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articles Mar 22, 2020

Some may use the ideas of contemplation and meditation interchangeably, but you can perceive there to be a difference between the two. Before we delve deeper into that, we perceive that both contemplation and meditation are distinct ways of communicating with your higher self, with God, with universal awareness, or some other higher consciousness. 

Both meditation and contemplation are expressions of prayer in the many ancient and modern traditions, and it’s easy to mistake one for the other. However, when you take a close look at these two, then you’ll see that they can practically be perceived to be quite different. 

What is Meditation?

Meditation is known to be a prayerful quest wherein you engage desire, emotion, imagination, and thought. A popular goal of meditation is to be able to consider and confront our life’s reality. During meditation, your mind is seeking to understand the why’s and how’s of your life. This is so that you can respond and perhaps align to what God/Universe is asking. 

Meditation, as a kind of prayer, is many times associated with ancient practices of mantra or divine reading. With this, you meditate on the truths that are found in the scriptures, in books of wisdom, or perhaps in insights gained through your own intuition. When you meditate, you get to reflect and ruminate on life’s truths. You get to discover what your role is in the universe. 

What is Contemplation?

With contemplation, it can be perhaps a more "thinking" activity than is meditation. Whereby you are intending more focused energy between yourself and a particular "outcome."  Contemplating in many traditions is activating a sense of intelligence in a manner that the experiencer perceives clarity of thought and mind.  Profound and vivid visions are an occurrence from those that practice this form of connection.

This can also be a kind of sharing between close friends; between you and someone/something that you consider to be a divine entity, such as Jesus, Shiva, Buddha, or Archangel Michael. You take the time to be alone with this person. Contemplative prayer can be one of simple prayer. Your faith is focused on your connection. You have an attentiveness to the response. This kind of prayer allows you to attain a sense of union with higher consciousness, allowing you to share in the great mysteries.

Both mediation and contemplation nurture your relationship with all that is / God. But in contemplation, you get to express and realize that love in a different manner. In contemplative prayer, we get to contemplate a particular someone or something. While meditation helps us know divinity, contemplation allows us to love and appreciate it. 

Types of Meditation

There are many types of meditations, and they are all beneficial to your overall well-being. If you want to know more about your place in the universe, you can start by reading meditation books so that you can learn how to meditate and its positive effects on you. Here are some types of meditations that you can try. 

Manifestation Meditation

Manifestation is not magic. However, it is a powerful tool of positive intent. If you desire something in your life, you should be committed to it so that you can accomplish your goal. Whenever you’re looking consistently for ways so that you can advance towards this goal, then the whole universe will help and support you to make it a reality. You can manifest what you desire and dream of. 

Manifestation meditation allows you to have a mindset of success. In time, you will be convinced, and you will believe that you can and will be able to accomplish your goals in life. By doing manifestation meditation, you will be looking for many different ways so that you can reach your goals. Doing so, you can increase the probabilities of success because you believe that the whole universe is helping you achieve what you want. 

Spiritual Meditation

With spiritual meditation, you can experience getting to know who you are at a deeper level. You will know the person that you are, stripped of your perceptions of yourself. During this process, you get to experience peace and joy. You will feel love and light warming up your whole being. 

Doing this kind of meditation can make you realize what is the eternal truth. It helps you in letting go of the things that have happened in the past as well as the things that will happen in the future. You will find solace in the present. If you ever feel that this world and thinking about the past and the future has made your life chaotic, try practicing spiritual meditation. 

Visualization Meditation

Visualization meditation is a combination of both meditation and visualization. With meditation, you will be able to sharpen your focus because it is a kind of mental exercise. You will practice controlled breathing or practice repeating a particular mantra. The meditation practice is a way towards calm reflection

With visualization, you can experience the feelings that are associated with your future goals. 

It has some similarities to guided imagery since it takes roots in sensory experiences like visual images. You can use visualization meditation so you can improve your life. To do this kind of meditation, you simply have to combine the techniques. While you’re meditating, visualize something positive such as your goals. 

Pyramid Meditation

When you think of the word pyramid, it makes your mind picture the pyramids of Egypt, right? Pyramids are three-dimensional triangles that have broad bases with tapering tops. Such structures are believed to be energy storehouses. It is because they’re built in such a way that they’re inclined towards the magnetic field of the earth. They may need the perfect receivers and also transmitters of energy from the universe. 

When you meditate under a pyramid structure, you will experience positive results. To do this, you can build a basic pyramid structure that you can put in your home. The best materials to use are natural ones like wood. In making the structure, make sure that it’s big enough like about thrice as big as you are in height and also in width. You’ll find that this form of meditation can help improve your hearing, eyesight, and overall health. 

Final Thoughts

Contemplation and meditation allow us to commune with the powers greater than us. Whenever you feel confused or that your life is just chaotic and you don’t know what to do anymore, pause for a while and try to meditate. There are many types of meditation that you can choose from. Select ones that you think will fit you and your needs best. The most important part about practicing meditation is that you continue to practice it in a consistent manner. So, even for just a few minutes each day, try to meditate.

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