Prayer And Meditation As A Connection To God/Source

How do you tell if what you are engaged in is prayer or meditation? When it all comes down to definition, it may seem as if the two actually overlap each other. However, with great faith in God, you will be able to tell the difference between the spiritual meditation of prayer and the Eastern meditation practice. Knowing which one you are doing will allow you to tap into the other for support. 

Meditation and prayer are both helpful tools in discovering who you are. Consistent practice will lead you towards the path of self-knowledge. However, do you have to choose which one to do and which one to give up entirely? Of course not.

What Is A Catholic/Christian Prayer?

Christian meditation engages a person in thought, emotion, imagination, and desire through prayer. They also call it mental prayer

In most Christian teachings, every Christian needs to practice mental prayer every day. Your faith as a member of the Christian community will not survive without prayer. It is vital to building a close relationship with the true and living God. 

When learning how to pray effectively, it is essential to note the fundamental truths about prayer. These will help you point your faith in the right direction. Below are some general ideas that Christians have about prayer. Keep in mind, however, that many other religions practice prayer, and their practices can be similar.

Prayer is essential to the life of a Christian

In order to live a life following Christ's teachings, you need to find time to engage in mental prayer every day. 

Prayer is compatible with your everyday life

Your needs every day may change, but prayer will always be there to guide you.

Prayer will nurture your faith in God

It is only through prayer that you will be able to grow your faith in God. 

Prayer is easy to learn

No prayer is difficult to learn. They always make it easy for the believer in practicing his faith through proper communication with God.

Your good habits will teach you the prayer you need at the moment. Prayer is not about doing something that you dislike. Instead, it is about experiencing prayer with absolute pleasure

How Is Prayer Different From Meditation?

While people often use the terms "prayer" and "meditation" interchangeably, these two concepts operate under very different principles. Mental prayer is different from the Eastern forms of meditation. 

The non-christian form of meditation is all about emptying the mind. It is about freeing the mind from all the worries and letting it operate in emptiness and mindfulness. 

On the other hand, a Christina prayer engages the mind to have close communication with God's ultimate source of power. 

The Catholic meditation seeks to use the faculties of the mind to get to learn more about the Lord. It aims to help people understand God's great love for them. The goal of prayer is to move into a profound union with God. 

It's necessary to use the mind to deepen one's conviction to his faith, prompting the conversion of one's heart to embrace the strong will to follow Christ. 

Simply put, prayer allows a person to accept what God wants him to do entirely. 

Meditation, on the other hand, is all about finding yourself. It is about keeping the mind quiet to find that peace from within. The focus of meditation is to help a person find his core and communicate with himself and an inner god or the inner divine. The quiet during the meditation helps a person transition from the physical self to a higher level of spiritual being. 

Although meditation and prayer may be associated with each other, it is a must that people know the difference. It is only then that they can truly seek what is best for them. 

What Do You Need To Pray?

Have you ever asked someone this favor—teach me how to pray? While some say that prayer is something that any person can do at any given time, prayer comes with its own basic requirements to fully achieve a full communicative relationship with God. 

How could you build a lifetime of meditation and worship with God? You need three simple things:

A small amount of time

Give yourself a little time for prayer every day. Make sure to free yourself from all your worries. Allow yourself to be in a quiet place, free of worries. No matter how busy you are, give yourself a few moments a day to be quiet in prayer. This is the time you can be in close communication with God. 

A quiet place

What does it mean to have a quiet place? You don't need it to be anything special. But if you can visit the church, that would help a lot. But any place will do. Whether you are at your home or in the office, just find a spot where you can be alone with your thoughts and your prayer. You will be able to place yourself in the mood for worship in a few minutes of silence. 

A Bible or other scripture

This sacred book of the Christian faith will serve as your guide. However, if you would rather not practice the Christian religion, other holy books like the Quran, the Sutras, the Talmud, etc. will work. It's a visual material that you can use as a basis for your spiritual meditation. Pick one part that you can read every day. Or you could turn to mass readings for help. Reading the Gospel will be your constant reminder that God is on your side. 

Building a strong connection with God is in prayer or meditation is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Whether you choose to meditate and work on your relationship with yourself first or turn to prayer and build a good relationship with God, the decision is all up to you. Either way, you will benefit from having a stable relationship with yourself and God. 

Prayer is one of the most powerful tools you have against temptation. It is about having God's presence in your life. More than anything, it is one of the things you need to survive life. 

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