s lives for the better, it does not reveal the whole truth of what this operative word means. 

Mindfulness is a form of power that people can choose to embrace. However, it matters that you’re attentive to it, knowing exactly what is happening around you. 

Mindfulness is challenging

Be honest with yourself. There is nothing easy about being mindful and embracing the truth. You can spend the rest of your morning meditating and still feel anxious when something does not go as planned. You can get up and engage in something productive and still feel sadness for no reason. Mindfulness is not just about being functional. Instead, it is about knowing who you are, and acknowledging all that you feel, whether it is good or bad. 

Mindfulness is hard, which makes it a very good thing you do. After all, nothing good ever comes easy. When you work hard to achieve that inner peace, you will find more value in keeping it as it is. 

Mindfulness can be difficult

One of the difficult things about mindfulness is the fact that it can be a challenge to answer this question: “how can you be honest with yourself?” It is a question everyone is willing to ask, but not everyone can answer it with all honesty. Being honest with yourself can hurt something to the core, but few people recognize that it’s worth it. 

You can begin to meditate and keep the practice every day for the rest of the week. You feel good about that accomplishment until you realize that it has become a chore that you have to complete every day. So instead of reaping the benefits of freeing your mind from all the worries, you begin to worry that you might not be achieving that at all. 

Is it possible to submit yourself to meditation but still struggle to focus throughout the day? Yes, it can. That’s the difficult part of being mindful. It is learning that you can do things and still achieve nothing. 

Though it is easy to only desire what is clean and orderly, an important aspect of mindfulness teaches you the value of acceptance. Sometimes, the things we want are not the things that can truly help us. When we learn that life doesn’t have to be perfect, that’s when we realize that we can live with it. 

Mindfulness can bring discomfort

How do you stay true to yourself in meaning? People sit still and wonder about their life at the moment. Do you have to urge to engage in something new? Do you want to plan for the future, but you don’t know where to begin? 

It is easy to think about all the things that you can do right now, but acting on them can be so much harder. Sometimes, not being able to do the things we want can cause major discomfort in our lives. And when things begin to be uncomfortable, that’s when we realize that indulging ourselves is the same as not indulging. Both could bring about feelings we never knew we could feel. 

Whether it is happiness or sadness, the important thing about being mindful and being honest is the fact that they both require complete trust in the self. It is not every day that things will be okay. But the future promises to bring about a better tomorrow. All you need to do is to trust the process. Make things happen if you want. Let go and let everyone else do their share. 

Hold onto that thought before it turns into speech. Once spoken, they require action. And ultimately, when these things become actions, they require reactions too. What you think is not limited to you. It affects the world in more ways than you imagine. Mindfulness requires your full honesty, no matter how much it hurts. 

How would you rather live then? Mindful and dishonest? Or Mindful with the truth?

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