What is Chi?

Have you ever felt as if nothing in your life is going right? Does it feel like you have fallen off your balance, but you couldn’t tell why it is so? If you haven’t been feeling good about yourself lately, the life force energy may be to blame for it. 

Fatigue, irritability, and brain fog may all be caused by the imbalance in your chi. The ki energy is known as the energy current that runs in the body. It is believed to be running the circulation, minerals, and nutrients that a person needs to be whole. 

In traditional Chinese medicine, chi plays a huge role in the measure of one’s health and vitality, and Chinese experts consider it a person’s life force. One’s health depends a lot on their chi. When a person gets sick, the first thing that traditional Chinese doctors will look into is their chi. 

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has recognized this ancient art and looks into how it can save lives. It has been well-vetted by the experts, and they have considered it a safe practice to help people achieve ultimate health

The art of chi has been used by doctors of integrative medicine and practitioners of acupuncture to help restore the body to its most natural, healthiest state. The inner chi helps a person achieve the perfect state of zen. They say there is nothing like it. There’s no harm in thinking that maybe they are right. 

Chi, qi, or ki?

All three terms can be used interchangeably to refer to the undercurrent force. While all of them can be used to replace the other, they slightly vary in terms of their cultural origin. 

It is “qi” in Chinese medicine or prana in ayurvedic traditions, and The Acupuncture and Massage College in Miami, Florida, believes that it is best to use the term “qi” when the term is used in the context of restoring balance in the human body. 

They said that the “physical or nourishing portion that makes up the air, water, and food we take in,” while on the other hand, they emphasized that the term “chi” could be used to refer to the “vital fluids and the energy itself that flows through the human body.” 

The term “ki” can be used in whatever context as it remains to be just another version of the words “qi” and “chi” linguistically. Regardless, all three terms refer to a person’s desire to make himself or herself better day by day. 

What Makes “Chi” Important To Human Health?

Why is it important to understand the value of chi in a person’s life, particularly in their overall health? The answer to that is very simple because the chi is what allows the body to course all its energy towards the light. It controls the movement of the blood, and in the process, it controls all the other inner functions of the body. 

The proper movement of energy, blood, and qi in the body is what will help create a healthy and harmonious movement from the inside. The chi meaning in Chinese is viewed as an essential energy unit that could be obtained from the food that people eat, however, it is also gas or the pressure that promotes movement from within the body. 

How to Know if There’s an Imbalance

Have you been losing sleep in the last few nights, not knowing what is keeping you up so late? When you’re not eating well or are worried about the place you are in, the lack of fresh air and freshwater all contribute to the imbalance of your inner chi. All these physical needs of the body help you to function right. Without one, it causes the body to lose its balance. 

A sudden change in your diet and food intake could also tip the balancing scale. The lack of mental stimulation, social interaction, and even feelings of love could all lead to the imbalance of one’s inner chi. 

You may tend to blame hormonal imbalance for your muscle weakness, depression, or stress, but oftentimes, it’s your chi. Whatever you are feeling at the moment is caused by an imbalance in your chi. 

How Do You Strike A Balance With Your Chi?

Luckily, there are more than a handful of ways you can get yourself and your chi centered again. Striking the balance of your chi takes a little bit more skill, and it may take some time, but the efforts will be worth it.

The mind and the body need to meet halfway, and there are several techniques to make it happen. The ancient Chinese exercise called Tai-Chi is one of the most effective. It is a combination of a sound mind and slow body movements that help strike the perfect balance. 

Yoga, meditation, or a perfectly good massage can also help you achieve the right chi. Simply put, a person can find balance in the chi when they can find happiness and satisfaction in what they do and what they think. How you feel from inside should meet what your body is physically telling you. 

Engage in activities that encourage movement and allows the blood to flow in your body. All of these can particularly help you improve, so, pay close attention to what could be causing the imbalance. Are you worried about something? Are you anxious about the new job or career you’re about to dive into? All these could cause an imbalance. 

Ultimately, the takeaway in all the talk about the chi and inner peace is this -- a sound mind and a healthy body could affect everything that makes you the person that you are. Find the perfect balance by allowing your mind and body to move while giving it enough time to rest and relax as well. 

Sleep as often as you could. Go on that hiking trip you’ve always wanted to take so you could get yourself moving, but make sure your body can rest and recover. It is only then that true peace from within is achieved.

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