Find Out How to Stay Calm in the Midst of Chaos

articles self-care May 25, 2020

It is part of human nature to experience panic and chaos. While everyone dreams of going through their daily tasks without interruption, it is nearly impossible no matter how hard people try. Although you try your best to run your day as smoothly and efficiently as you can, something always unexpected comes up and ruins the peace. 

Rather than slow down or stop, positive minds always choose to continue to do what they are doing. Regardless of how disrupted the process may seem, the decision to proceed is something that most people want. More than anything, dealing with chaos and disorder should still be a source of inspiration. 

From a more positive perspective, you will see how these challenges can turn any experience into something life-changing. More than that, the experience also teaches you to hold on to the peace inside of you. 

How Does Meditation Help?

Are you wondering how to calm someone down? While everyone has their own chaos to deal with, seeing other people go through it makes you realize how blessed you are for being able to control your own. 

Finding yourself in a challenging and often chaotic situation is no-joke. But how do you teach yourself to deal with it the best way you can? 

Stop. Listen to what the voice inside you is saying. Carefully listen as it tells you to find the peace within you. You can do this by meditating. 

When you are under stress, and it seems there is nothing you can do to protect yourself from the chaos, stop and listen to yourself. Mindfulness meditation will help you find comfort.

Practice stillness amid chaos, and you will see how it could work wonders for you. 

The chaos does not have to come in its most literal sense. You don’t have to be in the middle of a massive storm before you stop to meditate. While you could also do that when the time comes, it’s best to prepare before a hurricane even comes. When you are emotionally or mentally unstable, the best help you could get is through mindfulness meditation. 

The chaos can come with the uncertainties in this lifetime. It could come in the form of a constant barrage of information and requests and tasks that seem to pile up. Insecurity could also occur when the world is experiencing a health or economic crisis where the solution is either hazy or nowhere to be found.

Chaos is all around. How you survive will depend on how you react. It may cause anxiety, depression, frustration, or even anger. The constant distraction and procrastination make it seemingly impossible. 

Although reaching out to others through social media, going shopping, or eating your favorite foods can help you lighten the load, practicing meditation is still the key. 

Tips To Calm The Mind

When you are put under stress, it seems impossible to get out of it without feeling lost. Read below for some tips that will help you calm your brain and heart.

Keep your routine.

When things get a little hectic, don’t forget that something that will help you keep yourself grounded is by staying within your routine. Just because your circumstances may change or you have a host of new requests on your time, it does not mean you should totally abandon your responsibilities. Doing so will only result in an even bigger problem.

The best thing to do, instead, is to set your priorities. Which is more important? Assess the issues on hand and communicate with the people around you. Allow them to reach out to you to give help. After all, it is better to be upfront with your concerns than to keep them to yourself and suffer. 

Stop and take a break.

Whenever things get crazy, it’s easy to get caught up in a negative thinking cycle. Don’t be a part of the problem. Try to be part of the solution. Keep your brain calm. Instead of making a lame excuse to participate in the mess, take a step back. 

For example, when you are dealing with something at work that you cannot seem to find a solution for, take a mental break. Stand up and walk away from your desk. Drink a cup of water to help you clear your head. 

Doing this will help clear your mind so that you could think of a better solution to the problem. So instead of taking the battle head-on, take a break. When you find silence from within, it is easier to communicate what you want to say as calmly as possible. 

Identify what is stressing you out. 

If it seems as if everyone on the team has already reached their breaking point, the whole place will surely blow. How do you reduce stress, then? You can take care of everyone else by taking care of yourself first. Identify what is stressing you out. The practice of self-awareness will make it possible for you to be at your most peaceful state even when everything else is in chaos. 

Recognize the stressful points. What pushes you to the edge? You can prepare yourself for the inevitable when you know how you can monitor those stressful points. When it seems as if you are at the point of no return, try to disengage to avoid blowing the problem up and making it bigger. 

Some situations will surely make it impossible to be at peace. Keep a positive perspective of things. Allow yourself a little room to think and grow. 

The sense of urgency will always be there, but you don’t have to give in to it. If you can continue smiling, you’ve already won half the battle. 

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